DA over 100% - List of allowances would enhance once again by 25%

DA over 100% - List of allowances would enhance once again by 25%

Shortly DA would cross 100 percent. Once again, all allowances would enhance by 25%

As per the information received, unlike previous time, decision on DA would be taken by Cabinet Committee Meeting without delay. Subsequent to release of AICPIN for the month of June by Labor Bureau, Finance Ministry would send for the approval of the Cabinet for final decision on DA. After obtaining the approval, Finance Ministry would release the specific orders procedurally for disbursement of money.

Additional DA will be paid along with the salary of this month

The arrears for the month of July and August would also be paid. With the increase of DA by 10%, the total amount of DA would enhance and stay at 90%.

By next year, it would cross 100%. During that period, as pointed out in the 6th Central Pay Commission, certain allowances would enhance by 25%. But, that is not the expectations of the Central Government Employees. Their requirements are merger of DA with Basic Pay.

Towards this matter, Central Government has briefed on many occasions in the Parliament.

At present, Central Government is thinking of bringing change in the AICPIN calculation system. In which way, this would pose impairment can not be ascertained at present. Not only the Central Government Employees but also the State Government employees anticipate the announcement of increase of DA percentage. This has become an eager expectations of more than a crore of employees.

As per the last 5th Central Pay Commission recommendations, once the DA crosses 50%, that has to be merged with Pay. But it is a sorrowful affair that such type of recommendation is not made in the 6th Central Pay Commission. 
Instead of this, the recommendation for enhancement of some allowances by 25%, given, which would not be sufficient.

The expectation of the Central Government Employees is merger of DA with basic pay once it crosses 100%.

Whether this expectation would materialize?  

The allowances which are going to by hiked are as given below:

1. Children Education Allowance including Hostel Subsidy, etc.

2. Special Allowance

3. Cash Handling Allowance

4. Washing Allowance

5. Split Duty Allowance

6. Bad Climate Allowance

7. Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance

8. (a) All components of Daily allowance on tour, 
    (b) Mileage Allowances for road and bicycle journeys on tour

9. Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance

10. Special Comp. Scheduled Tribal Area Allowance

11. Project Allowance

12. Fixed Conveyance Allowance

13. Cycle Maintenance Allowance

14. Special Allowance for Child care for women with disabilities

15. (a) Advance for purchase of Bicycle 
      (b) warm Clothing Advance 
      (c) Festival Advance 
      (d) Natural Calamity Advance

16. Desk Allowance



Anonymous said…
10% DA Increased.
Anonymous said…
How many draw these allowances what about those serving in cities and not even able to manage routine expenditures nothing necessitates increase in tribal , remote. Bad weather & allowances like that. Employees in pay band 1 to 3 require enhancement in basic pay by merging at least 50% allowances in basic pay to have some relief from unbridled price rise as a result of poor governance in country . Tragedy with this country is greedy people(who already accumulated for 100 generation but still want more) and corrupt Politicians with out concious and evolution.
Anonymous said…
Already 25% increase in all allownaces was sanctioned for the serving employees w.e from 1-11-2011. No equivalent Benift was given to pensioners. Again when DA crosses 100%, another 25% increase will probably be given to serving employees. The poor pensioners will be left out. Govt. should take a considerate view and do something to extend a parallel benifit to the pensioners with retrospective effect as the do not get any allowances except DA.

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