JCM Meeting of KVS : Introduction of 5 days week in KVS

JCM Meeting of KVS : Introduction of 5 days week in KVS

Introduction of 5 days week in KVS : An important discussion has been held in the JCM meeting of KVS, which was held on 25-07-2012 at New Delhi. The demand was submitted by the AIKVTA and it has been taken for the discussion in the JCM meeting. The point explained as "5 days week should also be implemented in KVs which may give space for students to pursue self learning as per their aptitude and interest Keeping them bound to school routine six days a week is determined to their natural growth of talent in various fields. While Western system of Education is quoted and applauded in ways, this important aspect of giving autonomy to students to pursue their hobbies and interests away from Vidyalaya binding is overlooked. In the interest of over burdened KV teachers also 5 day week should be introduced in Vidyalayas as has been in force for KVS HQ and Regional Offices" and KEVINTSA has also pointed out the same as "Five days week to be observed for all the non-teaching staff working in KVS at par with their counterparts working in KVS, ROs, KVS, ZIETs and HQ” in the meeting.

Comments of KVS : The proposal for introduction 5 days week on KVs was discussed in KVS Academic Advisory Committee in detail. The Committee did not approve the proposal, keeping in view the Right to Education Act-2009 which stipulates additional working hours for the teachers. As such five days week was not found suitable at this moment.

Decision / Recommendation : In view of implementation of RTE 2009 is The not possible at present. However, the matter regarding working hours is already sub-judice. The President, AIKVTA informed that there are so many other institutions who are observing 05 days week. The Chairperson, JCM directed him to submit the details with supporting documents of such institutions who are imparting the school education, observing 05 days week as in the matter of teaching staff. 


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