Definition of "Actual Travelling Expenses"

Definition of "Actual Travelling Expenses"

Actual Travelling Expenses means the actual cost of transporting a Government Servant with his domestic servants and personal luggages, including charges for ferry and other tolls, if paid and for carriage of camp equipment, if such is necessary.

It does not include charges for accommodation in hotels and travellers' bungalows, or for refreshments, or for the carriage of stores or conveyances or for presents to drivers and the like; or any allowance for such incidental losses or expenses as the breakage of crockery, wear and tear of furniture, and the employment of additional domestic servants.

The terms "servants" define... 

1. Apprentice 
Apprentice means a person deputed for training in a training in a trade or business with a view to employment in railway service, who draws pay at monthly rates from Government during such training but is not employed in or against a substantive vacancy in the cadre of a department.

2. Audit Officer 
means such Audit Officer as the Comptroller and Auditor-General may be general or special order designate in such case

3. Camp equipage 
Camp equipage means the apparatus for moving a camp.

5. Camp equipment 
Camp equipment means tents and the requisites for pitching and furnishing them, or where tents are not carried, such articles of camp furniture as it may be necessary, in the interests of the public service, for a railway servant to take with him on tour. 

6. Competent Authority 
Competent Authority in relation to the exercise of any power under these rules, means the President or any authority to which such power is delegated in Appendix VI.

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