NFIR's meeting with Railway Board on 23.8.2013 - Discussion points are updated on the official website of NFIR

NFIR's meeting with Railway Board on 23.8.2013 - Discussion points are updated on the official website of NFIR 

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen


In response to the NFIR’s letter No.IV/MR/CORRES/2013 dated 28th June, 2013 given to Hon’hle Minister of Railways, over non-settlement of demands of Railway Employees (in spite of discussions, meetings etc..) compelling NFIR to take strike ballot for deciding indefinite strike on Railways, the Railway Ministry invited NFIR for meeting on the issues raised. Accordingly, a meeting was held at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi on 23/08 2013 between Railway Board and the NFIR wherein following have participated:

Official Side 
1. Shri Arunendra Kumar CRB 
2. Shri M. Raghavaiah General Secretary
3. Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, Wkg. President

1. Shri Guman Singh. President
2. Shri S.K. Jain MS/ME 
3. Shri R. Kashyap F.C. 
4. Shri Suresh Kumar Seth A.M./Staff
5. Smt. Saroj Rajware Advisor/Finance
6. Smt. Ragini Yechury E.D./IR

At the outset, the CRB welcomed the delegation of NFIR and expressed hope that the staff issues shall be discussed and finalised satisfactorily.

Responding to CRB’s address, Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary NFIR, explained the circumstances which have forced the Federation to take decision for industrial action duly holding strike ballot and said that procrastination of matters by the Government of India and more particularly the Railway Ministry is the main reason for the Federation for taking such an action. He, however, felt concern over the negative attitude adopted by the Railway Board on the issues concerning railway employees.

The General Secretary further mentioned that the agreements reached with the Federation have not been implemented even after years and cited the issue of upgradation of Apex level Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B' Gazetted (NFIRs PNM item No. 36/1998 and DC/JCM item No.16/2009), agreed to, in the year 2006 but has not been implemented by the Railway Board so far. This is causing serious resentment among Senior Supervisors working on the Indian Railway.

Shri Raghavaiah further said that though the Cadre Restructuring Agreements have been signed lone ago, formal orders have not been issued by the Railway Board. Delayed action on the part of Railway Board is causing frustration among Railway employees.

The General Secretary NFIR drew attention of the Railway Board over the announcements made by the the former Railway Minister on 01/02/2013 at 3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi, where Member Staff was also present, no action has been taken by the Railway Board to fulfill the announcements even alter 6 months period.

The issue of revision of rates of incentive to the staff of Rail Wheel Factory, Yehlanka, was also mentioned by the General Secretary NFIR. The General Secretary said that the issue was discussed by NFIR in the PNM meeting under item No.11/2011 although agreed, but however orders have not been issued.

Shri Raghavaiah, also cited briefly issues discussed and proposals sent by Railway Ministry to Finance Ministry as listed below and urged fur approaching MoF for clearance as these are pending since the last 3 years.
  • Entry Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- to Station Master.,
  • Replacement of Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- with Rs. 4800/-
  • Issues pertaining to Running Staff relating to allotment of higher Grade Pay to loco Pilots (Mail / Express) and reckoning additional allowances as pay for all purposes.
  • Merger of Technician Grade-II with Technician Grade-I

The General Secretary NFIR while drawing attention of the Railway Board to the Charter of Demands (containing 36 demands) as submitted to Hon'ble MR requested the CRB that more meetings at the level of Railway Board are needed to address the demands raised by the Federation.

The following issues were discussed at length in the meeting, Outcome of the discussions is also shown against each item :-

1. Non - implementation of the agreement related to upgradation of apex level Group 'C’ posts to Group ‘B’ Gazetted - NFIR PNM Item No. 36/1998 & DC/JCM Item No.

MS stated that the issue is at the final stage. He apprised that 3335 posts of Group 'C’ Grade Pay Rs.4600 will be upgraded to Group 'B’ posts. These posts are proposed to be filled on the basis of seniority. However approval of Ministry of Finance will be required (stated by MS & AM/Staff).

NFIR explained the resentment among Senior Supervisory staff and urged for issuing orders without further delay. The Board have assured to finalize soon.

2. Cadre Restructuring Orders not issued yet although CRC in its meetings have unanimously decided for revision of percentages and grant of upgradation. 

It was explained by the Railway Board that the recommendations of Cadre Restructuring Committee have been considered by the Board and orders will be issued after MR’s approval. NFIR stressed that efforts may be made to get the orders issued before next month. It was agreed to speed up for quick decision.

3. The benefit of fixation of Pay in erstwhile FR 22  in case of Promotion from same Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities has not been granted yet inspite of Government's decision (NFIR PNM Item No. 35/2006 & DC/JCM Item No. 14/2007).

Pursuant to the demand raised by NFIR at the level of Railway Board under item No.35/2006 (PNM) & 14/2007 (DC/JCM), it was advised by the Railway Board that clearance from the Ministry of Finance has been obtained in respect of promotion of staff from same Grade Pay to same Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities on or after 01.01.2006 for the category of Loco Pilots and Guards in addition to approval already secured for promotion of Senior Technician to JE, MCM to JE.Sr. P.Way Supervisor to JE, Matron to ANO, for giving benefit of fixation of pay under Rule S 1313 (I) (A) (I) (erstwhile FR 22C) to the staff of above categories. Formal orders are likely to be issued any time next week.

After discussion, CRB has also agreed to re-examine the issue in the light of Codal provisions well as MoF’s orders already available, to extend the benefits of fixation of Pay under FR 22 C in case of promotion in the same Grade Pay having higher duties and responsibilities without approaching Ministry of Finance (MoF).

4. Absorption of Staff of Quasi-Administrative units against erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts 
in Railways (NFIR's DC/JCM Item No. 27/2006).

After discussions, it was decided to have separate meeting at the level of Member Staff for finding way to arrive at  a decision benefitting Quasi administrative staff.

5. Grant of parity in the Pay Structure of Stenographers at PAR with Stenographers of RBSS/CCS (NFIR’s DC/JCM Item No. 11/2011).

NFIR emphasised to implement the Recommendations of VI Central Pay Commission for granting parity. However the issue will be re-examined in the light of commitment of Railway Board and the note of ED (N).

Member Staff, however, offered Officer based Pay Structure and Grade Pay for the Stenographers on Zonal Railways. Production Units etc for which Federation will respond after consulting the staff.

6. Running Staff issues pending in the fora of PNM & DC/JCM meetings.

A separate meeting with the Member Staff will be convened shortly.

7. Office accommodation and other facilities to NFIR on four Zonal Railways Plus Metro Railways (At Divisional and Zonal Head Quarters).

CRB desired to formulate a policy to deal with such situations. Railway Board will send proposal to the Federations for their views to facilitate framing policy.

8. NFIR stressed in the meeting to pend implementation of Railway Board’s order dated 13/12/2012, in which causing withdrawal of financial benefit already granted to Running Staff & others under MACPS.

CRB & MS have agreed to review the decision for mitigating hardships to employees.

General Secretary/NFIR

Source : NFIR


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