Central Government Group ‘D’ Employees warmly welcomes the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme

Central Government Group ‘D’ Employees warmly welcomes the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme which was announced in the 6th CPC.

A Government order which announced that those Group ‘D’ employees who got ACP I and ACP II after completing 24 years of service will not be taken into account for the benefit of MACP Scheme was widely appreciated by every one.

The Group ‘D’ classification was abolished and they were inducted into Group ‘C’ employees. The minimum qualification was SSLC and they were given training and fixed Rs.1800 as Grade Pay.

A guidelines says that the ACP and promotion which was given before Rs.1800 as Grade Pay will not be counted for the MACP. A Group ‘D’ employee who completes 30 years of service will get Rs.1900 – 2000 – 2400 as Grade Pay, whereas who got promotion from Group ‘D’ to Group ‘C’ were given Rs.2400 – 2800 as Grade Pay. Employees who completed 30 years of service were given Rs.4200 and Rs.4600 as Grade Pay. Which was gladly welcomed by all.

One of the email from our reader received to us said, “It was a glories moment in my life, it was a dream come true”.

He also says, “I was appointed as a Group ‘D’ employees in 1973 in central government service and got promotion as Group ‘C’ in 1976 and completed 24 years service without any promotion. In 1999, I got ACP I and my basic pay fixed as Rs.4000-100-6000(Pre revised scale), but ACP II was refused to me as the promotion from Group ‘D’ to Group ‘C’ was he reason.

In 2006, I got promotion and my basic pay was fixed at Rs.4500-125-7000(Pre revised scale).

He says again ”In the year 2008, MACP was introduced. I came to know that this is different from ACP. Upgradation will be given in every ten years of service incase of without promotion. I felt that I will not get any benefit from this. But told that I will get Rs.4600 as Grade Pay. I was greatly surprised to hear this.

After that, the implementation came and I received the new payment which was very much a dream for me”. My pay fixed as follows…

Firt MACP I – Rs.1900 – Rs.2400 Grade Pay
Second MACP II – Rs.2400 – Rs.4200 Grade Pay
(Rs.2800 Grade Pay is not treated as promotion)
Third MACP III – Rs.4200 – Rs.4600 Grade Pay.

Source: Govtempdiary


gowthaman said…
sir very good information happy for the employees, sir please guide me i was appointed on 1992 as khalasi still i never got promotion or ACP what to do my e-mail is 'gowara61@gmail.com' any one knows well please guide me.

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