What is “Hierarchy”

What is “Hierarchy”
(What is the meaning of 'Hierarchy' in Central Government Employees' Dictionary?)

Generally we all know that the word 'Hierarchy' means 'an arrangement of items'. The same word plays an important role among the government employees. An employee who gets promoted from lower pay-scale to higher pay-scale as a result of promotion, the formation of pay structure is called 'Promotional Hierarchy'.

It is very normal that each and every central government employee is eager to get a promotion in his service. The advancement of an employee from one grade to another grade is called promotion. That pattern of pay structure for promotion, which gives one grade to another grade with pay range is called 'Promotional Hierarchy'.

In every central government departments, various staff are working together, but their pay differs. Promotion is provided on the basis of their own promotional hierarchy of category of post. Hierarchy is not common for all employees. It maintained 'Basic Pay Structure' for every category of post in every departments. Even though, the same category of employees working in different departments, they may have also different promotional hierarchy.

Initially in 2008, 6th CPC had recommended the new Grade Pay structure for all Central Government employees, this formation also called 'Hierarchy of Grade Pay'. This Grade Pay Hierarchy is common for all employees, but 'Promotional Hierarchy' will differ to each category. In 5th CPC, the order in pay structure was 3050, 3200, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6500.., but all the employees didn't get promotion in this order. Every department has different pattern of pay structure for promotion. This is known as 'Promotional Hierarchy'.

Erstwhile ACP Scheme was based on 'Promotional Hierarchy'.

The Modified ACP Scheme is based on 'Grade Pay Hierarchy'.

An employee getting promotion as per his 'Promotional Hierarchy', whereas an employee getting MACP upgradation as per 'Grade Pay Hierarchy'. The Grade Pay has created many anomalies within a single cadre. Hence, all the Trade Unions and Federations summarily rejected and insisted that grade pay of the next promotional post to be granted under the new MACP Scheme instead of granting next higher grade pay in the revised grade pay hierarchy. One more alternative also given by staff side in MACP Core meeting held on 25.2.2010 that the first two MACPs after 10 and 20 years should be to the next promotional post as per the hierarchy of respective department as under the erstwhile ACP scheme and thereafter the third MACP in the next grade pay of the revised pay band and grade pay.

Finally, Dopt has ordered to send the necessary information in respect of specific categories of employees where the MACPs is less advantageous that the erstwhile ACPS. It is based on the discussion with the Staff Side in 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee of MACP Scheme held on 15.03.2011. It identified more in some departments like Railways, Defence, Urban development, Home affairs and Postal.

We have tabled here for your information, hierarchy of some different category of post in various departments...

Group- C cadres existing in the Postal :-
Grade Grade Pay
MTS Rs.1800
Sorter Rs. 1800 (Defunct Cadre)
LDC Rs. 1900
Junior Accountant Rs. 2800
Senior Accountant Rs. 4200
Asst. Accounts Officer Rs. 4800 (Gr.B)

The present cadre of Technician in Ordnance is as under :-
Grade Pre-revised Scale Grade Pay
Technician Skilled Grade 3050 - 4590 1900
Technician Highly Skilled Grade 4000 – 6000 2400
Technician MCM Grade 4500 – 7000 2800

The present cadre of Technician in Railways is as under :-
Grade Pre-revised Scale Grade Pay
Technician Skilled Grade 3050 - 4590 1900
Technician Grade-I 4000 – 6000 2400
Technician Grade-II 4500 – 6000 2800
Technician MCM Grade 5000 – 8000 4200

The present Fire Fighting Staff Cadre structure is as under :-
Grade Pre-revised Scale Grade Pay
Firemen 3050 - 4590 1900
Leading Firemen 3200 – 4900 2000
Station Officer 4500 - 7000 2800
Asstt. Divisional Fire Officer 5000 – 8000 4200
Deputy Divisional Fire Officer 7450 - 11500 4600

The present Clerical grades in Ordnance is as under :-
Grade Pre-revised Scale Grade Pay
Lower Divisional Clerk 3050 - 4590 1900
Upper Divisional Clerk 4000 – 6000 2400
Office Superintendents 5000 – 8000 4200

Pay structure
Central Secretariat Central Secretariat Stenographer service - pay structure of various levels:
Grade Pay Band Pay Range Grade Pay
Stenographer Grade ‘D’ PB-I 5,200-20,200 2,400
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ PB-2 9,300-34,800 4,200
Private Secretary Group ‘B’ PB-2 9,300-34,800 4,200
Private Secretary Group ‘B’ Gazetted after 4 years
continuous service PB-3
15,600-39,100 5,400
Principal Private Secretary PB-3 15,600-39,100 6,600
Sr. Principal Private Secretary PB-3 15,600-39,100 7,600

Entry level Grade D 4000-6000 Gr.D/III 4000-6000
Next promotion Grade C/PA 6500-10500 Gr.II 5000-8000
Next promotion PS 6500-10500 Gr.I 5500-8000
Next promotion PS 8000-13500 NIL NIL
Next promotion PPS 10000-15200 PS/Reporter(M) 6500-10500
Next promotion Sr.PPS 12000-16500 NIL NIL


mukut said…
I joined a subordinate office of Deptt. under DoPT. The comparison of loss are as follows:-
As per 5th CPC:-
Initial joining at Rs.4000/-
ACP after 12 years Rs.5500/-
ACP after 24 years Rs.6500/-
The pay scale will be Rs.6500/- after 24 years which is corresponding GP of Rs.4600/- as per 6th CPC.

As per 6th CPC
Initial joining at GP Rs.2400/-
MACP after 10 years Rs.2800/-
MACP after 20 years Rs.4200/-
The GP will be Rs.4200/- after 30 years of service whereas as per 5th CPC it should be Rs.4600/-.
What a joke!
Engr. RAJESH said…
What about Employees in Engineering Cadre?

I had joined as junior engineer in year 1992 & due for 2nd macp ( eqivalent to the post of Executive Engineer)in feb 2012

My Grade pay after 20 years would be 4800 as per 6pc which would have been 6600 if the 5pc guidelines are followed
Sekhar Roy said…
Is there any order of DOPT to make promotional hierarchy instead of grade pay hierarchy to remove anomaly. Is there any minutes of June 1, 2011 meeting of Joint Committee of MACP and follow up action thereon?
Sekhar Roy
Anil said…
Sir an employye who presently working on Rs 4600/- grade pay after completion of 10 years of regular service as per MACP hirerchy he should move to grade pay of Rs 4800/- which is less beneficial. Is there any provision to get promotion hirerchy for that cadre.
Anonymous said…
I was given 3rd upgradation under MACP on 22 Dec 2009 i.e. at a point of time while i was in the grade pay of 5400 in the cadre of Audit Officerin IA&AD . But on upgradation , my grade pay was not uograded to 66oo in the hierarchy of grade pay . what is the remedy for me? Can any friend update me?
V.Raj said…
One person who is junior to me as on 01.01.2006, has been given promotion ahead of me on 08.03.2008 based on roster point. Is there any specific order from the DOPT or MoRailways regarding giving promotion after implementation of 6th PC?
Anonymous said…
I used to be in 5500-9000 scale which has now become GP-4200.
As per 5 CPC-ACP after 12 Yrs I could have got 6500-10500 and after 24 yrs I could have got 10000-14500 scale.(Class-I scale)
but unfortunately as per 6 CPC after 10 yrs I will get only GP-4600 and after 20 yrs GP-4800/- (class II scale). How injustice.....do somthing friends
Anonymous said…
Thakur HR said…
To remove anomaly in the implementation of MACP scheme and to extend the benefit of it fairly to the effected employees, the best course would have been to provide it on a Promotional hierarchy rather than on Grady Pay hierarchy basis as is being done presently.
Anonymous said…
To remove anomaly in the implementation of MACP scheme, the best course would have been to provide it on a Promotional hierarchy rather than on Grady Pay hierarchy basis as is being done presently. I am Assistant Publicity Officer in Sashastra Seema Bal, Ministry of Home Affairs loosing benefit of ACP because of the implimentation of MACP, Iam in the grade pay of 4800/- whereas my collegues are in the grade pay of 6600/-, after 14yrs of service what I got ? Only humiliation due to MACP. Decision makers at DOPT please listen and feel our pain, Do justice with us, else we will be ruined. Do something friend.
i was appointed at department of post in MMS as a Gr. D (Test Category) on July 1981 and got a promotion before 16 years completion of regular service through departmental competitive examination as Gr. C in February 1997 after that in July 2005 I got ACP-I which basic pay is Rs.4000-100-6000 which Grade pay 2400/-.
Here mention I got another promotion through departmental competitive examination which basic pay Rs.4500-125-7000(Pre revised scale)with grade pay Rs. 2800/-.
Now I want to know am I get the 3rd MACP after completion 30 years continues service?
sabapathy said…
I joined as secondary grade teacher( pst) on 6.9.1974. I was granted senior scale on 6.9.68. I got promotion on 29.6.1992 as school asst ( trained graduate teacher). grade II. on 27.8. 2002 i got promotion as post graduate teacher. am i eligible for third Macp?

This is a critical injustice for Non Secretariat Stenographers. Even after completion of 30 years of service, one can get meager benefit of difference of Rs.200 in the Grade Pay from Rs.4600 to Rs.4800. There should be a provision for Non Secretariate Stenographers that after completion of 4 years continues service as Stenographer Grade.III, he or she should be entitled for the Grade Pay of Rs.5400 or otherwise their future is quite blank...................
Vijay. Education said…
I have joined Govt. as LDC in Octoboer 1998 in the pay scale of 3050-4590. After 6th pay commission Till Oct 2008 grade pay of Rs1900/- was drawn and now I am drawing GP of Rs.2000/-. If ACP, as per recommendation of 5th pay commission, was inforce, I could draw Rs.2400/- w.e.f. Oct.2010. It is strognly recommended that MACP must be in Promotional hierarchy rather than on Grady Pay hierarchy.
Anonymous said…
I have joined 0n 1989 as Jr. clerk but subsequently posted as Sr. clerk on 20.06.1990 hrough 131/3% quota i.e. LDCE/GDCE whic was copnducted by RRB. Please clarify whehetheer my MACP will be counted from 1990 or 1989. Now I am in grade pay of Rs. 4200.
I have joined in AIR/Doordarshan on 17-9-1987 as LDC and got regular promotion on sinority-cum-fitness basis in 1994. On introduction of 6th CPC i am given MACP in next higher grade pay i.e. of 2800/- whereas in earlier cases those who were UDCs before 1-9-2008
and completed 20 years got the benefit of Grade Pay of rs. 4200/-. Great anamoly in my case
Anonymous said…
Is it not surprising that , inspite of clear cut differences in terms of financial loss to lower level CG employees , as has been expressed by individual employees of various departments as well as by all the Trade Unions and Federations , summarily rejecting and insisting for grade pay of the next promotional post to be granted under the new MACP Scheme instead of granting next higher grade pay in the revised grade pay hierarchy, the very powerful DOPT is not at all responding to the matter even after passage of more than 03 years now .
Probably , they need strong direction from Judiciary to apply their mind on the issue .
r k manna said…
I have joined as a direct recruitment senior chargeman (AWS)under NASO of INDIAN NAVY on 15th july 1996 as per pay scale of Vth CPC recommendation of basic pay 5500/- & qualified DQE for FOREMAN(AWS)on 1998 (basic pay of Assistant foreman (AWS)was 6500/-).Since our DEPT.has not given the promotional effect at right time, though there are lot of vacancies are still pending (as per Vth cpc recommendation the ratio will be as follows:- Foreman: Assistant Foreman :chargeman-I:chargemanII 15:25:25:35
It is brought to DOPT's kind attention that following anomalies has been created by our DEPT.:-
a) not given the promotion at right time to implement the above ratio
b) not follow the HON.Mumbai High Court order & HON. CAT,Mumbai order to implement the Vth CPC recommendation
c) after completion of 15 years long service I have given the MACP of next grade pay Hirerchy from 4200/- to 4600/-,which is violating the Promotional hirerchy of previous ACP scheme.
d)due to VIth CPC recommendation i have loss a huge monetary loss as well as promotional right [fundamental right 22(a)(i)]
e)in our DEPT. MCM cadre which are consider as a industrial cadre,they got the same grade pay of 4200/- though I am the direct recruited Technical Supervisory Staff.
f)as per VIth CPC recommendation our pay structure has been decreased as because 5000/- & 5500/- pay scale merged,due to that I have not uplifted to pay scale 6500/- of Assistant foreman(AWS)i.e promotional hirerchy.That means after completion of 12 year i.e 1st ACP will be consider 0n 15th july 2008 to get the basic pay to be consider as 6500/-,and if it is consider then my grade pay will be given as 4800/-.
therefore, i request to DOPT to resolve the matter at the earliest to protect my fundamental right to get the proper promotional hirerchy & proper pay structure.
Anonymous said…
The anomaly of MACP has not been rectified. The concept of introduction of MACP has been totally defeated. Only persons who have not got any promotion will be given the benefit of MACP i.e 10th, 20th and 30th years. he is given a benefit. Another point is if a person gets 1st promotion in the 5th year then 2nd MACP is given in the 15th year and 3rd given in the 25th year as per illustrations. But DOPT has not understood the scheme they have framed and taken away the benefit by introducing the cut off date of 1/9/2008 from which they have started calculating. This is total gimmick. e.g. 1987 entry 1991 1st MACP then 2nd should be in 2001 and 3rd in 2011, but the third is given only in 2017, who has interpreted it so beautifully we don't know. Then grade pay in the organisation is 2800,4200,4800,5400. But 4600 has been introduced because of grade pay heirarchy. For 3rd MACP i.e. after 30 years a person gets a great benefit of Rs.200 for having been without any promotion throughout his service, really a great way to motivate the staff.
Anonymous said…
I just guess that feel of humiliation could be because u joined as APO , which could probably be group B gazetted post in previous pay scale of 6500-200-10500 with next hierarchy of 10000( wd revised pay grade of 6600). If I am right, then dear your actual problem is not with MACP rather the same is with fixation of your salary as per Pay Commission recommendation , all group B gazette post with historical parity with CSS , where also next scale is GP 6600 , need to be fixed in grade pay 4800 and after 4 yr grade pay 5400. then automatically u will be in 6600 grade pay upon implementation of MACP. Thus my advise to represent your pay fixation as per special recommendation made by VI Pay commission for CSS which surely include your organization too under head "etc.". Kindly go thru the recommendation

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