The 88th Annual Conference of the All India Railwaymen’s Federation, held at Visakhapatnam on 18-20 December, 2012, decided that, if the following burning grievances of the Railwaymen are not resolved in a time-bound programme, AIRF would be compelled to conduct strike ballot as a first step for a decisive struggle:-

1. Filling-up all vacant posts.

2. Sanction additional posts in commensurate with increase in the number of trains and workload.

3. Stop outsourcing of perennial nature jobs, violating the provision of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970.

4. Scrap New Pension Scheme and cover all the staff with pension and family pension scheme as available to staff appointed prior to 01.01.2004.

5. Implement recommendations of Cade Restructuring Committee.

6. Remove all the anomalies of the 6th CPC as agreed upon in the meeting of Departmental Anomaly Committee and resolve all the anomalies pending before National Anomaly Committee.

7. Recommendations of the Joint Committee constituted to study the Career Progression and Package for Trackmen has been diluted arbitrarily. The recommendation should be implemented in to to.
8. Merger of grades of Technician Gr. II and Gr. I duly grant GP of Rs.2800.

9. Provision of GP of Rs.4800 in place of Rs.4600 to all Senior Supervisors.

10. Upgradation of 15% apex level Group `C’ posts to Group `B’.

11. Grievances of the Running Staff, such as granting of Running Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.2006 duly improving ALK, reduction in Duty Hours, Provision of Additional Allowance to Running Staff working in Goods Trains and also to Traffic Running Staff working as Goods Guards and Passenger Guards, improvements in the condition of Running Rooms etc.

12. Upgrade all categories of staff in Grade Pay of Rs.2400 to Rs.2800.13. Parity of grade pay to Stenographers between the field staff and the staff working in Secretariat.

14. Reckoning of 100% Casual Labour Service rendered as Qualifying Service for seniority and pensionary benefits is still pending in spite of Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment.

15. Stepping up of pay of seniors who are drawing less pay than the juniors consequent on fixation of pay due to implementation of VI CPC recommendations between the direct recruits and promotees.

16. Stepping up of pay of senior employee on par with junior employee consequent on modification of ACP Scheme as MACP is pending with the Railway Board.

17. Safety Related Voluntary Retirement Scheme has been modified as LARSGESS permitting the Railway employees in Safety Categories to give Voluntary Retirement so as to enable their wards getting appointed. Lot of conditions were imposed diluting the intention of this scheme by introducing Written Examination. Large number of wards of the employees who have applied for appointment under LARSGESS in 2010 cycle have failed in the PET. Later, PET was abolished for the wards appearing under LARSGESS 2012. AIRF has demanded waival of PET for failed candidates of LARSGESS 2010 and requested the Board to issue necessary orders to Zonal Railways for absorbing them in the Railways. The matter is yet to be resolved at Board’s level.

18. Granting of one increment for the employees in the categories like MCMs, Loco Running Staff, SMs, P. Way Supervisors etc. when they get horizontal promotions without reckoning the same as “Promotion” for the purpose of granting financial upgradation under MACP.

19. The demand of recruitment of wards of Railwaymen as Substitutes has not been implemented by the GMs of the Zonal Railways due to several restrictions imposed in the orders of the Railway Board.

20. Welfare Schemes announced in the Railway Budget, such as opening of Nursing Colleges, Medical and Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Kendriya Vidyalas for the children of the Railwaymen, extension of medical facilities and pass to both dependant father and mother of Railway employees etc. are yet to be implemented by the Board. The announcement of the scheme - “House to All” has also not seen the light of the day.

21. Entitlement of Privilege Passes to travel by “Duronto Express” trains is yet to be finalized.

22. As per decision taken in the DC/JCM Meeting, 5% of the sanctioned strength of the Section Officers in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 was earmarked to non-qualifying Appendix III Accounts Assistants. Consequent upon implementation of VI CPC recommendations, the same was revised to 1% of the combined strength of SOs & SO(A)s , reducing the percentage. The demand of increasing the same to 5% on the combined strength of SOs and SSO(A)s is still pending with the Railway Board.

23. Grievances of AC Mechanics and AC Attendants deputed to work on trains is yet to be resolved by the Board.

24. Running Allowance should be paid to medically de-categorized Running Staff kept on supernumerary posts.

25. Even though technical categories working in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering(Works), erstwhile Mistries and supervisors have been merged in the cadre of JE, in the Civil Engineering the Senior P. Way Supervisors are rotting in their category without merger with JE category. This issue is pending with the Railway Board.

26. Even though several times the issue of absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff was discussed, no orders have been issued so far for the absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff in the Railways.

27. Improvement in the conditions of Railway Hospitals and filling up of all the vacancies of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedical Staff. Provide medical facilities to the staff posted at roadside stations and ganghuts.

28. Increase the amount of Fixed Medical Allowance and issue Smart Card to all RELHS beneficiaries.

29. Grant parity in pension and family pension to the staff/family retired prior to 01.01.2006.

30. Revise the rates of Patient Care Allowance and Risk Allowance and grant Patient Care Allowance to the staff of Medical Department working in Kitchen, Store, Watching duties etc.

31. Exempt Transport Allowance and Special Duty Allowance for the purview of Income Tax deduction.

32. Raise the ceiling limit of Rs.3500 for the purpose of payment of PLB.

33. Raise the ceiling of Income Tax deduction from Rs.2.00 lakh to Rs.3.00 lakh, as recommended by the Standing Committee on Finance.

34. Repair quarters, roads, drains and do not compel staff to stay in inhabitable quarters and pay House Rent Allowance to such staff.

35. Limit duty hours of the staff to a maximum of 7 hours a day.

36. Scrap classification of duty hours as “Essential Intermittent” and “Excluded”.

37. Pay T.A., O.T., N.D.A., National Holiday Pay etc. regularly.

38. Increase the rate of Special Duty Allowance by 25% with retrospective effect from 01.01.2011.

Source: AIRF


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Request to raise retirement age to 62 immediately7

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