Completion Certificate from CMDA for CGEWHO’s Chennai (Phase-II) Housing Scheme

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Date 28/05/2012.

The beneficiaries of Chennai (Phase-II) Housing Scheme.

Subject: Completion Certificate from CMDA for CGEWHO’s Chennai (Phase-II) Housing Scheme : reg.


Kindly be informed that Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has finally issued a partial ‘Completion Certificate’ vide CC No. EC/North/64/2012 dated 10/05/2012: holding 10 blocks i.e. A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-15 & B-16 in Kendriya Vihar-II, Chennai. We are following up for completion certificate of the balance blocks, as stated above with CMDA.

2. In view of the above development, CGEWHO will not further issue any possession letter of DU / FIat of the above blocks till a CC is obtained since it was clarified by the Secretary, Housing & Urban Development, Chennai, Govt. of Tamil Nadu in response to the Lok Sabha Question No.5225 that QUOTE ‘it is mandatory to have Completion Certificate before handing over possession to allottees of any housing project that was approved by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority' UNQUOTE.

3. In this regard, web-published sheet is enclosed for your ready reference and kindly bear with us for few weeks till a full completion certificate is obtained from the CMDA. Inconvenience caused for this act is deeply regretted.

Revision of allotment of Car Parking(s)
Instead of 485
, the No. of Car Parking has been reduced to 452, after physical examination of manoeuvrability of vehicle in parking area under stilts. Accordingly, car parking numbers are being revised for each allottee. Most of beneficiaries are now accommodated under the same block except few. Since, withdrawal/cancellations are being accepted, parking(s) allotted in other blocks will be accommodated in his/her own block in future subject to availability. An intimation letter will be sent after allotment of revised Car Parking No(s) by post and will be web-published.

It is observed that beneficiaries are in correspondence with us in cancellation of car parking and expecting revised call-up letter. Since, allotment of a car parking is optional, beneficiary who are willing to cancel their allotment, are requested to remit the final payment after reduction of an amount of Rs.1,52,250/- (including AOA charges) from the final amount as communicated vide final call-up letter dated 16/01/2012 along with a request letter to cancel the CCP so that possession letter of the DU/Flat can be issued. It may please be noted that CGEWHO shall not be able to process the possession letter without a formal and unconditional withdrawal letter of car parking.
Last date of handing over Possession of DU/Flat & Defect Liability Period
A clarificatory letter has already been issued to all beneficiaries mentioning earliest date as 30/09/2012 or 30 days after obtaining electricity from TNEB.

As a special case, defect liability period will be commencing from date of obtaining electricity at site and shall continue for another one year. The date of start of DLP, for 27 blocks will be will be made effective from 15/05/2012 (the date of energizing these blocks from TNEB) to 14/05/2013. Accordingly, the defect liability period for the balance 10 blocks shall be determined to the date energizing of those blocks from TNEB.

Beneficiaries are in correspondence without making their final payments and remitting the necessary documents in the form of Annexure-I, II & III which are mandatory for the issue possession letter from this office. The original defects, if any, will be rectified repaired by CGEWHO before and after taking of their DU/FIat also during the defect liability period as stated above. At present, we are concentrating with the repairing works of the DU/Flat who have made their final payments and been issued possession letter to take over their respective unit.

Yours faithfully,

M K Maity

Deputy Director (Administration)

CGEWHO’s Chennai (Phase-II) Housing Scheme

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