The outcome of announcement on setting up of 7th Pay commission

The outcome of announcement on setting up of 7th Pay commission

The 7th pay commission announcement was really unexpected surprise at this juncture for everyone. At the time of facing financial crisis, no one has expected that the central government would announce its decision on constituting 7th pay commission soon. Really all the central government employees are excited about this when the central government made this announcement. Even all the central government employees’ federations were not aware of this move of the central government in advance.

Though all the trade unions and its federations started adopting resolution on demanding the central government to constitute 7th pay commission in its annual conferences, the federations have no faith on central government would take up this demand seriously. As speculated by news media, there might be some political reasons involved in this decision. But the central government has to fulfill the commitment made by the Finance Minister on 25/9/2013 on the issue of setting up of 7th pay commission. Through this announcement the central government made all the 50 lakh central government employees and 30 lakh pensioners happy. But this is a win-win situation for both, the central government and its employees. Apart from the financial constraint, by announcing 7th pay commission the central government almost settled three core issues of trade unions indirectly. Settled in the term, it has been made that this demand would not be raised again.

1. Merger of 50 % Dearness Allowance with Basic Pay.

After the central government’s approval for setting up of seventh pay commission, this demand would be considered loses its merits. So it is feared that this demand may not be taken up by the government for consideration.

2. The long pending anomalies discussed in the National Anomaly Committee to be settled.

The National Anomaly Committee meeting may not take place anymore, as all the anomalies pending with national anomaly committee would be forwarded to 7th Pay Commission.

3. Strike Ballot on Demands declared by Railway and Defence Federations

After this announcement, the proposed strike ballot may be withdrawn and strike action if any called by federations will be considered as against the interest of central government employees and the nation.



Anonymous said…
A cabinet approval needs to be well supported with a Goverment Gazettee.This documentneeds to have authentication,to serve as a link document for arranging the legitimate demands and views as far as pensioners are concerned,to the correct Agency which will be examining the proposals of !!!Seventh Pay Commission.!!!This is how a cabinet Approval gets the sanctification...
TKR Pillai said…

We Central Government Employees welcome the decision taken by the Central Government to announce the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission. But it was not unexpected as claimed in the above write up. The Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers has been demanding the constitution of 7th Pay Commission along with 14 other demands and campaigning for the same for the last two years. On 26th July 2012 the Confederation has taken out a massive march to Parliament in which more than 20 thousand central Government Employees participated. Later, on 12/12/12 more than 10 lakhs Central Government Employees participated in the nationwide one day strike which was called by the Confederation. The Railway, Defense Federations have only realized the seriousness of the issue and the mood of the central Government employees through these activities of the Confederation. For more details, extract of the Confederation Circular dated 28/09/2013 is given below:

“We must, however, realize that the decision of the Government tantamount to a post dated cheque which is capable of encashment only after a long period of two and half years. We must not take it lying down. The agony and sufferings of the employees, especially those at the lower levels cannot be mitigated by promises and assurances. There must be a rise in their emoluments to make them capable of meeting the ever increasing cost of essential needs. The Government must be told categorically and compelled to agree for the merger of DA with pay; and interim relief, which had all along been the case ever since the advent of the system of Pay Commission for wage revision. We must bring home the fact that there will be no question of any arrears arising from the recommendation of the 7th CPC as the Commission is mandated to make its recommendation before the crucial date of 1st January, 2016……. We must note that the present announcement of setting up of the 7th CPC has also the hidden political agenda, for many States including Delhi are to go to polls in the next few months. The National Secretariat of the Confederation will meet on 23.10.2013 at Delhi…. The Sectt. will decide upon the future course of action”.

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