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Expected DA from July 2011

Dearness Allowance from July, 2011

After the implementation of Dearness allowance w.e.f January, 2011, all are looking for the next Dearness allowance which should be implemented from July, 2011. As per the 6th Central Pay Commission, all Central Government Employees get Increment from the month of July every year. But D.A is much emphasized than increment. The increment gives only 3% of Basic Pay, but D.A may be more than that and gives more monetary benefit than increment. So people awaiting the declaration of D.A than increment.

The financial website comes with the expectations and calculations of new Dearness Allowance, which would be implemented w.e.f July, 2011. This time The Government tried maximum to catch hold the inflation and the rate of inflation came down on February from the month of January, 2011 (188 to 185) and remain constant in March, 2011. The Consumer price index number of April, 2011 will be published on the end of May, 2011 and there may not be much increase. As per the present scenario the Dearness Allowance may be 55% and may be increased a little bit more.

But due to the recent increase of the price of petrol and the expected increase of the price of other petroleum products, the cost of almost all essential commodities may go up and the All India Consumer Price Index also may go up simultaneously. Then the possibility of Dearness allowance also may go up to 59% or may touch 60% which is very difficult predict right now.

We hope that the Government will try maximum to bring down the cost of living and consumer price index. The increase of cost of living gives a hard time for the people

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