Confederation Circular

Confederatin Secretary General Mr.K.K.N. KUTTY has written a circular in his website, we reproduce content of the letter and is given below for your information...

To commemorate the 50 year
Of the first strike action of CGEs

      The All India Raiwaymen Federation, All India Defence Employees Federation and the Confederation of Central Government Empoyees and Workers have decided to jointly organise a convention on 16th July, 2010 to commemorate the 50th year of the first indefinite strike action of the Central Government employees (Please see Circular Letter No 13/2010). The Joint Circular letter is being issued separately. The convention will be held at Mavalankar Hall, Rafi Marg, New Delhi. On 16th between 11 and 4.00PM. Confederation and its affiliates (including the various Pensioners Association under NCCPA, NFTE & BSNL Employees Union and Pensioners association) together will be entitled to depute 300 comrades to participate in the convention. We are of the opinion that we should elicit the participation of the activists and leaders who led the 1960 strike action. All affiliates and State Committees of Confederation may therefore draw out a list of such comrades who are able to participate in the convention and ensure that they reach Delhi. The travel and other expenses in connection with their participation should be borne by the concerned affiliate or State Committee. We are writing separately to the NFTE & BSNL Unions and BSNL Pensioners Association. Tthe affiliates will deploy the following number of comrades to participate in the convention.

      NFPE:100. ITEF 50. All India Audit and Accounts association: 50( NFTE and .BSNL Employees Unions and Pensioners organisations: 30; All other affiliates 10 each.

      Since this convention is slated for 16th, it may not be possible to hold the National Executive of the Confederation on the same day. However, Notice is hereby given for the meeting of the National Sectt. of the Confederation on 16th at 4.30 PM at the same venue to discuss the declaration of the 15the Central Trade Union Convention and schedule the meeting of the National Executive. All Secretariat members are therefore requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the Convention as also the Sectt. meeting on 16th July, 2010.

5th July Nation-wide Bandh.

      To protest against the steep increase in the administered prices of petroleum products, viz petrol, diesel, kerozine and cooking gas, the entire opposition parties have called for a nationwide bandh on 5th July, 2010. Against the incessant inflation and spiralling price rise of essential food items continuously for the lst two years, the decision of the Govt. Can only be descrinbed as the product of a bestial mindset. There had been widespread reactiuon against this wholly untenable decision of the UPA II Government, not only from the political parties, but also from all Trade Union centres ,non governmental organisations, media and suffering silent multitude of our countrymen.

      Reacting to the criticism, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister both made specious arguments to justify their decision to raise the prices. The Prime Minister went one step ahead to state that his Government would work for dismantling the administered price mechanism to replace with free play of market forces in determining the prices of petroleum products. One wonders as to how the market forces could play any role when monopoly exist in the field. This is to say in the least that the international speculators will have the field to garner quick profits at the cost of Indian consumers. From a Government which prefers to base its decision to maximise corporate profits, nothing else could be expected except perhaps in an election year which is about 4 years away .

      Whatever may be the mechanism employed by the bourgeois parties to garner votes, there are occasions when people see through the game plan and unitedly and decisively defeat the all those who indulge in the nefarious stratagems . The vox populi is powerful when it is raised unitedly. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to be with the working people and to extend our full support and solidarity for the Nation-wide bandh on 5th July, 2010.

      The affiliates and State Committees may take necessary steps to make the Bandh on 5th total to make the voice of the people become louder and audible to the rulers who have become insensitive and arrogant.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General


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