Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on MACP Scheme

FAQ on MACP Scheme :

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on MACP Scheme with clarifications and references are shown below for guidance.

Sl.No. Questions Answers
1. What does MACPS stand for ? Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme
2. How did the scheme come into force? As recommended by VI CPC para 6.1.15
3. Will ACPS continue? No. MACPS is in supersession of previous ACPS
4 MACPS is applicable to whom? All Group 'A', 'B', 'C' employees except Officers of Organ
5 What about Group 'D' staff? Group 'D' status would cease on completion of prescribed training and the employees would be treated as Gr.'C' employees.
6 Who will not be entitled for this? Casual employees, including those granted 'Temporary Status' and persons engaged on adhoc or contract basis
7 Who will consider admissibility of an employee? Screening Committee formed for this purpose
8 What should be the constituents of the screening committee? a) Constituents are - Chairperson and two other members; (b) Chairman generally be one grade above other members; (c) members should hold posts at least one level higher than the grade in which MACP to be considered; (d) No Officer should be below Sr. Scale
9 Who will approve recommendations of the committee? Head of the orgn./competent authority
10 Any special system for the screening committee? The committee will meet twice in a financial year -preferably in (i) 1st week of January for cases that would be maturing during April - September of the ensuing financial year & (ii) 1st week of July for cases that would be maturing October - March of
11 From which date this scheme would be operational? w.e.f. 01.09.2008.
12 Should past cases be reopened? No
13 Can senior employee get stepping up benefit if a junior gets more pay than senior due to MACPS? No
14 Should difference in pay scales due to grant of financial upgradation under old ACPS (Oct - 1999) & under MACPS within the same cadre construe an anomaly? No
15 How many financial upgradations are involved? Upto the maximum extent of three (03)
16 Wherefrom should the service be counted to extend the benefit? Service should be counted from the date of entry in initial grade on regular basis.
17 On completion of how much service is MACPS applicable? It is applicable on completion of10years, 20 years and 30 years regular service respectively. This is admissible on completion of 10 years of regular service in same grade.
18 Should the benefit be extended in the next higher grade of promotion in the corresponding cadre? Not necessarily. MACPS benefit is given to immediate higher grade of pay as per the recommended revised Pay Bands and Grade Pay as given in Section 1, Part -A of the First Schedule of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008.
19 What would be the highest possible Grade Pay, upto which the benefit can be extended? Upto the maximum Grade Pay of Rs.12000 in PB - 04.
20 Should there be pay fixat for MACPS? Pay shall be raised by 3% of the total pay in the Pay Band & Grad Pay, drawn before upgradation.
21 A Junior Clerk joined in GP Rs. 1900/-, got MACPS benefit in GP Rs.2000/- with pay fixation. Thereafter, he was promoted as Sr. Clerk in GP Rs. 2400/-. What will be the monetary benefit? There will be no further fixation after MACPS benefit.Only difference in GP (Rs. 1900 to Rs.2800/-) is payable.
22 Should there be pay fixation at the time of regular promotion after getting MACPS benefit? At the time of actual promotion, even it happens to be in a post carrying higher Grade Pay than what is available under MACPS, no pay fixation would be available. Only difference of Grade Pay would be made available.
23 What would be the steps for pay fixation in this scheme? i) 23.08.1996 - A person joins Rly. Service (GP-Rs.1900/-); ii) 01.09.2008 - Eligible for MACPS benefit, if not promoted (Oncompletion of 10 yrs & effective wef 1.9.08 iii) Pay should be fixed by granting him one increment (3%) plus the difference of grade pay (Rs.2000-Rs.1900= Rs.100/-)
24 Will promotions that were earned or upgradations that were granted due to ACP Scheme carry same GP due to merger of pay scales or upgradations of posts shall be counted? No. It should be ignored.
25 In a case - A Railwayman recruited in paysale Rs.5000-8000-/-(Pre-revised) did not get promotion after 25 years of service prior to 1.1.86 got 2 ACP Scheme Upgradations in Rs.5500-9000/- and 6500-10500/-. What will be the grade pay as per MACPS? a). Recruitment grade pay - Rs.4200/(PB-2) b). For 10 yrs regula service, GP Rs.4600/- (PB-2), c). For 20 yrs service, GP Rs.4800/ (PB-2)
26 In a case - A Railwayman recruited in pay sale Rs.5000-8000-/-(Pre-revised) and got two promotions in 25 years of service in Rs.5500-9000/- and 6500-10500/-. What will be the grade pay as per MACPS? Recruitment and next promotion were in PB 2 and GP 4200/-. Therefore, the employee is eligible for (1) one upgradation to GP Rs.4600/-(PB-2) for 10 yrs regular service and (2) another upgradation to Rs.4800/-(PB-2) for 20 yrs. regular service.
27 What will be the reference pay for revision as per VI CPC in case of the employees, who got the benefit of ACPS till 01.01.2006? Revised pay will be with reference to the pay scale granted to them under the ACPS.
28 What should be done for the employees, who have got the benefit of ACPS between 01.01.2006 to 01.09.2008? Such employees has the option to have his pay fixed with reference to pre-revised pay either (a) wef 01.01.2006 or (b) wef date of financial upgradation underACPS. In case of (b) the employee will be eligible for arrear from the date of his/her option,
29 In a case- JE(in Prerevised scale Rs.5000-8000/- got 1st ACPS benefit in Rs.6500-10500/- . What will be his revised grade pay ? rde pay
30 How fixation of pay would be done on grant of MACPS benefit ? The Railwayman can exercise option under Rule 1313(1)(a)(i) of IREC Vol.II[FR22(1)(a)(i)]- to fix pay in higher grade pay either from the date of upgradation or from the date of next increment. The pay and date of increment would be in accordance with clarification
31 In case of promotions earned in the post carrying same grade pay in the promotional hierarchy as per recruitment rules, what should be the MACPS Benefit ? Such promotions with same grade pay shall be counted for the purpose of MACPS.
32 Should grade pay of Rs.5400/- in PB-2 and PB-3 be treated as separate grade pay for MACPS? No. Same grade pay with different pay bands will be treated as separate grade pays for MACPS.
33 What is regular service? Period of service that commences from the date of joining post in direct entry grade on a regular basis either on direct recruitment basis or on absorption/re- employment basis.
34 Should the service rendered on ad hoc / contract basis before regular appointment on pre-appointment training shall be taken into reckoning? No. Such period shall not be taken into reckoning.
35 Should past continuous service in same grade pay in a post carrying same, prior to regular appointment in new department, without break in another department be considered for MACPS? Yes. Previous service in another department will be counted for MACPS (but not regular promotion).
36 Should the past service rendered in state government/statutory body/autonomous body/public sector undertaking organization be counted towards regular service? No.
37 Should the period spent on deputation, foreign service, study leave and all other kind of leave (duly sanctioned) be included in regular service? Yes.
38 Should the service rendered against work-charge post be counted? Yes, if their service conditions are comparable with the staff of regular establishment.
39 What will be the fate of existing time bound promotion scheme including in-situ promotion scheme or such other kind of scheme for particular category of employees? Competent administrative authority to decide, whether to retain such schemes or to switchover to MACPS. However, both the schemes shall not run concurrently.
40 Is the scheme applicable to employees of autonomous/statutory bodies under the control of Ministry of Railway? Competent authorityof such body and Ministry of Railways would decide.
41 Is the scheme applicable to employees of autonomous/statutory bodies under the control of Ministry of Railway? Yes.
42 Should there be any consequential effect on subsequent financial up-gradation in case benefit under MACPS is deferred and not allowed after 10/20 yrs. in a grade pay due to the reason of the employee being unfit or due to departmental proceedings ? Yes.
43 Does this up-gradation confer to change in designation, classification or higher status? No.
44 Should the benefits linked with pay drawn by the employee be permitted for MACPS beneficiaries? Yes, such benefits such as HBA, Allotment of Govt. accommodation shall be given as per the MACP benefit.
45 What should be bench mark for extending this benefit? The bench mark as is available for promotion purpose should be followed.
46 How the cases be regulated when the employee is under D&A proceedings? Such matter should be regulated under the provisions of the Railway servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules 1968 and instructions issued there under
47 Should Reservation Roster/Orders be implemented? MACPS contemplates merely placement on personal basis in the immediate higher grade pay/grant of financial benefits only and shall not amount to actual /functional promotion of the employees concerned. Therefore, Reservation rules are not applicable .
48 Is it mandatory to associate members of SC/ST in the screening committee? No.
49 Is there any relevance to seniority position of the employees? No.
50 Can the seniors claim additional financial benefit on the ground that the junior employees get higher pay/grade pay under MACPS? No.
51 What will be the effect of MACPS for determining terminal benefits of retiring employees? Yes, pay drawn in pay band and grade pay allowed under this scheme shall be the basis for terminal benefits.
52 In a case – a Group A employee, not covered under ACPS has become entitled to 3rd financial upgradation directly. How his pay should be fixed? His pay shall be fixed successively in next three immediate higher grade pays in the hierarchy of revised pay bands and grade pays allowing the benefit of 3 % pay fixation at every stage.
53 If an employee, declare surplus in his department, is appointed in the same pay scale or lower scale of pay in new organization, how MACPS be implemented? The regular service rendered in previous organization shall be counted towards regular service in the new organization for the purpose of giving up-gradation under MACPS.
54 Will an employee be eligible for this benefit in case s/he after getting promotion/ACP benefit seeks unilateral transfer to a lower post/scale? The employee will be entitled for 2nd and 3rd up-gradations on completion of 20 & 30yrs. of regular service from the date of initial appointment to the post in the new organization.
55 What will be the fate of those employees who refused regular promotion? No financial up-gradation shall be allowed as such an employee has not been stagnated.
56 What will be the fate of those employees who has got financial up-gradation due to stagnation and subsequently refused the promotion? The employee will not be eligible to be considered for further financial up-gradation till he agrees to be considered forpromotion again and the 2nd and next financial up-gradation shall also be deferred to the extent of period of debarment due to refusal.
57 How the scheme will be applicable to ad hoc employees? Such employees would be allowed the benefit considering his/her notional pay to the substantial post and the pay will be fixed considering the benefit of this scheme vis-à-vis pay drawn on ad hoc basis.
58 Should the deputationists be reverted to parent department for this benefit? No. S/he may avail MACPS benefit and exercise a fresh option to draw the pay in his deputation or the pay as per MACPS.
59 In case an employee- a) 1.1.1992- joins in grade pay Rs.1900/- b) 2.3.2000- gets regular promotion in GP Rs.2400/- What will be the date of 2nd MACPS? For 2 MACPS benefit only 10 yrs. service in GP Rs.2400/- will be considered. Thus on completion of 18 yrs. total regular service 2nd MACPS benefit is applicable.
60 In case an employee- a) 1.1.1994- joins ingrade pay Rs.1900/- b) 2.08.1998- gets regular promotion in GP Rs.2400/- c) 1.9.2008- The employee gets 2nd MACPS benefit (GP Rs.2800/-) What will be the date of 3rd MACPS? The employee will get 3rd MACPS benefit on completion of (4+10+10) 28 yrs. of regular service, i.e on 2.8.2018 in GP Rs.4200/-
61 In case an employee- a) 1.1.1992- joins in grade pay Rs.1900/- b) 2.3.1996- gets regular promotion in GP Rs.2400/- c) 1.9.2008- gets 2nd MACP benefit in GP Rs.2800/-. d) 1.6.2012- getspromotion in GP Rs.4200/- What will be the date of 3rd MACPS? He will get 3rd MACPS benefit on completion of 30 yrs. of regular service, i.e. w.e.f. 1.1.2022 in GP Rs.4600/-
62 In case an employee- a) 1.1.1999: Joins service in GP Rs.1900/- b) 5.1.2009 : Avails MACPS benefit in GP Rs.2000/- c) 15.3.2009: Gets promotion in GP Rs.2400/- When should the employee get 2nd and 3rd MACPS benefit if does not get any regular promotion? a) 1.1.2019: Eligible for 2nd financial benefit in GP Rs.2800/-. b) 1.1.2029: Eligible for 3rd financial upgradation in GP Rs.4200/-.
63 In case an employee- a) 1.1.1999: Joins service in GP Rs.1900/- b) 5.1.2009 : Avails MACPS benefit in GP Rs.2000/- c) 15.3.2009: Gets promotion in GP Rs.2400/- d) 10.4.2012: Gets further promotion in GP Rs.4200/- When should the employee get 3rd MACPS benefit if does not get any regular promotion? On completion of 10yrs. service in GP Rs.4200/- or after 30yrs. of regular service- whichever is earlier.
64 In case an employee has been granted 2 financial upgradations under ACP Scheme of Oct.1999, on completion of 24 yrs . of egular service, when should s/he be eligible for 3rd MACPS benefit On completion of 30yrs. of service if s/he has not earned 3rd promotion in the hierarchy.
65 How the benefit will be extended to the Casual labour got subsequent temporary status followed by regularization? 50 % of temporary period should be added with regular employment period.
66 How the benefit will be extended to a group-D staff who joined regular service in pre-revised scale of Rs.2550-3200/- and got subsequent promotion in scale Rs.2610-3540/-, then to Rs.2650-4000/-? On the analogy of Para-5 of Annexure to RBE No. 101/2009(CPO/E.Rly./Kolkata's Serial Circular No.102/2009) any promotion earned or up-gradations granted in pre-revised scales those now carry the GP of Rs.1800/- should be ignored for MACPS purpose. However, promotion/up-gradation to the scale now carry of GP Rs.1900/- shall be counted for MACPS
67 For which period ACRs to be considered to extend the benefit of MACPS? ACRs for the same period as required for DPC purposes are to be considered while granting benefits under MACPS.
68 How ACR ratings should be made? The practice of averaging ACRs ratings as followed in case of normal DPC be adopted with reference to the respective bench mark for MACPS purposes
69 How the temporary status of erstwhile substitutes be considered? The entire temporary status service of substitutes followed by regularization without break may be taken into account for the purpose of grant of MACPS benefit.
70 Can the bench mark for awarding MACP benefit be higher to that require for normal promotion? No.
71 How the clerical staff should be considered who joined the post of Jr. Clerk and got absorption against LDCE? For extending the benefit of MACPS the service from the 1st entry grade should be considered.
72 Whether the Pay Band would change in the hierarchy of Pay Band and Grade Pay on grant of MACPS benefit The upgrdation under MAPC are to be granted in the immediate higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay band and grade pay as prescribed in RSRP Rules 2008.
73 Can it be allowed to employees who have later on inducted in organized Group- A service? No. Organized Group- A service have already been allowed parity of 2 years on non-functional basis with officers of IAS.
74 In case of isolated post, i) 01.10.1982 : An employee joins is pre-revised scale of Rs. 4,000-6,000/- ii) 01.10.1999: 1st ACP granted in Rs.4,500-7,000/- iii) 01.10.2006: 2nd ACP due in Rs.5,000-8,000/- (GP Rs.4200/-) When will the employee get 3rd MACPS benefit? On 01.10.2012 on completion of 30 years regular service in GP Rs. 4,600/-
75 In case of normal promotional hierarchy, i) 01.10.1982 : An employee joins is pre-revised scale of Rs. 5,500-9,000/- ii) 01.10.1999: 1st ACP granted in Rs.6,500-10,500/- iii)iv) 01.10.2006: 2nd ACP due in Rs.10,000-15,200/- (PB-3, GP Rs.4200/-) When will the employee get 3rd MACPS benefit? On 01.10.2012 on completion of 30years regular service in GP Rs. 7,600/- (PB-3).
76 Whether the benefits of MACPS be granted from the date of entry in the grade or from the date of their regular service/approved service counted under various rules? The benefit is available w.e.f., the date of actual joining of the post in the entry grade.
77 In a case, a person, appointed to an ex-cadre post in higher scale got absorption. Whether the period spent on deputation on ex-cadre post would be counted as continuous service in the grade for MACPS? 1. Where a person is appointed on direct recruitment or on deputation basis from another post in the same grade, the past regular service as well as past promotions/ACP in earlier post will be considered for computing regular service.2. Where a person is appointed to an ex-cadre post in higher scale on deputation, followed by absorption, (a) Service rendered in earlier lower scale post cannot be counted, (b) The period spent initially on deputation in the ex-cadre post prior to absorptionmay be counted towards regular service for the purposes of MACPS.
78 Should the pay scale or grade pay of substantive post or the pay scale/grade pay carried on account of financial up- gradation under ACP/MACP scheme be taken into account for appointment of the selection to a higher post on deputation basis? The pay scale or grade pay of substantive post should be taken into account.
79 If 1st/2nd financial up-gradations are postponed on account of the employee not found fit or due to departmental proceedings whether these would have consequential effect on next up gradation This should be regulated under the provision of RS (D&A) rules 1968.
80 If an employee has earned three promotions and still stagnated for more than 10years, should he get this benefit further ? No
81 Should pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 2750-4400/- be taken as merged to GP Rs.1800/- for MACPS purposes? Yes.
82 If a Railway servant on deputation earns up-gradation under MACPS in parent cadre, should s/he be entitled for deputation allowance on the pay & emoluments granted under MACPS? No.
83 Should the Group-D employees, whose pre-revised pay scales are merged and placed in GP Rs.1800/-, be entitled for grant of increment @ 3 % during pay fixation at every stage of MACPS? Yes.
84 How the service period will be counted in case of transfer including unilateral transfer on request? Regular service rendered in previous organization/office shall be counted alongwith the regular service in the new organization/office for the purpose of getting financial up-gradation under the MACPS. However, Item No.24 of Annexure to RBE No. 101/2009 (CPO/E.Rly./ Kolkata's Serial Circular No.102/2009) should be taken into consideration.
85 What about the bench mark of MACPS in cases where promotion to the next higher grade is made on the basis of fitness? In such cases bench mark for promotion hall apply to MACPS also.
86 Does MACPS benefit extend higher entitlement of pass facilities? The benefits related to higher status inherent in the higher pay band and/or grade pay is not available to such an employee who has been granted higher grade pay under the MACPS.
87 Should the pre-appointment training period be taken into reckoning for MACPS benefit? No.
88 If a person seeks appointment to a lower post on own volition, how his regular service will be reckoned? Regular service in higher grade should be counted for MACP scheme alongwith reference to the grade in which the employee is reappointed on transfer on own volition.
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GOPI CHAND US (Retd) said…
I am a direct recruit Assistant since June 29, 1974. I was promoted as Section Officer in 1991. After completion of 24 years of service I was granted 2nd ACP in the pay scale of Rs.10,000-Rs.15,600 (Now PB-3 with a grade pay of Rs.6,600/-) with effect from 9.8.1999. I did not derive any benefit (notional or actual) from NFS which was introduced with effect from 03.10.2003, in which SOs with 4 years of service got pay scale of Rs.8,000-Rs.13,500. Hence, NFS is not applicable to me as I was drawing a higher pay (Rs.10,000/-) in a higher pay scale (Rs.10,000-Rs.15,600) from an earlier date (9.8.1999). Please confirm that I am eligible for 3rd MACP, effective from 01.09.2008, in the PB-3 of Rs.15,600-Rs.39,100 with a grade pay of Rs.7,600/- in terms of DOPT’s circular No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 9.9.2010.

In view of answer to Question No. 75, am I eligible to get 3rd MACP with Grade Pay of Rs. 7,600/- effective from 01.08.2008?

Kindly reply early, if possible through e-mail me :

Anonymous said…
I am a central govt employee working in Prasar bharati.I am working on same post for last 22 years without any promotion.But I have already received 2 MACPs. Now Directorate is considering in-situ promotions for our cadre. In my case can I get such in-situ promotion? Secondly, in such in-situ promotions, what is the actual status of the employees? Are they really promoted to the next post? or just have to do the same work of previous post?
Unknown said…
A person joined as group D on 1990 and another person joined as group D on 1992.. Accordingly after implementation of 6th pay commission there pay was fixed at a certain pay with GP 1800. Later on implementation of MACP it was seen that in case 1st case 2nd MACP was granted on 2010 and in 2nd case 1st MACP was granted on 2008 and 2nd MACP again on 2012.. As a result the senoir draws less pay than the junior. IS stepping up applicable in this case in relaxation of Para 10 of MACP scheme.
Unknown said…
my friend joined railway on may 1997 in 4200 gp. He got his 1 promotion on nov 2006 in 4600 gp after on request transper other railway on 1-01 - 2014 in grade pay 4200 .Again got promotion on April 2015 in 4600 gp.
Then my question is when will he get his 2nd MACP and 3rd MACP?

please reply me as soon as possible
Unknown said…
I appiont group D category in year 1972. In the year 1980 I promoted C category.
In the year 1986 I selected as intermediate Apprentice. After comping training at IRIMEE JAMALPORE, ER. Then I took charge as JE II.
I retired as SSE, Grade pay Rs.4600/- in the Aug.2013. But I have not get any MACP.Is it correct dicision ?
Kalyan Ghosh said…
3% increment in 1st ACP on pay fixation on revision of pay and pension on MACP has been paid by GSI, CR, Nagpur. D.G.,GSI and ADG, GSI has issued O/o in this regard. PAO, GSI, Lucknow is not granting this increment, defying departmental recommendations and precedential decision taken by GSI, Nagpur. He has sought clarification from the Controller of Accounts, GSI, Kolkata. COA, GSI, Kolkata is silent on this issue. O/o the CGA, CPAO and Department of Expenditure- M/o Finance have directed the appropriate authority, i.e. Chief Controller of Accounts- M/o Mines to settle this case immediately.
But indecisiveness prevails about this stalemate. Twelve registered public grievances with DOPPW, PMOPG and Department of Expenditure have though been closed as resolved, but no resolution of my justified pension revision for past over three years. I shall highly appreciate a justified solution please.
Unknown said…
sir im working in mes as mate ssk grade pay 1800/- since last 03 yrs in swc. and if i can apply the same post in my region,is there any choice to selection / joining as the same post..plz reply me sir ......
Unknown said…
I recruited directly as research asst scientific in scale of pay 1640 2900 joined on 9june 1988.I joined on deputatio in same grade in other central govt dept.susequently I was given proforma promotion in parent deptt.wherre I did not join .furthur I was absorbed in the dept where I honed on reputation in scale of pay of 42oo grade pay.I was given 1st ack on 9 6 woo in 5400 he pay and 2nd macp on 2002 .whether it is correct and well in order or if something wrong .what should be the consequence
Unknown said…
hi sir, my name is ramu working in India Meteorological Department, Joined in nov-2007 as MTS after 7years i got promotion through limited Departmental Exam in 4200 GP.
My question is when i get MACP ?

Thanking you sir
Unknown said…
Stenographer Grade-D with GP 2400 got his first MACP on completion of 10 years service. After two years he got Non Function Selection Grade Pay of Rs.4200 under 30% of strength. On completion of 20 years of service whether he got MACP or Not. Or he will be considered for third MACP only after completion of 30 years of service.
Unknown said…
Sir, myself joined as Astt. Teacher in M.C.D. on 01/01/199in Grade Pay of 4200 as per 6th Pay Commission. On 19/12/1996 after Promotion to the Post of T.G.T joined D.O.E. NCT DELHI in Grade Pay of 4600. As per MACP Rule after completion of 10 Years in same Grade Pay on 19/12/2006, got financial up gradation in Grade Pay of 4800 on 01/09/2008 i.e. on date of implantation of MACP Rules as per 6th CPC. When I shall granted my next MACP i.e. for Grade Pay of 5400 NARENDER SINGH
Unknown said…
I was direct recurit LDC in Planning Commissioner and joined on 29.10.2002. On the basis of fresh SSC examination I got selected to the post of Assistant and joined MHA on 03.02.2006 after technical resignation from the previous post of LDC in planning commission. I could find any promotion while I was LDC since 29.10.2010 to the date of joining as Assistant on 03.02.2006. Can I be eligible for my first MACP to the grade pay of Rs. 4800/- w.e.f.29.10.2012.

Satyendra Kumar.
Unknown said…
I Think, You will got 2nd MACP after 10 years from date of NFSG.

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