JCM Functioning raised in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting on 17th July 2012

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JCM Functioning raised in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting on 17th July 2012

We have already placed a gist of discussions and decision of the 4th National anomaly Committee meeting held today on agenda items that came up for consideration.  The Staff Side of the National Council met on 16th.  The issue of the non functioning of the JCM at the Departmental level and the ineffectiveness of the council meetings wherever it meets were the subject matter of serious discussions at the Staff Side.  The last meeting of the National Council was held in 2010.  The non acceptance of the arbitration awards, the inordinate delay in taking final view of items introduced as agenda by the official side and the non issuance of orders on agreed items, the refusal to record disagreement and refusal to refer the issue to arbitration etc. were raised by the members of the Staff Side.  It was therefore, decided that this issue should be taken up seriously by the leader and Secretary in their initial remark at the NAC meeting and should elicit concrete response from the official side.

Accordingly the Leader, Com. Raghaviah and Com. Umraomal Purohit, Leader and Secretary, Staff Side in their opening remakrs made a strong presentation of this issue and conveyed the growing resentment of the employees.  Both the Secretary General and President supplemented this presentation with further information and conveyed to the official side that while the non functioning of the Departmental Councils were restricted to a few Ministries in the past, as at present, it has been spread to almost all Ministries barring Railways, Defence and to a small extent to the Postal Department.

The Chairman, while responding to this complaint said that he would elicit the information  from all Ministries/Departments as to when the last meeting of the Council was held, whether the Anomaly Committee had been constituted and if so what was the stage at which its deliberations are and monitor its functioning effectively and take up the grievance expressed by the staff in this regard with the highest authority in the Government to ensure that the machinery is brought to effective functioning system.

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