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Pension Schemes for Old Age Persons

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

Pension Schemes for Old Age Persons

The Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pensions Scheme (IGNOAPS) is one of the components of National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP). Funds for NSAP are released as Additional Central Assistance by the Ministry of Finance to States and by Ministry of Home Affairs to Union Territories is combined manner for all the schemes under NSAP. Hence, no separate releases are made for IGNOAPS. As per Census 2001, female dependent senior citizens (60+) in urban areas constitute 44.8% of the total urban female senior citizens (60+) population whereas male dependent senior citizens (60+) in urban areas constitutes 23.7% of the total urban male senior citizens (60+) population. Expenditure under NSAP and number of beneficiaries reported by the States under IGNOAPS during the last five years are given as under:

Year Expenditure reported under NSAP
(Rs. In lakh)
Beneficiaries covered under IGNOAPS
2006-07 198049.94 8708837
2007-08 311098.71 11514026
2008-09 387531.16 15483836
2009-10 471883.22 16333578
2010-11 548059.54 17059756
Source: PIB


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