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CGHS has published List of Hospitals Diagnostic Laboratories and Imaging Centres empanelled with CGHS as on 10th June 2010

Central Government Health Scheme : Central Government has published the latest list of Hospitals Diagnostic Laboratories and Imaging Centres empanelled with CGHS as on 10th June 2010

The following hospitals and diagnostic centres have been empanelled under CGHS with effect from 1st November, 2006, and thereafter, for the purposes specified:- [As on 10th June, 2010]

1. Delhi Hospitals (122) and Diagnostic centres (71) complete list

2. Office Memorandums

3. Reimbursement Forms

4. The Latest list of 24 cities empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres

Please download the complete details from the link :


Unknown said…
Kerala based central government employees retired/retiring are having only one CGHS faciclity at Thiruvananthapuram. Having only one centre to cater entire Kerala is not justifying and causing difficulties at the old age.

Authorities should therefore provide 3-4 more CGHS centres for Kerala State.

I hope this request will be looked into at the earliest possible by the concerned authority.
Unknown said…
I am a PENSIONER from CALICUT district - How can someone expect me to travel from CALICUT - TRIVANDRUM for seeking medical help. Is there no way to get CGHS facility in calicut - someone pls help with this info -
E Mathew said…
There is only one CGHS Hospital at Thiruvanandapuram and there are lot of central Govtemployees hailing from other parts of the State who are unable to use this facility because of long distances of about 300 to 400 KMs. Opening CGHS Hospitals at least at Kochi and Calicut will go a long way in getting treatment for CG employees around these locations.

Request and hope concerned authorities will look into our difficulty problems being faced us us
Anonymous said…
Simon P J said..
All the poverty are suffered by the kerala serving/retired personnel only on the ground of train, welfare and even now ECHS also. No one from Kerala has interested to look after the welfare of military personnel. No politician from kerala till date enquire about these people. Now we can have defence minister from our state. But still we are lacking in getting benefits and welfare. That is why, Father of Maj (Late) unnikrishnan did a good job but who understand the pain of that parents.

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