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Ministry of Railways is developing ‘Single Window Commercial Portal’

Railways Developing a Single Window Commercial Portal to Enhance Passenger Convenience

In a move to enhance passenger convenience and ensure hassle-free ticket booking, the Ministry of Railways is developing a ‘Single Window Commercial Portal’ which is envisaged as an e-commerce platform integrating a wide gamut of commercial activities. To develop a Single Window Commercial Portal has been a well deliberated decision taken more than two years ago and is aimed to augment the e-ticketing services in addition to other activities under the single window e-commerce platform. Such options already exist in aviation sector where there are stand alone ticketing portals as well as parent platforms where travellers can subscribe to other Umbrella/Value added services offered by the carriers. As and when adopted, the additional portal services of Railways will supplement the existing services so as to cater to the increased passenger traffic as well as the demand for e-ticketing given its flexibility.

Constant innovation, process improvements and use of contemporary technology has been a conscious step of Indian Railways towards increasing the ease of ticketing in general and e-ticketing in particular. The Ministry of Railways has recently taken several measures in this direction, which include liberalized norms such as acceptance of more number of ID-proofs and extension of e-booking facility 24X7 (except for one hour down time which is mandated for maintenance). In addition, restrictions have been imposed with respect to blocking access to agent during the peak hours i.e. 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the morning. Moreover, special drives and checks have also been intensified to curb touting activities. These measures have been undertaken to ensure that genuine travelers can avail the services and the measure is not directed against a particular entity.

Indian Railways is also adopting a number of measures aimed at proliferation of not just e-ticketing but also ticketing in general such as use of Mobile Ticketing Vans, appointment of Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sewaks, Automatic Ticket Vending Machines and tie-ups with Banks and Post Offices.



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