Severe steps taken to prevent black marketing of train tickets


The below information was presented by the Minister of Railways Shri.Mukul Roy in a written reply to the questions asked about the 'Black marketing of train tickets' in Lok Sabha on 9.8.2012.

During peak rush periods/festival seasons, when demand outstrips supply, some cases of cornering/black marketing of railways tickets by touts and cases of connivance with railway officials come to notice at the time of surprise inspections and preventive checks conducted at reservation offices. Zone-wise details of the number of cases of touts apprehended/prosecuted/punitive action taken and the number of Railway staff found involved in black marketing of railway tickets against whom action has been taken under the Discipline and Appeal Rules during the year - 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 ( upto June, 2012 ) are appended in Appendix - I and II. The details of authorised agents/sub-agents found involved in irregularities during this period and the action taken against them is appended in Appendix-III. 

With a view to increasing transparency in the booking of reserved tickets including Tatkal tickets, the following steps have been taken:- 

i.The timing of opening of reservation of Tatkal tickets has been changed to 1000 hours on the previous day of journey instead of 0800 hours as per earlier provision in order to reduce the scope of cornering of tickets by touts and also to balance the load on the computerised Passenger Reservation System (PRS) as well as on internet. 

ii. With effect from 15.02.2012 it has been prescribed that any one of the passenger booked on a ticket for travelling in Air-conditioned classes (except-3 Economy) has to produce any one of the nine prescribed proofs of identity in the train, failing which all the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket. 

iii. Tatkal tickets are issued only on production of a self attested photocopy of one of the 9 prescribed proofs of identity mentioned in the scheme and carrying the same proof of identity during the journey is mandatory. 

iv.No refund is granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets except special circumstances like late running of train by more than three hours, cancellation of trains, etc. 

v.Duplicate Tatkal tickets are not issued except on payment of full fare. 

vi.Access to Tatkal bookings has been denied to agents both through internet as well as across the computerized PRS counters between 1000 hrs & 1200 hours. 

vii.Closed Circuit Television equipments have been installed at some major passenger reservation system (PRS) Centres to keep a watch on the activities of Reservation Counters. 

viii.A maximum of four passengers are permitted per PNR on Tatkal tickets. 

ix.In addition, IRCTC has taken several steps to ensure improved access to the e-ticketing system for bonafide passengers and to prevent misuse of the system by unscrupulous elements. The major steps taken by IRCTC include the following :- 

a) Introduction of Captcha to check fraudulent booking through automation software. 

b) Agents of IRCTC are not permitted to book Tatkal, ARP opening as well as normal tickets between 0800 hours and 1200 hours. 

c) booking of only two tickets per IP address between 1000 hours and 1200 hours to avoid multiple booking from the same office/internet cafe. 

d) Quick Book option and booking on cash card have been disallowed between 1000 hours and 1200 hours, and 

e) Booking of only two tickets between 1000 hours and 1200 hours has been permitted for individual users, subject to a total of 10 tickets per month per individual user ID. 

To curb the activities of touts, preventive checks are conducted in and around reservation offices as well as in trains against persons travelling on transferred tickets, in association with Commercial Vigilance and Security Departments. Besides, monitoring and surveillance of the working of reservation offices is also undertaken to curb the possible activities of touts. Travelling public are also educated about the consequences of buying tickets from touts through various media. Moreover, railway staff, if found indulging in malpractices in connivance with touts, are taken up under the Discipline and Appeal Rules. To ensure increased availability of accommodation to passengers, composition of existing trains is augmented and a large number of special trains are run to cater to peak demand particularly during summer season. 


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