Grant of Child Care Leave to widower Railway employee in the event of death of wife left behind two surviving children




No.AIRF/50                                                                                                                              Dated: April 18, 2011

The Secretary(E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi


Dear Sir,

Sub: Grant of Child Care Leave to widower Railway employee in the event of death of wife left behind two surviving children

       Railway Board vide letter No.E(P&A)I-2008/CPC/LE-8 dated 23.10.2008 have issued orders for grant of Child Care Leave to women employees having minor children for a maximum of two years(730 days) during their entire service for taking care of up to two children for rearing/looking after any of their need, like examination, sickness etc. During the period of such leave, women employees shall be paid leave salary equal to pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. Child Care Leave shall not be debited against leave account.

      A case has come to our notice where a Railway Servant who has not re-married after death of his wife, and therefore, he has to take care of his children up to the age of 18-22(as a normal and disabled) along with his normal duties,single handedly.

      It is felt that in case wife of an employee expires and he does not marry, Child Care Leave Care Leave may be extended to widower employee, looking into the condition of needy Child Care Leave up to his re-marriage. Such types of cases are very few and therefore can be considered with minimum cost to the exchequer.


Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary




Source: AIRF


Anonymous said…
I agree with the applicant. It is to be given for Male widower.
Anonymous said…
The Child Care Leave is understood to be essentially child-centric, rather than woman-centric, and as such, in true spirit such leave should also be granted to widower male government employees. CCL is a manifestation of a beneficial legislation which has been brought out with the aim of devolving the benefit upon the child.Therefore, in cases where the mother is deceased, the father should be the medium to enable the full benefit to accrue to the child. It may also be appreciated that leave granted to a father in such cases would ensure that a motherless child is not discriminated vis-a-vis a child with a living mother.

I am a relative of a serving Central Government Employee whose representation is under serious consideration presently with the DOPT for grant of CCL to him as a special case. Following the birth of his daughter in May 2004, his wife passed away at the hospital, leaving his only child to the care of his parents. They all live together, and his parents who are 80+ and 72+ years old respectively, are doing their very best in taking care of his daughter, now 8+ years old. While the aches and pains of old age have already caught up with his parents, his personal involvement with his daughter is becoming more and more demanding.As his parents are progressing further into their respective advanced ages, and as a single parent who is very sensitive to his girl-child's need for parental support, he is becoming all the more concerned about the challenges that he and his daughter have to meet in the years to come.

We are hopeful and confident that anytime soon the DOPT will come out with an order in favour of my relative and a few other similarly affected male widower government employees.
Anonymous said…
very much indeed. He is in trouble and the decision be made in his favour and for all such type of cases where a minor child needs care indiscriminately.. Our Govt should definitely come up with laws and policies for the needy.

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