One more Historical Victory for All India Railwaymen’s Federation…





Payment of Overtime Allowance to the Railwaymen for the period from January 2006 to 31st August. 2008 was being demanded by AIRF for payment without any delay. In the meantime meeting of Departmental Council/JCM was fixed for 4th and 5th May, 2011.

In accordance with our pre determined policy, we had already intimated that we want payment of Overtime Allowance orders from Railway Board before this JCM meeting. Even after that meeting on May 4th was Conducted in the absence of Member Staff and once more we clarified that Overtime Allowance, is not aims that Government would give at Its own but a well deserved hard earned wages of employees and has to be given.

We will attend meetings only after these payments otherwise, we will boycott the meeting. On 5th of May when Member Staff expressed his inability to Issue orders of Overtime allowance on the same day, we decided not to attend JCM any more and remained out and told MS that meeting will be attended by us after we receive a copy of Overtime Allowance orders.

Immediately we held Standing Committee meeting and resolved to hold demonstration and meetings at all GM’s, DRM’s Offices and in all the Production Units on 18.5.2011. It became a huge success with the participation of about 1 lac rail workers in the demonstration.

Railway Board were uneasy on our boycotting the JCM and on the other hand exceptional solidarity shown by Railwaymen on 18.5.2011 worked like magic and the same story Railway Board who would always pretend “To be the case under consideration, we are looking into, condition are not
well” etc. were forced to issue orders on the subject on 20th May, 2011.

This would benefit Railwaymen to the extent of a huge Rs.300 crores which Is heavily substantial. The credit for this goes to the aggressive style of union’s working which resulted in a win for Rail employees. Not only this, now the orders for calculating pensionery benefits @ 50% of last pay drawn for Railway workers retiring from Construction Organisatlons of Railways are also likely to be issued shortly.

Construction workers will get immensly benefited from this. Not only this, arrears to Running Staff, improved mileage allowance with 25% increase are the proposals that Railway Board would discuss in our next early meetings. Cadre restructuring along with recruitment of substitute has also started w.e.f. 20.5.2011. On 25.5.2011, committee has been formed for Running and Safety category employees. Member Staff also assured your federation to solve each and every issue after proper discussion.

The mute point is, why should Railway Board adapt dilly — dallying tactics every time. It is Railway Board which provides opportunities to us for waging struggles against them. In the coming week from 20th June to 24th June 2011, after boycotting the due meetings, and spearheading noisy movements against Railway Board and Finance ministry if we are able to repeat the history of our activities of 18th May 2011 once again, then I am very sure, not only Railway Board & Finance Ministry but also Govt. of India would heed to our demands.

We have to do this and exhibit our solidarity and unity. Remember the JPs great slogan — “No begging only struggle - greater Struggle now”.


(Shiva Gopal Mlshra)


Source : AIRF



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