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Move to shift CGHS facility from Lullanagar

Move to shift CGHS facility from Lullanagar

The members of the Central Government Employees and Pensioners Co-ordination Committee are up in arms against the administration's shifting of the Central Government Health Scheme facility from Lullanagar to Akurdi . The main office of the CGHS at Mukundnagar has sent a proposal to the health ministry to shift the dispensary from Lullanagar to Akurdi citing that there was not enough response. The CGHS has seven dispensaries in all with the main office at Mukundnagar, the others being Lulla Nagar, Phule Nagar, Poona College, Range Hills, Ganeshkhind and Mangalwar Peth. The general secretary of the association Anil Shingitam will be meeting the additional director to keep the facility open at Lulla Nagar and have an additional new facility at Akurdi.

In a recent meeting, additional director Dr SR Pashupatimath had assured the members that skeletal medical facilities/ services may be retained at Lullanagar. "After the assurance, how is it that the department has already started the process of floating notices inviting tenders for Akurdi. It is unfair on the beneficiaries," said Shingitam who plans to get all the member associations to launch a mass movement to keep the facility open at Lullanagar.

With nearly 3,069 beneficiaries attached to Lullanagar, Shingitam said that it would be unfair to shift out such a large number from this facility to the other two facilities at Camp and Mukundnagar. The members have said that if the beneficiaries are shifted to the other dispensaries at Mukundnagar and Camp, the waiting period in these dispensaries will increase and patients won't get enough attention from the doctors.

"When the additional director has assured us in the minutes of the meeting that there will be deliberation, how is it that they are going ahead with the closing down of the facility? We strongly feel that this is a case of negligence and irresponsibility of the management," points out Shingitam.

Earlier speaking to Newsline, the additional director Dr SR Pashupatimath had said that they would be moving dispensary no. 1, located in Lulla Nagar, to Akurdi. He had said that the Pensioners' Association in Pimpri-Chinchwad area had been requesting them to start a dispensary in that area and they had forwarded the proposal in this regard.

Incidentally, it was the dispensary in Deccan that had been shifted to Lullanagar. Now, the CGHS plans to have the beneficiaries here transferred to either Mukundnagar, Mangalwar Peth or Camp area. According to Pashupatinath, the PCMC area had only the Range Hills dispensary, so more coverage was necessary, considering the number of beneficiaries.

If the Lulla Nagar dispensary is shifted, SK Ahulwalia, a member of the Pensioners' Association said it would put more pressure on Mukundnagar as the cards from Lulla Nagar will be given to Mukundnagar as well as Camp and Mangalwar Peth dispensaries. "They should not have closed this facility as it was operating smoothly," he said. Sagar Chopde, another beneficiary, said that it would be difficult if they are shifted to the main office at Mukundnagar it always has long queues.

CGHS dispensaries in the city* Mukundnagar* Lulla Nagar* Phule Nagar (Yerawada)* Poona College* Range Hills* Ganeshkhind* Mangalwar Peth

Source: Indian Express


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