Latest List of CGHS Hospitals and Diagnostic centres in GUWAHATI

Central Government Health Scheme
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has published the latest list of Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories
and Imaging Centres empanelled with
Central Government Health Scheme
for Central Government Employees and Pensioners
as on 10th June 2010

The following hospitals and diagnostic centres have been empanelled under CGHS
with effect from 1st November, 2006, and thereafter, for the purposes specified:-

[As on 10th June 2010]

   GUWAHATI : Hospitals


GNRC Ltd., GNRC Complex, Supe Market, Dispur, Guwahati 781 006 Assam [Tel: 0361 – 222 770]

General purpose treatment and specialised purpose treatment [Except Cataract with IOL implantation, Renal and Liver Transplantation, Lithotripsy and Radiotherapy] and Diagnostic / Investigations [except Mammography and OPG].


Down Town Hospital Ltd., G. S. Road, Dispur, Guwahati 6, Assam

General treatment and specialised treatment [except radiology and cardio vascular surgery, renal and liver transplantation, Lithotripsy, Dialysis and Radiotherapy] and for Diagnostic procedures / investigations.


International Hospital, Lotus Tower, G. S. Road, Guwahati [Tel: 0361 – 234 7700]

Multi-speciality (General purpose)

GUWAHATI : Diagnostic Centres


Apollo Hospital City Centre, No: 1 Tulsi M/s Skylab Diagnost6ic Centre [Skylab (Assam) Pvt. Ltd.], G. S. Road, Ulubari, Guwahati 781007 [Now known as Piramal Diagnostic Services - Skylab, G. S. Road, Ulubari, Guwahati 781 007]

Laboratory investigations, Radiological investigations, CT Scan, Mammography and Ultrasonography.


Scientific Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd., G Accuscan Medical & Diagnostic Centre, S. C. Goswami Road, New MMC Hospital, Panbazar, Guwahati 781 001

Ultrasonography and Radiology


The Apollo Clinic, Pancholi House, Dr. Bawari Diabetes Care Pvt. Ltd., 1st Floor, Purvoday Bhawan, Royal Plaza (Opp International Hospital, Christian Basti, G. S. Road, Guwahati 781 005

Diagnostic Centre [Laboratory In Clinical Pathology, Kaematology, Microbiology and Biochemistry and USG / Colour

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Mukulesh Deka, Guwahati said…
This list is too old. Needs to be replaced with the updated list of CGHS Empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres to avoid any misunderstandings.
Anonymous said…
As per Addl. Director,CGHS, Guwahati, there is no diagnostic centre available at Guwahati which empanelled by CGHS, viz., SRL Diagnostics [Skylab], Ulubari, Primus Imaging, Bhangagarh, Apollo Clinic, Bora Service etc. At present there is no option but to go for diagnostic tests at empanelled super speciality hospitals like International Hospital and Down Town Hospital. Will the authorities of CGHS will take some pain to expedite the matter of empaneling Diagnostic Centres at Guwahati ?
Anonymous said…
As per present CGHS empanelled hospitals are more than 5km from Maligaon. The nearest one is Narayana Hospital which is situated at North Guwahati, on the other side of Bramhaputra river. Sometimes one may need more than 1 hour to cross the bridge due to traffic jam. In this situation, patient may die. moreover, no laboratory/ diagonostic centre is available at Maligaon or nearby. Seriously ill patient has to travel at least 7-8 kms for their health examination. Concern department should take sincere and immediate action in this regard.
Anonymous said…
Sometime some of the cghs doctor are very rude in communicating. As the beneficiaries and the doctors, should have a well understanding between them and give a chances to let the patient explain his problems and get his maximum satisfaction of the this 21st century most of the people can self examin which and what medicine will be suitable for him or her according to their illness through surfing the Internet. I'm not claiming we know better then the doctors, but to some extends.So give chance to patient for his choices and not be rude to the beneficiaries after all the decision is all you. Thank you.

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