Reservation Policy : Revision of Income limit of Creamy Layer for OBCs

Reservation PolicyRevision of Income limit of Creamy Layer for OBCs 

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

Revision of Income Criterion for Obcs 

The Government has increased the income criterion for the persons to avail reservation benefits for Other Backward Classes from Rs. 4.5 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh per annum with effect from 16.05.2013. 

The increase in the income limit to exclude Creamy Layer is in keeping with the increase in the Consumer Price Index. 

The increase in income limit of Creamy Layer would enable more people of Other Backward Classes to take advantage of reservation in Government Services and admission in Central Educational Institutions, thereby bringing about equity and greater inclusiveness in society. 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri P. Balram Naik in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha. 

Source: PIB News


S K Pathak said…
Providing reservation to OBC is utter waste decision of Indian Lawmakers. There are 5 basics behind;

1. Since they are not facing any social problem viz. un-touchability, second class citizen etc. even in rural areas where we can see real India.

2. In a changed modern economic scenario, there are only two cast exist globally one is the rich and another is the poor. There are so many casts in india which do not fall under reservation policy of Indian Govt but they lead life just like a hell and they are even not able feed their stomach, education is a far far away from them. 40% of Indian people are under BPL which have no cast but they are poor only. Whether they get reservation benefit, the answer will be certainly not? Only Creamy person of society enjoy cream. It is a fine mockery on lawmakers.

3. The purpose of providing reservation as per constitution u/A 16(4) to give a proper representation in Govt Employment. The term is still unanswered as to what is "proper representation" if Govt have no records of its base year.

4. It is not a matter of debate but it is a fact that since 195O, no even a single cast in SC/ST/OBC has been removed from reservation cream instead 1000 new casts are added from 1950. Which clearly shows the failure of our reservation policy which needs to be reviewed.

5. Instead providing reservation in Govt. Employment, Lawmakers should provide free training/stipend/aid so that they will be able to face competitive exam without quality being compromised. Otherwise this problem will certainly create a big unsatisfactory to a class which come into Employment without any reservation but they become juniors to a person who always go ahead by virtue of reservation. It is a bare fact that quality is being compromised by providing reservation in Employment and promotion(Consequential Seniority too)

As a citizen of India and the rights provided under constitution I have every right to express my own view.
Anonymous said…
Dear sir, The OBC In central govt is not valued I am BSC chemistry working in BCG vaccine from 1992 onwards belongs to OBC working as Group D no promotion even under OBC than what use of increasing the CREAMY LAYER..
S K Pathak said…
Dear Anonymous (published on August 11, 2013):

There is no reservation in promotion for OBC in Central Govt however it is only applicable to appointment in which Creamy layer condition applies.

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