Confederation Secretary General K.K.N. Kutty published the gist of discussions of National Anomaly Committee on its blog today... 

The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January 2012, decisions and discussions are given hereunder...



The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January, 2012.  All the items could not be discussed on that day.  The meeting was postponed and the same was held today on 17th July, 2012.  The gist of discussions and decisions are given hereunder.

Item No.1. Pay band of the merged pay scales: The demand to reconstruct the pay band in respect of merged pay scales (S8 to S10) by multiplying the minimum of the highest pay scales (6500-10,500) with 1.86 by virtue of which the pay band will commence with Rs. 12100 instead of 9300 is not agreed and as per the scheme disagreement has been recorded.

Item No.2. Extending the date for exercise of option:  Extending the date for exercise of option to come to the new pay scale as also to the next increment date on promotion was discussed at length.  While the official side will agree to reopen the promotional cases where such change of option becomes necessary on account of an unforeseen event, the question of extending the date in general will have to be examined.  The case of necessity to change the option once exercised in view of the recent order on increment was raised by the Staff Side. The Official side agreed to issue a clarificatory order.

Item No. 3. Special allowance and qualification pay: Order has been issued in respect of Auditors. In respect of SAS passed hands necessary orders will be issued shortly.

Item No.4. Fixation of pay of Promotees at the level of entry  pay of Direct recruitees: The official side agreed to consider grant of entry pay in all such cases, wherever the RR provides for direct recruitment.

Item No.5. Date of next increment:  Orders have already been issued. Item is treated as settled.

Item No. 6. Grant of minimum pay of Rs. 5200 +1800 to temporary status employees:  Orders issued.

Item No. 7. Grant of revised allowance with effect from 1.1.2006:  The item has been withdrawn after discussion.

Item No. 8. Transport allowance:  The revision of transport allowance was not agreed upon.  However, taking a percentage of the TA representing the CCA submerged for the purpose of OTA and grant of a portion of the TA in respect of persons on tour for more than one month at a stretch will be considered.

Item No. 9.  Doubling the Existing risk and patient care allowance:  The matter has been submitted to the Cabinet for its approval and orders are likely to be issued shortly. The Staff side raised the issue of doubling the daily allowance on tour. The Official side agreed to examine this matter also.

Item No. 10. Parity in Pension to pre 2006 retirees:  The matter is sub-judice. Therefore it could not be discussed.

Item No.11. Commutation of pension: The difference in the application of commutation table between the pre-2008 and post 2008 retirees was discussed.  It has been agreed that the difference would be quantified with reference to certain cases as an example.  If it has no huge financial implication on the post 2008 retirees, the Govt. may consider the acceptance of the demand of the Staff. 

Restoration of commuted value of pension after 12 years instead of 15years would be considered in the light of the Supreme Court judgement of 1996, a copy of which would be made available to the Staff Side.

Item No.12. Grant of Rs.  5400/- to the Assistant Accounts and Audit Officers: To be discussed with the JS(per)/JS(E) separately. The date of the meeting will be fixed soon.

Item No.13. Revision base index for DA: The Staff Side will be provided with the computation made by the 6th CPC in the matter and on the basis of the same the issue will be discussed further.

Item No.14. Child Care leave: Orders issued. Item treated as settled.

Item No.15. Income criterion for dependency of parents:  The item is dropped after discussion.

Item No. 16. Revision of Grade Pay fixation: After discussion, the item has been dropped.

Item No. 17. Reconstruction of Pay bands: dropped.

Item No. 18. Fixation of pay on promotion to the post carrying same grade pay and PB:  Agreed to grant one increment to the holders of post with higher pre-revised pay scale.

Item No. 19. All MACP items: will be discussed further in the subcommittee on 27th July, 2012.

Item No.20. Anomaly in the grade pay of Library information Assistants: The official side will consider the  issue in consultation with the Ministry of Culture and take appropriate decision before the next meeting.

Item No.21. Anomaly in pension of those in receipt of stagnation increments in the pre revised scales of pay: The inclusion of stagnation increment for the purpose of fixation of pay in respect of the persons retired between 2006 and 2008, if not done, will be examined and suitable orders issued.

Item No.22. Anomaly in the pay scales of Stenographers of field offices with reference to Central Secretariat:  It was pointed out that Senior PS in the field offices were on identical pay scale of PPS  of the Central Secretariat and therefore, they must be granted grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB3.   They have agreed to grant Grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB.2 applicable to the field offices if not already done.  In respect of parity with Central Sectt, the proposal of Railway Board will be expeditiously examined by the Finance Ministry and suitable orders issued.

Item No.23.Date of Annual increment in EOL cases: Orders were issued earlier and the matter is treated as settled. The Staff Side raised the issue of denial of encashment of earned leave and half pay leave for industrial employees.  The official side agreed to issue clarificatory orders in the matter.
Item No. 24. Parity of PB and Grade pay for Official language personnel with the Central Sectt:  The official side said that orders have already been issued.  Wherever, the same is not implemented or different decision taken, the same may be brought to the notice of the Department of Expenditure for appropriate decision.  

The proposal sent by the Railway Board will be considered separately.        

With greetings, 
Yours fraternally, 
K.K.N. Kutty 
Secretary General.


raju said…
Once again no issue regarding lower staff of government has been discussed,Kaun kahta hai ke Begar khatam ho gayi.
Anonymous said…
LDC ka grade pay = 1900/- se 2400/-
UDC ka grade pay = 2400/- se 2800/- dena jaruri hai. Nehi to All Central Govt. LDC & UDC Employees ko ak hopta strick karna jaruri hai.
Dilip Kumar, VCRC, Koraput said…
CAT order for enhancing the GP of the Technicians having qualification of B.Sc. plus DMLT, implemented by the Honourable DG of Ordance factories from 01/01/2006 is highly appreciable. I hope all the Central Government ministries where the Technicians (Laboratory) are working with B.Sc. plus DMLT degree on or before this implementation date i.e. 01/01/2006 should implement this with immediate effect, so that further anomaly in pay structure after implementation of 7th CPC can be avoided.

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