List of Unit Run Canteens under CSD

List of Unit Run Canteens under CSD

The below information was given by the Minister of Defence Shri.A.K.Antony in a written reply in Rajaya Sabha regarding the subject of URC in the entire nation as follows...

There are approximately 3730 Unit Run Canteens (URCs) in different States registered with Canteen Stores Department (CSD). Details of the URCs set up in different states is annexed as Appendix.

The URCs are run under the arrangement of the units/formations of Defence Services. They procure items from CSD to sell them to service personnel with a moderate profit.

In the Performance Audit of CSD conducted by C&AG, a recommendation has been made that the URCs should be regarded as retail outlets, integral to CSD. The report of C&AG is under examination of PAC.


List of Unit Run Canteens (URCs) set up in various States:

Sl. No. State Number of URCs
1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands 25
2. Andhra Pradesh 129
3. Arunachal Pradesh 95
4. Assam 210
5. Bihar 19
6. Chandigarh 27
7. Chhattisgarh 03
8. Delhi 127
9. Goa 10
10. Gujarat 75
11. Haryana 141
12. Himachal Pradesh 82
13. Jammu & Kashmir 673
14. Jharkhand 33
15. Karnataka 72
16. Kerala 31
17. Madhya Pradesh 118
18. Maharashtra 224
19. Manipur 51
20. Meghalaya 29
21. Mizoram 07
22. Nagaland 60
23. Orissa 22
24. Punjab 389
25. Rajasthan 287
26. Sikkim 44
27. Tamil Nadu 78
28. Tripura 20
29. Uttar Pradesh 317
30. Uttrakhand 151
31. West Bengal 181
Total 3730

Note: The number of URCs is a dynamic one. Over a period of time, many URCs get disbanded, merged or become inactive. The number of URCs (3730) as given above are the active URCs, presently drawing stores from 34 CSD Area Depot.


Who Am I ? said…
MoD GOI must come out clean on the issue. There are URCs selling CSD goods and there are URCs selling non-CSD goods. URCs are being run by regular Military Units and by the non-Regular Military Units. Each one of the URCs selling CSD goods as well as liquors are the ones being run by Regular Military Units and those URCs which are registered by the General Manager CSD Adelphi Mumbai to sell CSD goods ( Grocery only)are the Non-Regular Military Establishments namely CDA , CSD, DRDO, DGQA.Each one of them is occupying defence accomodation or accommodations on A1 def lands privately funded. Saint Antoni must come clean and take stern view of the Loot & Scoot going on and on in the name of welfare to the troops.
Anonymous said…
Can the subsidy on CSD goods be given to the soldiers and veterans on Aadhar Cards. If done it may save a huge portion of tax payers money. A point worth pondering...

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