Retirement Age 62 : Enhancement of superannuation retirement age of KV teachers

Retirement Age 62 : Enhancement of superannuation retirement age of KV teachers

Enhancement of superannuation retirement age of KV teachers to be at par with retirement age of University teachers : – The subject has been taken as a discussion point in the JCM meeting of KVS held on 25.7.2012 at New Delhi. The point has been raised by the AIKVTA, the superannuation age of University teachers has been enhanced to 65 years and that of the teachers working under NCT Delhi Administration have been enhanced to 62 years. The demand for enhanced superannuation age of KV teachers was approved by the KVS BOG albeit alongwith such proposal for employees of KVS as a whole, MHRD did not approve the proposal forwarded by KVS. Thus KVS tricked the KV teachers by forwarding the approval of BOG for enhancement of superannuation age of all employees of KVS (not specifically for KV teachers) which has no precedence for age enhancement in any other department under GOI. 

KVs are struggling for filling the vacancies of teachers and quality teachers with vast experience may immensely benefit KV students simultaneously as KVS may gain financially if good numbers of teachers who are due for retirement in coming two 
years are retained. Retirement age of KV teachers should be enhanced to 65 years as has been done for University teachers.

Comments of the KVS : The matter pertaining to enhancement of retirement age of KVS teaching and Non-teaching category of employees from 60 to 62 years was placed before the Board of Governors.KVS in its 82 meeting held on 19.02.2009. Thereafter, KVS 
vide its letter dated 21.04.2009 mooted a proposal to the MHRD to consider the enhancement of retirement age of the employees of KVS from 60 to 62 years. The MHRD after examining of the proposal of KVS, vide their letter dated 27-05- 2009 has communicated that there is no need to introduce any variations in retirement age between KVS employees and Central Govt employees.

As regards, the claim of the association of stated enhancement of retirement age of NCT of Delhi teachers from 60 to 62 years, from the papers submitted by the association it may be ascertained that the NCT of Delhi has reportedly permitted the re-employment of teachers upto the age of 62 years. The association thus, may submit the fully convincing supporting documents in favour of their claim of enhancement of retirement age of teachers under NCT of Delhi and other similar organizations. KVS would take up the matter with the Governing Ministry soon after JCM.

Decision / Recommendation : After detailed deliberation on the matter from both sides the Chairperson decided that no parity can be held between the University teachers and KV teachers as well. Also it cannot be compared with other State Government teaching employees. Hence the demand of association does not appear to be acceptable.


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