Rates of allowances will be enhanced by 25% w.e.f.01.01.2011

Revision of rates of allowances

Government of India, Ministry of Defence (Finance)

Revision of rates of allowances :-
Consequent upon revision of rates of DA, w.e.f. 01 Jan 11, to 51%, the rates of the following Allowances / Grants will be enhanced by 25% as mentioned at extant orders on the subject.

Srl No
Srl No.
1 Flying Allowance 2 Special Force Allowance
3 Siachen Allowance 4 Diving Allowance
5 Dip Money 6 Free Fall Jump Instr Allowance
7 Project Allowance 8 Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance
9 Para Allowance 10 Para Reserve Allowance
11 Para Jump Instr Allowance 12 Counter Insurgency Operations Allowance
13 Field Area Allowance (HAFA, CFAA, CMFA) 14 High Altitude Allowance
15 Instructional Allowance 16 Officiating Hospitality Grant
17 Initial Outfit Allowance for Regular Officers 18 Initial Outfit Allowance for MNS Officers
19 Renewal Outfit Allowance for Regular Officers 20 Renewal Outfit Allowance for MNS Officers
21 Distinctive Uniform Allowance for  MNS Officers 22 Kit Maintenance Allowance for Regular Officers
23 Kit Maintenance Allowance for  MNS Officers 24 Post Graduate Allowance
25 Qualification Grant 26 JAG Dept Exam Reward
27 SCA (Remote Locality) 28 Specialist Allowance
29 Technical Allowance 30 Qualification Pay for Flying qualification
31 Test Pilot & Flight Test  Engr Allowance 32 CEA for normal children
33 Hostel Subsidy for normal children 34 CEA for Disabled children
35 Special Allowance for child care 36 Hazard Pay
37* Language Allowance / Award

* allowance / award not being admitted as sanction beyond 31st March 97 not yet received.      

However, revision of rates, in the absence of specific orders regarding following allowances, if DA goes up by 50%, will not be carried out :-
Srl No Allowances Srl No Allowance
1 Transport Allowance 2 Special Security Allowance
3 NTRO 4 Strategic Forces Allowance
5 House Rent Allowance 6 Deputation Duty Allowance
7 Hard Area Allowance 8 Island Special Duty Allowance
9 NSG 10 Training Allowance


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