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The Abbreviations are frequently used in Government Offices as follows...

The Abbreviations are frequently used in Government Offices as follows...

A.B. Autonomous Bodies.
A.C.P. Assured Career Progression Scheme.
A.D.R.P. Annual Direct Recruitment Plan .
A.G. Accountant General.
C.P.I.N. Consumer Price Index Number.
A.M.A. Authorised Medical Attendant.
C.A.M. Civil Accounts Manual.
C.G.H.S. Central Government Health Scheme.
C.S.M.A. Central Services Medical Attendance.
C.B.D.T. Central Board of Direct Taxes.
C.B.E.C. Central Board of Excise & Customs.
C.C.S. Central Civil Services.
C.C.A. Classification, Control & Appeal
C.G.A.(R&P) Rules Central Government Account (Receipts & Payments) Rules 1983.
C.G.E.G.I.S. Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme.
C.S. Rs.. Civil Service Regulations
C.T. Rs. Central Treasury Rules.
C.A.T. Central Administrative Tribunal.
C.P.C. Central Pay Commission.
C.P.F. Contributory Provident Fund.
C.R. Confidential Report.
D.C.R.G. Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity.
D.D.O. Drawing and Disbursing Officer.
D.P.C. Departmental Promotion Committee.
E.B. Efficiency Bar.
E.C.H.S. Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme
E.E.E. Exempt – Exempt - Exempt
E.E.T. Exempt – Exempt -Taxed
E.O.L. Extraordinary Leave
F.Rs. Fundamental Rules.
G.F. Rs. General Financial Rules.
G.O. Gazetted Officer.
G.I.D. Government of India Decision.
G.P.F. General Provident Fund.
G.I. Government of India.
H.B.A. House Building Advance.
I.T. Income Tax.
L.P.C. Last Pay Certificate.
L.T.C. Leave Travel Concession.
N.P.A. Non Practising Allowance.
M.C.M. Master Craftsman.
M.A.C.P. Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme.
O.M. Office Memorandum.
O.T.A. Over Time Allowance.
P.A.O.. Pay and Accounts Office/Officer
P.P.O. Pension Payment Order.
P.S.U Public Sector Undertakings.
R.B.I. Reserve Bank of India.
S.B.I. State Bank of India.
S.Rs. Supplementary Rules.
T.A. Travelling Allowance.

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