Processing of papers related to retirement benefits of un-absorbed/absorbed BSNL employees

(A Government of Indian Enterprise)
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi–1.

No. 40-19/2010-Pen(B)

Dated : 01-12-2010

All Heads of Telecom Circles/Telecom District/
Other Administration Offices/
Telecom Stores/Telecom Factories.
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Sub: Processing of papers related to retirement benefits of un-absorbed/absorbed BSNL employees-regarding streamlining of procedure for early settlement of pensionary benefits.

This is in continuation this office letter of even number dated 19.8.2010 with regard to timely settlement of retirement benefits of un-absorbed/absorbed BSNL retirees. As you would be aware, the CCA offices in the field release pension orders and other retirement benefits after receipt of pension papers complete in all respects from concerned BSNL units. Needless to emphasize, if the pension papers are incomplete and or vigilance/disciplinary clearance not submitted, the issue of PPO and other final benefits get delayed in CCA office which causes great inconvenience to the pensioners.

2. It is requested that before the 1st of January of each year, a print out of all officials due for retirement in forthcoming year be taken out from HRMS system. This facility is available under the Staff module Reports Retirement Profile year wise. Each such official may be approached by administration for filling up his pension paper by giving appropriate set, well in time and the same be got submitted by the individual to Head of Office not later than eight months prior to the date of retirement.

3. The Head of office, not later than 6 months of the date of retirement of the BSNL absorbed & un-absorbed employee, should forward to A.O., Form 5 & 7 duly completed with a covering letter in Form 8 along with service book of the employee duly completed upto" date, and any other documents relied upon for the verification of service. He should also prepare the “Pension Calculation Sheet" in the prescribed Form in triplicate and forward it to Communication Accounts Officer of the concerned DOT Cell/CCA Office.

4. A check list has been attempted which will help the concerned Pension Branch of Circle Office to cross check that the pension papers are in order before sending to CCA office. A copy of check list is enclosed as ANNEXURE. It is expected that this will also facilitate the issue of PPO by CCA office expeditiously.

(Sheo Shankar Prasad)
Assistant General Manager (Pers-V)

Click here to view the check list to be tickmarked before sending the retirement papers to CCA unit for issue of PPO

Source: BDPA


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