Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC and UDC - All India Association of Administrative Staff (Non Gazetted) General Secretary writes to PM

Grade Pay of LDC and UDC Issues - All India Association of Administrative Staff (Non Gazetted) General Secretary writes to PM

Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC and UDC - General Secretary of All India Association of Administrative Staff (Non Gazetted) writes to Prime Minister regarding upgradation of Grade Pay to Clerical Staff, the letter is reproduced and given below for your ready reference...



NSSO (FOD), Hall No. 201 & 205, Vijay Stumbh,
Zone I, MaharanaPratap Nagar,
No. 3/GS/2013
Bhopal,  20/06/2013

The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi

Sub: Upgradation of grade pay of LDC & UDC in the Administrative branch of Government of India Offices.

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to bring to your kind notice that the undersigned in the capacity as General Secretary of All India Association of Ministerial Staff (Group C) under the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, had made an appeal to your good office vide letter dated 16/04/2010(Enclosed in Annexure I) wherein it was described how the 6th Pay Commission recommendations disappointed the lakhs of LDC & UDC working in the Central Government Offices. Our contention was that while the 6th Pay Commission has recommended the merger of the various group D posts and upgraded the grade pay from 1400 to 1800, for the LDCs, only a replacement grade pay of Rs. 1900 i.e. just Rs. 100 above the MTS has been granted, even after raising the academic and technical qualification to get selected on the post. Moreover, all the pre-revised pay scales above UDC -from Accountant to Assistant Administrative Officer- have been merged and granted Rs. 4200 - 4600 grade pay. Thus the basic cadres who are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Central Government offices, especially in the subordinate offices, have ignored/neglected by the Pay Commission as well as the Government.

Considering the gravity of the subject contained in it the aforesaid appeal was forwarded to the Secretary, Department of Personal & Training for action vide PMO ID No. 4/3/2010-PMP4/158890 dated 18/05/2010 (Copy enclosed in annexure II). When any action on the matter has visibly been not taken by the DoPT till 2012, and having aggrieved on the prolonged delay, follow up correspondences have been made as follows

1.  Shri A.H. Lokhande, Jabalpur has sought the action taken report under RTI (copies enclosed in Annexure III (A) & III(B). But both CPIO & appellate authority vide letter No. 20/2/2012-Estt(Pay-1) dated 29Aug 2012 & letter No 20/2/2012-Estt(Pay-1) dated 23rd Oct 2012 respectively have confirmed that the said letter has not received at  DoPT and as such no action taken report can be given(copies enclosed in Annexure IV(A) & IV (B).

2.   Subsequently, the undersigned has obtained a copy of the acknowledgement in confirmation of the receipt of my letter dated 16/04/2010 at DoPT from the PM’s Office. In the light of the said acknowledgement, a letter seeking the copy of the action taken report/Noting drafting under RTI was sent to the CPIO DoPT vide letter dated 09/03/13 (Copy enclosed in Annexure V (A)-V(E).

3.   On 25th April 2013 I have received a letter from CS Section of DoPT (Annexure VI), which has not given the pointed reply I sought, and as such the same was not convincing. And accordingly an appeal was sent to the appellate authority under RTI act vide letter dated 29/04/2013 for which I have received a letter vide letter No. 20/1/2013-CS-II (B) dated 21st May 2013.(enclosed in Annexure VII (A) & VII(B)  wherein it was informed that “CS-II Division deals only with the LDCs & UDCs of the Central Secretariat Service and as such no records available CS-II Division, there is no proposal to upgrade the grade pay of the LDC & UDC of CSCS Cadre. The application of Shri A.H. Lokhande has not been received in this Division”. Accordingly an order for the disposal of the appeal has been passed.

From the above it is clear that the letter received in the DoPT from the PM’s office has not taken in the records of DoPT where it appears to have been  misplaced which led CPIO and appellate authorities  to state that no such letter is received at DoPT from the PM’s Office. In this respect, even after submitting/providing the proof the acknowledgement of the said letter (obtained from the PM’s Office), DoPT has not bothered to change their version. Moreover, the copies of the applications submitted by Shri A.H. Lokhande have been supplied and even after CS-II division has not changed their version of not receiving any letter from Shri A.H. Lokhande.

Above all, both Shri A.H. Lokhande and myself have sought information regarding the action taken report/noting/drafting in disposal of the letter forwarded to the Secretary, DoPT by the PM’s office vide letter No. 4/3/2010-PMP4/158890 dated 18/05/2010. In reply, the CPIOs and Appellate authorities (pay Division & CS-II Division) have been informing us that the said letter is not received in their section and as such no action is taken.

Sir, the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, All India Railway men’s Federation, National Federation of India Railway men, the Defense Employees Federation and various other Central Government Employees’ Organizations have been writing to the Government to consider the upgradation of the grade pay of the LDC & UDC. Besides, the issue has been put up in the National JCM but the matter could not be discussed as the meeting of the National JCM meeting has not been called so far. Moreover, this item has been placed in the National Anomaly Committee (NAC) but the same has not been taken up for discussion in the NAC so far. It is also bring to your kind notice that all the websites related to the Central Government Employees have actively been discussing the issue as genuine.

Sir, the upgradation of the grade pay of LDC & UDCs is a genuine issue. Cases of all cadres baring the LDC & UDC were considered and favorable decision was taken by the 6th CPC. Similarly, the LDC and the UDC are also deserving  higher grade pays than the present one, to commensurate with the qualifications and assignments attached to these posts after the implementation of the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission.

In view of the above, we seek your kind intervention to get a favourable decision in this   regard.

Encl:    As above
Yours faithfully

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary



Anonymous said…
The assosication must take up the issue of non css cadre togather to remove anomoly and parity between CSSS cadre and non CSSS cadre. Make a justice with them
Anonymous said…
The Gen. Secretary,
I would like to your kind attention that why one cadre is ignored by this association i.e. stenographer....
Sir, Steno is also part of cen govt. Stenographer is also in the grade pay 2400/- as UDC. Stenos are also deserving higher grade pay as CSSS& other Ministeries. In sub-ordinate deptt. there is no promotional benifits.. Therefore, you are humbly request that please don't ignore this cadre....
Anonymous said…
Hat's off Sri Pillai Ji, Atlast you have the guts to bring this genuine demand related to LDC & UDCs to the notice of Hon'ble Prime Minister wheras JCM is sleeping on the point years together. Mr.N.Ramadas.
Anonymous said…
Yes Sir,

Great Salute to you.
Anonymous said…
Salute to Shri TKR Pillai and Shri Lokhande for making this effort. Indeed, a great injustice has been done to the LDC/UDC cadre in the 6th CPC.

We are ready to extend any support, you require, for this demand to get materialised.

Wish u best of luck.

Keep us updated.
Anonymous said…
It is a good news for LDC/UDC but when it will come true
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work. we are with you.
Unknown said…
manish kumar saxena, jaipur
a great injustice has been done to the LDC/UDC cadre in the 6th CPC. in recently rajasthan govt. sanction 2400-2800 grade pay for LDC/UDC.
Anonymous said…
Sir, this is the best efforts made by you to upgrade the pay scale of LDC/UDC of Govt. of India. we all the LDC/UDC are very thankful to you and always with you. Please keep it up for doing such type of employees problems.
Anonymous said…
Hats off, we all the Central Group-C Staffs of nagaland are behind you. All the best.
Anonymous said…
Sir, this is the best efforts made by you to upgrade the pay scale of LDC/UDC of Govt. of India. we all the LDC/UDC are very thankful to you and always with you.
Madhu said…
Dreams of LDC/UDC may be fulfilled at the earliest with your great efforts. We are really thankful to you for taking such a great effort for ignored Group 'C' Ministerial staff.Once again thanks.
Anonymous said…
I am the Unit Secretary of "ALL INDIA C.P.W.D. OFFICE STAFF ASSOCIATION", Cooch Behar (W.B.) unit. More than two years earlier, I have demand some information under RTI Act from Income Tax & Central Excise Department regarding upgradation of post of LDC & UDC to Tax Assistant & Senior Tax Assistant. In reply, Central Excise Department has intimated that there is no change in duty before & after upgradation of LDC & UDC. My special point in this regard that initially we have joined in the various department of Central Govt. under selection by the Staff Selection Commission and getting same pay & benefits as same post. If we posted in the I/Tax Deptt or Central Excise Deptt our pay shall be upgraded. As there is no recruitment policy as per merit in the various deptt. of central Govt., why I was not posted in the above department or why our pay shall not upgraded as per above department. Moreover, upgraded post are doing the same work as they have done before upgraded. Kindly look into the matter and if needed I am ready to supply the message as received through RTI.
With thanks,
(m: 09474830002)
EMAIL: tanay_ghanashyam@yahoo.com.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Pillai, your efforts are very appreciable. In this connection it informed that the Govt. of Rajasthan has upgraded the cadre of LDC/UDC i.e. 2400 and 2800 instead of 1900 and 2400.

Anonymous said…
Kindly refer Mr. T.K. Pattanayak's comments and look into the matter on this aspects also.
Anonymous said…
Please see the judgements of Punjab and Haryana Hon'ble Hight court and Hon'ble CAT principle bench for benefits of LDC/UDC.These judgements can solve our problems.Our leaders have to compell the governement to follow the court's judgement and allow promotional gradepay in MACP. thanks.
Anonymous said…
it is for the kind information of all that Punjab govt. has allowed pay band 10300-34800+3200 grade pay to its Clerk(LDC) and 3600 grade pay to Jr.Asstt(UDC) on completion of 5 yrs service to 50% Clerk(LDC). The demand of LDC/UDC should positively be considered for the upgradation of their grade pay. There is huge difference in the pay of LDC working under Central govt.ministry as compare to their counterparts working under the Punjab govt. Newly appointed clerk in Punjab is getting gross salary of Rs.28,000/- whereas a newly appointed clerk of central govt. is getting gross Rs.15,000/- which is very meager amount. This issue for upgradation of pay band & grade pay in r/o LDC & UDC raised by the Association is very genuine issue and the Central Govt. authorities must consider it as soon as possible as the LDCs are just getting 100 Rupees more grade pay than Multi tasking staff(earlier falls in Group D category).
It is so demoralizing to see that the Gr. 'D'/MTS employees are getting a grade pay of 2000/-, and being a LDC we are getting 1900/- !!! LDCs and UDCs r the pillars of Central Government offices. And Government is depriving these two posts from getting a reasonable pay. Should the grade pay of the LDCs and UDCs be increased, the effects should be retrospective, and arrears must be reimbursed from 1.1.2006
Unknown said…
Iam Suresh, LDC
First of all...I would like to thank T.K.R Pillai and other all officials, dept officers,dealing assistant and other co-workers who was helpful to frame this remarkable letter to be furnish to the honorable prime minister of india, concern. There is a saying "The crying baby gets the milk” The need makes the man to Act.now that has been proven by T.K.R....
Anjan Paul said…
Since LDC & UDC are the backbone of Administration of Govt. but 6th CPC deprived them only because to save money as their numbers are more than compare to higher cadres. Only higher cadres are benefited by the 6th CPC.Govt.also know this is unjustice.Recently CAT Principal Bench, New Delhi also made judgement infavour of GP on PROMOTIONAL HIERARCHY even in MACP also in regard to a case filed 18 UDC & 1 LDC of Defence Ministry.So pl. we should keep fighing for our genuine demand for upgraded GP for LDC & UDC.
Anonymous said…
Dear Secretary,

Thanks for your effort. There are possessed same Education & Technical Qualifications of Lower Division Clerk (LDC) and Data Entry Operator (DEO). But, different grade pay of Rs.1900/- for LDC & Rs.2400/- for DEO. Kindly look this matter and necessary action.

I am waiting to get upgradate of LDC/UDC revise pay scale.
786rider said…
A graduate post(Graduate+Diploma typing + computer knowledge) clerk in Central Agricultural University is 5200-20200+1900 and same pay is given to 8th std passed post Drivers.

the difference is that a person joined as clerk and driver in 2006 got
1. Driver got 5200-20200+2400 in 2011, will get 5200-20200+2800 in 2016, will get 9300-34800+4200 in 2021, after every 5 years without any interruption.
and for clerk without promotion
will get 5200-20200+100 after 10 years and will end up career after getting 2800gp. In this regard it is requested to make uniform pay structure with regard to Qualification or change designation by upgrading pay scale (like up-gradation group D staffs to MTS) or give atleast 350GP after 3 years.

Lastly sincere gratitude to all
Anonymous said…
All LDC/UDC working under the various Ministry under the Central Govt.are too much hopeful that the matter of up gradation of Grade pay to 2400/2800, which has already initiated by the Association with the central govt, will be got finalized very soon. A newly recruited LDC is getting gross salary Rs.15,000/- approximate which is too least where the employees serving in main cities. On the other hand,a newly recruited LDC under the Punjab Govt. is getting gross Salary more than Rs.26000/-which is very satisfactory amount to look after the need of a family. We, all LDC/UDC are requesting to all association members including executive members to fight and achieve this success please. Naresh Kumar, Chandigarh.
amrish pandey said…
hello guys, can anyone give me some idea of the starting gross salary for a LDC in central govt. recruited through ssc exam. please.
Unknown said…
Grade Pay of LDC should be Rs. 2400/- and UDC should be Rs. 4200/-in view works performed by them. Both are backbone ot the office and Government works. They have been crushing by the Pay Commission Report. The Demand is genuine.

A.K. Verma,UDC
Unknown said…
A very great thanks to you sir, at least some one fight for us. This is a big issue but no one can take interest on the merger of grade pay of LDC and UDC. I've completed 10 yrs of service and granted gradepay of Rs 2000/-. It is also very shameful/disappointing for us to tell anyone regarding our gradepay. In other department (State Govt and Post office) our rank employee or equivalent has been granted gradepay more than us. I am also waiting for up gradation of grade pay of LDC and UDC.
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir, There are number of Associations at central level fighting for LDCs and UDCs independently. May I request, why not all the association put their case jointly with Govt of India. I think Govt will consider the same keeping in view our Strength at all India level. Amrik Singh, Patiala
Anonymous said…
My deepest gratefulness and respect to the confederation for taking up the issue The present GP of LD &UD is really pathetic. It would be real good if the competent authority look into the matter at the earlies.

Anonymous said…
A very great thanks to you sir, at least some one fight for us. Hope we will definitely achieve this will get the higher grade pay. LDC / UDC are most sufferer cadre. We don't know why this injustice has been done with us. We salute to Pillai Sir.

Regards to all
Anonymous said…
I joined the "XYZ" Department last year on compassionate ground.Prior to this i was working in a private sector where my salary was 3 times more than what I am drawing right now...Being a Graduate they offered me the post of clerk with 1900/- grade pay(That too after a long fight with this Dept/-)...My take home salary now is 13000, after deduction of HRA and NPS...I thought the Job of LDC is to TAG file and maintining the records....But the management is giving me task which even an employee who has worked in this dept for more than 20 yrs can't do it...(Don't want to discuss myJob Role)...I am silent on this coz i have to clear my probation....Can anyone tell me is there any association or pressure group i can join so that we can fight together....Do u think it is possible to run a family of four with 13000/-.
Unknown said…
I am an ICAR employees. The situation is peculiar in the ICAR. There are technical service as well as administrative service in ICAR. A technical personnel with qualification of Matric is getting GP of Rs.2000/- whereas a LDC with Higher Secondary (10+2)[minimum qualification] is getting Rs.1900/- Grade Pay in PB-1. Beside this MACP makes the thing worst. Even a Skilled Support Staff (erstwhile Group 'D') is getting more salary than an UDC/Senior Clerk. Govt. must take appropriate action in this matter and give a reasonable pay scale to LDC and UDC as they are possessing higher qualifications.
Anonymous said…
Funtastic ,better latter then never.
Mr pillai What is the response to your letter?
Is their any positive news for ahead?
Is the path ahead is blocked by usual distant logic and sentiment of the govt ?
When can we hope of this materialising in the form of notice from the ministry of finance?
Hope things change for the lower bricks of the foundation
Thank you
Anonymous said…
Thank you Pillai Sir,
Till date we are thinking that why all these LDCs & UDCs are remained silent in this matter. Now we came to know that all are suffering like us. Thanks again for fighting on behalf of us.
protocol said…
the name of LDC sound very repputation, to keep the worker moral high why not change Protocol III,II,I or Skill Support Staff. A willing voluntary army will be more effective than a forced armyman. A good title of designation can work wonder to change the already charge atmospher of a LDC employee
Anonymous said…
Thank you Sir,

I hope we can have success which is beneficial for all of us.

Best of luck
Anonymous said…
I joined the "XYZ" Department last year on compassionate ground.Prior to this i was working in a private sector where my salary was 3 times more than what I am drawing right now...Being a Graduate they offered me the post of clerk with 1900/- grade pay(That too after a long fight with this Dept/-)...My take home salary now is 13000, after deduction of HRA and NPS...I thought the Job of LDC is to TAG file and maintining the records....But the management is giving me task which even an employee who has worked in this dept for more than 20 yrs can't do it...(Don't want to discuss myJob Role)...I am silent on this coz i have to clear my probation...came to know that a Driver is getting a grade pay of 2400/-...MTS drawing salary of 20,000/- (Approx)---Can anyone tell me is there any association or pressure group i can join so that we can fight together....Do u think it is possible to run a family of four with 13000/-....Light BILL 1200-1500/-Gas Bill 600/- Water 400/- Mobile 1000/- Khana-4000-5000, Travel 900/--- MIsc- 2000-3000/- Savings 0000000000000............. Where is my future...My kids future.....Are we just going to write our frustration on this blog...Anyone listening???????

arshad said…
Mr. Pillai Garu first of all heartiest thanks to u and your team who has done such a wonderful work for all LDCs/UDCs. we all LDCs and UDCs are with u for u always. we will pray to almighty that u will succeed in your positive work. God bless u & hope so v wll get a good news from ur side before eid.
Anonymous said…
Commendable effort Sir Ji: Actually the grade pay of LDC,UDC,JrAcctt.etc required immediate rectification to 2400, 3000, 3500 in view of the upgradation of the erstwhile Gr.IVs This enchanment will upgrade the clerical staff from MTS If not redesignate the clericals as Gr. V

Elgee, UDC
Sanjib said…
I was promoted to the post of Assistant in the Pay Band-2 with Grade Pay 4200/- w.e.f. 01.9.2009. Later the grade pay was upgraded to Rs.4600/-. But unfortunately my pay was fixed at Rs.9300/- with grade pay 4200/- on the date I joined the new post of Assistant. But in terms of 6th CPC report and as per CCS(RP) Rules, 2008 my pay was to be fixed at minimum of higher pay band i.e. Rs.12540/- with grade pay Rs.4600/-. May I apply for getting such benefit?
b joshi said…
Please help to suggest whether this is for uttarakhand state employee or not? as i working in education department with grade pay 2000 and i m working since 2012. please help to provide information @ joshi.hld@gmail.com
Rajkumar said…
Very thanks for hoping the LDCs to work in Govt sector, else we were thinking to resign due to this salary in this heavy market.
Our all support is with you in this fight for good of us.
Please update us on .. rkambatier@gmail.com

Anonymous said…
Thank u Pillai sir
We all UDC in Kerala expect an early and favourable decision from the govt
Anonymous said…
Mr Pillai, it is informed that the LDC & UDC of Govt. of Rajasthan are strugle for GP 3600 for LDC and 4200 for UDC and presently the govt. has principally ageed with them.

Why not for LDC & UDC of Central Govt.

V. A. Jadhav said…
I am working in DGQA Organisation I don't know whether we have any Clerical Association. Because I don't know what setps are they taking for upgradation / merger of LDC's and UDC's.

As in Naval Civilians i.e. the Fire Engine Driver Gr. I and Fire Engine Driver Gr. II having identical Grade Pay of Rs.1900/- have been merged and are awarded upgradation Grade Pay of Rs. 2000/- w.e.f. 01-01-2006.

I want to know that why only the LDC's and UDCs are sufferring and having hard days at the office????

Will government listen to the LDCs and UDCs ?????

Dear Pillai Sir,
Let me express my sincere thanks on your sincere efforts to speak on behalf of lakhs of LDCs and UDCs. We all are behind you to attain our goal.
Krishnakumar G Nair, CPWD, Trichy
Anonymous said…
Dear pillai sir,You r the great who arise the very very important matter regarding LDC & UDC of central Government The Government has done unjustice with LDC & UDC. The matter must goes infront of PM of India, I think PM of India will justice with us to revise the scale with pay band and with grade pay.
Thank you
Anonymous said…
6th Pay Commission was a dissappointment for LDC & UDC staff. LDC's must get a GP-2400 and UDC - 4200, according to there qualification and work. LDC merely getting rs 100 progression in GP. Is unjustice done to them.LDC and UDC are the backbone of Central Govt..
Thanks to all of you for your efforts.
Lakshmi Kanth said…
As you all know very well, all LDCs & UDCs are performing duties far above than actually they are responsible. LDCs & UDCs are main pillars for smooth functioning of Central Govt. Officers. Unfortunately, 6th CPC disappointed them. Their Grade Pays must be upgraded from 01-01-2006 and arrears should be paid.
I really thank Mr.TKR Pillai & Co. for their great efforts to upgrade the Grade Pay of these cadres.
May your efforts be success and the most awaiting good news for all LDCs and UDC be come true.

Anonymous said…
A candidate gets a central LDC/UDC job after competing with lakhs number other high qualified candidates. Now assistant professors of state run universities gets starting pay of 15000 (GP 6000). I think, a graduate LDC/UDC of central government is eligible for minimum 4200 starting grade pay.
Anonymous said…
Is this GP up-gradation applicable only for LDC & UDC cadre or applicable to all employees comes under 1900/- GP or 3050-75-80-4000/- pay scale in 5th CPC .
786rider said…
It seems Clerical staffs are totally isolated and there is none to considered.
I am a Clerk-Cum-typist (Graduate post ) working in Central Agricultural University, Imphal; my pay scale on initial appointment is (PB)5200+1900(GP)same as 8th std passed post driver; but after five years driver being 'technical' granted 2400 GP and accessed every five years and CCT remain in 1900 GP and what more shocking is that after 10 years they will get 2800 GP and CCT will get (1900+100) 2000 GP in case of MACP.

On other hand equivalent Educational qualification post (B.Com) like Account Asst. are granting 2800 GP scale on initial appointment and elevated to Accountant (SAS passed not required) after completion of six year.

From the above two fact it won't be wrong to say that our work load , sense of responsibility and educational qualification is not regard as eligibility criteria to grant even 2400 GP (especially for clerical staff)...
Earlier ACP was far better for out case. If they not accept revision of grade pay, at least rights should be given to the individual employee to opt for ACP or MACP.
Anonymous said…
The govt has been taught the lessons for its misrule and for the sufferings it put on ordinary beings like ldc and udc.
Let aam aadmi party take over the mantle and give good govt to labour class and ordinary beings of this country.so friends let us value the party which is with ordinary people like us.
Anonymous said…
Shri.T.K.R.Pillai Sir, Thank you very much for initiating the issue of UDC/LDC. Thousands of employees are anxiously waiting for Good News from Government. It is our humble request to take more and effective efforts at your end to achieve the goal.
Anonymous said…
Govt. says empowerment of women, but a women cg employee, who is only one child to her parents, but her parents are not depended on her, how it is. If only one child either male/female their parents are always depended on her/him. So the the parents of only one child either M/F their child may get the facility to look after her parents as is provide to male cg employee.

she not entitled for
Unknown said…
Thanks Pillai sir for your humble request to govt to hike in the grade pay of LDC and UDC
Shashi Bhushan Pandey said…
Really the efforts being made by you on issue of upgradation of LDC/UDC is appreciable. But Govt. is adamant. We should think over it on other way to put pressure on govt. either through countrywide agitation taking into confidence to all central govt. associations/unions/federations or through anomaly committee. The LDC/UDC working in subordinate offices cannot be discriminated as govt. is considering the grievances of LDC/UDCs of CCSS.
Ravindra Mohod said…
Thanks Pillai sir to taking initiative in this matter...
LDC merely getting 100 rs progression in GP. Is unjustice done to them.
Anonymous said…
In many departments l.d.c;s have giving work of Assistants particularity in sub ordinate offices. Supervisors of the office has supporting this because on the ground that newly recruited L.D.C are qualified & most of them are graduate and post graduates.Most of the newly recruited employees are working hard because they have to complete probation successfully.Actually this is a kind of harassment in our government offices.Most important is L.D.C's are just giving a pay of Rs. 13000/- and asked to work of high paying Assitants.I am writing this for all newly recruited l.d.c in government of india.

It is clear that there is a need for revising the pay of L.D.C's in govt of india.

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