LTC 80 Scheme : Air ticker charges paid on the date of booking - Fin.Min. Order

LTC 80 Scheme : Air ticker charges paid on the date of booking 

F.No. 19046/1/2008-E.IV
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Expenditure
E-IV Branch

New Delhi, the 15thJuly, 2010


Subject:      Clarification regarding re-imbursement of LTC-80 fare.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No.7(1)/E.Coord/2008 dated 4-12-2008 wherein Air India’s LTC 80 scheme was introduced from 1st December, 2008, for LTC travelers entitled to travel by Air. A number of references from different Government Departments/offices have been received in this Ministry seeking clarification whether the prevailing fare on the date of booking of LTC 80 tickets is to be reimbursed or claim is to be restricted to Air India’s LTC 80 fare as on 1 December, 2008.

2.      The matter has been considered in this Ministry and it is clarified that the fare paid on the date of booking of ticket under LTC 80 scheme of Air India may be reimbursed.

(Karan Singh)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India



latest revision of LTC 80 fares 11-03-2010. u have placed 06-01-2009. It will be disdavantage to govt employees.
rajesh nangia said…
The undersigned is working in Ordnance Factory Organization and posted in Dehradun. My Home Town which I have declared is Dehradun itself. I want to know whether can I avail four years LTC for J&K by Air.

Mahmud Laskar said…
Please clarify whether encashment 10 days EL during LTC can be paid after availing the LTC or it is to be taken before going to LTC. A case has come to our office where claim for 10 days reimbursement processed after availing the LTC tour.Please clarify if any body come across to such case.
adi said…
Can anyone tell me where one can find the latest LTC 80 fare list. The Air India site either keeps making one go around the whole site without giving the details or details are incomplete. Heard the LTC fare from Pune to Delhi and Delhi to Pune are different
Anonymous said…
dear Rajesh you are not entitled for J&k LTC since you are not entitled for Home town LTC and J &K LTC is against Home Town
P M THAKER said…
I am Central Government Officer and availed LTC by Air India on LTC Scheme. Air India has issued the tickets LTC W and LTC V. My PAO is insisting to get the ticket LTC-80 or get the certificate from Air India. Air India is refusing to the issue any certificate stating that my ticket was issued under LTC scheme and LTC-80 and LTC-W/V is the same becuase of merger of India Air Lines with Air India only nomenclature is changed. Kindly clarify on this.

(P.M. Thaker)
phantomlover said…
No replies to Mr Thakur's query? It is a very valid query. The Govt has forced its employees to avail AI's services, resulting in countless hardships to people on tour or availing LTC. In most cases, connecting flights of AI / convenient timings are not available. And of course, the fares are much higher, than other carriers. Plus issues like deal code, LTC 80, V and whatnot. I wonder how long this torture will continue.
puneet said…
MERA GP 4200 H.
Anonymous said…
Air India is highly deficient in service and fact is they do not have internal smooth communication. Its a harassment to travel by Air India whose fares are much higher than other airlines with better ethical services.
Anonymous said…
ltc80fare from delhi to srinagar & delhi to jammu witch amount payable
tarun said…
is airport user development fee (UDF) charged on LTC-80 fares reimbursable to CG employees? LTC fare charged by AI from hyderabad to trivandrum is more by 475/-(UDF) than return. If it is reimbursable can anyone send me document/written/cg order form of it to
Thanks in advance
jayadev veer said…
jul 2009 me join karne wala TGT teacher LTC 80 ke sath 10din ki leave encashment le sakta hai kya
Anonymous said…
What is the grade pay required for business class LTC travel??
Anonymous said…
grade pay above 10,100, Am i entitled to travel with family under ltc sceme in business class?
Satish Talnikar said…
I purchased Air India tickets for LTC home town from an agent. The tickets were not under 'LTC-80' scheme. The claim was sanctioned. However, after about 2 years, I have received a letter stating that as per the audit, since the said tickets have not been purchased from the authorised agents, LTC is not admissible and has ordered recovery of Rs. 30000/- from my salary. The relevant orders of the DOPT say that the tickets "may" (and not "shall") be purchased from the authorised agents viz. directly from air india, m/s Balmer & Lawrie or M/s Ashok Travels. Is the recovery legitimate? What defence do I have in this case please?
Unknown said…
the recovery is not correct as u have purchased AIRINDIA tickets, The view of Audit is baseless.Suppose u booked tkts online from AIR INDIA, will they reject the claim?
Unknown said…
As by paying difference of railway fare one can travel by air to avail LTC.,can I travel by air to Port blair(A&N) instead by ship to avail LTC. My grade pay is Rs.4200/-.

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