Expected PLB to Railway employees for the year 2010-11

Expected Productivity Linked Bonus to Railway employees for the year 2010-11

All India Railwaymen’s Federation General Secretary Mr.Shiv Gopal Mishra has insisted to Railway Board that PLB-bonus should be paid to the Railway Employees before “Pooja” festival and avoid last minute inconvenience.

In his letter he expressed that “time is running fast, but the orders for the payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to the Railwaymen, for the year 2010-11, have not yet been issued, though many a times formally and informally I have requested the Railway Board in this regard”.

He also requested that the payment of PLB should be made in Cash.

Updated news : "In quick response to AIRF's letter Dated:05.06.11 in respect of PLB, Railway Board has recommended, PLB of 78 days for the year 2010-2011, for approval of cabinet."

Source: www.cgstaffnews.com

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PANDU said…
why the bonus in terms of days when they are putting a ceiling of amount. instead of that they can say the max. amount or any other direct method so that other people or general public should not be misguided.
Anonymous said…
Why there is no demand from NFIR to increase the ceiling limit.

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