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Ref: Confdn/LDC-UDC/2013
Dated : 25.10.2013 
The Secretary, 
Department of Expenditure, 
Ministry of Finance, 
North Block, New Delhi-110001

Sub: Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC & UDC in the Administrative Branch of Government of India Offices.

This is in reference to the letter dated 14/10/2013 sent to you, on the above subject, by the All India Association of Administrative Staff, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government of India (Copy enclosed).

As you are aware, the implementation of the 6th anomalies. The LDC UDC issue is among the most genuine anomalies for which an agenda had been submitted on behalf of this Federation in the National Anomaly Committee (NAC). So far four meetings of the NAC have been held but had not been able to settle the issue and the 5 meeting wherein several genuine anomaly cases including the LDC-UDC issue have to be discussed and decided has not been convened so far despite of repeated requests of the staff side. In this respect, it is worth to mention here that CS-II section of the DoPT had identified the LDC/UDC issue as anomaly which is the subject matter of JCA section and sent the case to JCA vide DoPT I.D. No.25/2/2013-CS.II (B) Dated 13.08/2013 for action. But it is surprised to note that the case in original has been returned to the All India Association of Administrative Staff by the CS-II section vide letter No 25/2/20134-CS II (B) dated 19/09/2013 with a direction to take up the case directly with the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure. And the reason behind the returning of the case to DoPT without considering to put up it in the NAC by the JCA is not recorded.

It is further to state that 6th get selected to the post of LDC but denied an appropriate pay structure in accordance with the increased qualification. On the other hand, the educational & technical qualifications prescribed for DEO & LDC are the same but the DEO has been granted Rs. 2400 grade pay whereas the Grade pay of LDC is Rs. 1900 only. Moreover, 6th to MTS as a result the gap between the MTS and LDC narrow down to Rs. 100/.

As regards the duties and responsibilities assigned to the LDC & UDC in the subordinate offices are concerned, it is altogether different than the duties and responsibilities for the posts prescribed in the DoPT manual or assigned to these posts in the offices of Central Secretariat. While comparing the duties of DEO & LDC the DEO has only to make entry the readymade data given to them whereas the LDCs have to create data/draft letters and then to type on computer, putting up the matter through file note with justification with the support of rules and procedure. Thus LDC does more work in qualitatively and quantitative terms with less grade pay than that of the DEO. Besides, many cadres with less or equal qualification have been recommended higher pay by the 6th the Government has implemented the same.

Since the duties of the LDC & UDC in the various State Government also assigned in line of these subordinate offices and considering the volume and quality of duties assigned to them several of the State Governments who have implemented the 6th increased the pay structure/grade pay of the LDC & UDC.

From the above it is evident that the LDCs & UDCs deserve higher grade pay than the present one, commensurate with the qualifications and assignments attached to these posts. DoPT has identified the LDC & UDC issue related to anomaly and asked to take up the case with your office. It is requsted that as tens of thousands of LDC, UDC are eagerly waiting for a favourable decision from Govt, the case may be considered in a sympathetic and judicious manner so that a decision for revising the grade pay of LDC to Rs. 2400/ and that of UDC to Rs. 2800/ may please be taken.

A favourable decision in this regard is requested please.

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan) 
Secretary General

Copy to: - 
Com. T.K. R. Pillai



Anonymous said…
I Request the Confederation please write & fight for central Govt employees to get MACP in Promotional Hierarchy.
Anonymous said…
Sir, this is a great effort being put up by your goodself. Hope this issue gets settled at the earliest. Follow up on this issue is requested. Our best wishes and god bless you all. Jai hind.
Anonymous said…
I am working as a Stenographer and I would like to bring some lines to your notice as the time has come to resolve the problem.

You are taking initiative steps for upgradation of pay scales in the cadre of LDC and UDC. But kindly look for the Stenographers as they are the worst affected cadre as the official who is appointed in Delhi Central Government Offices are enjoying the pay scales of Central Secretariat Services but the same who is appointed in other states are getting the scales of UDC. This kind of differences are existing since ages and the time has come to resolve this problem. I hope you would surely succeed to solve this problem before the implementation of 7th CPC.

Hoping to receive suitable orders before New Year
Unknown said…
This is a favorable move to the deprived cadre of LDC & UDC. In most of the offices LDC remains LDC almost 23 to 24 years, without promotion. So, the increase in grade pay as Rs. 2400/- and Rs. 2800/- respectively to LDC and UDC is most necessary step to give justice to these low staff memebrs. And minimum qualification has been increased from Matriculation to 12th standard, so there is justification in enhancing grade pay. Kindly pursue the matter vigoursly. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
UDC & LDC cadres are the most deprived employees of Central Government. They are deprived since long. Compare to our work load, responsibilities, qualifications etc. the present grade pay is just to injustice with us. Government should think for most deprived administrative cadres of their sub-ordinate offices. Thank you the Confederation for proper fight with most justified reasons. Hope proper justice should be overcome the present injustice. - S. Banerjee, UDC, Kolkata.

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