Review of three years time limit for making compassionate appointment

Review of three years time limit for making compassionate appointment.



No. AN/VIII/19001/Circular 
Date: 11.12.2012.
The All PC of A(Fys)/PCsDA/CsDA

Sub: Review of three years time limit for making compassionate appointment.

A copy of DoP&T O.M. F. No.14014/3/2011-Estt (D) dated 26.07.2012 received under Ministry of Defence letter No. 19(9)/2012/D(Lab) dated 08.08.2012, on the above subject is forwarded herewith for information, compliance, guidance and necessary action please.

2 It is mandated that while dealing the case for appointment on compassionate grounds following clarification  received from DoP&T on their OM dated 26.07.2012, may be scrupulously be adhered to.

(i) Vide OM dated 26.07.2012 instruction dated 05.05.2003 prescribing the three years’ time limit for consideration of request for compassionate appointment has been withdrawn. This effectively means the instructions as issued vide OM dated 09.10.1998 is in force.

(ii) All the requests for compassionate appointment even those which have been considered earlier and belated requests will be considered on merit asper instructions on the subject provided a vacancy is available now.

(iii) Cases which have been considered as per OM dated 05.05.2003 and closed for want of vacancy can be considered again if the dependent of diseased government servant prefer fresh application for compassionate appointment. Such cases are to be treated as per Para 8 of this department’s O.M dated 09.10.1998.

3. HQrs office circulars issued on the subject regarding cases where any type of relaxation are required are still in force. The case which require relaxation of any kind including belated requests for compassionate appointment should be forwarded to HQrs office for obtaining the orders of the CGDA.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Sr.Asstt.CGDA (AN)


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Review of three years time limit for making compassionate appointment - DOPT

and one more important order issued by Dopt on 5.5.2003 is reproduced for your information...

G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg., O.M.No. 14014/19/2002-Estt(D) dated 5.5.2003 

Time-limit for making compassionate appointment.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Department of Personnel & Training OM No.14014/6/94-Estt(D) dated October 9, 1998 and OM No.14014/23/99-Estt(D) dated December 3, 1999 on the above subject and to say that the question of prescribing a time limit for making appointment on compassionate grounds has been examined in the light of representations received, stating that the one year limit prescribed for grant of compassionate appointment is often resulting in depriving genuine cases seeking compassionate appointments, on account of regular vacancies not being available, within the prescribed period of one year and within the prescribed ceiling of 5% of direct recruitment quota.

2. It has, therefore, been decided that if compassionate appointment to genuine and deserving cases, as per the guidelines contained in the above OMs is not possible in the first year, due to non-availability of regular vacancy, the prescribed Committee may review such cases to evaluate the financial conditions of the family to arrive at a decision as to whether a particular case warrants extension by one more year, for consideration for compassionate appointment by the Committee, subject to availability of a clear vacancy within the prescribed 5% quota. If on scrutiny by the Committee, a case is considered to be deserving, the name of such a person can be continued for consideration for one more year.

3. The maximum time a person’s name can be kept under consideration for offering Compassionate Appointment will be three years, subject to the condition that the prescribed Committee has reviewed and certified the penurious condition of the applicant at the end of the first and the second year. After three years, if compassionate appointment is not possible to be offered to the Applicant, his case will be finally closed, and will not be considered again.

4. The instructions contained in the above mentioned OMs stand modified to the extent mentioned above.

5. The above decision may be brought to the notice of all concerned for information, guidance and necessary action.


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