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Workshop on EPI for Identification of Assessment of Critically Polluted Areas

One Day Workshop on Development of Environmental Pollution Index (EPI) for Identification and Assessment of Critically Polluted Areas begins here tomorrow. The aim of this workshop is to develop an Environmental Pollution Index (EPI) for the quantification of the environment health of industrial areas. The EPI helps in synthesizing the available information on environmental status of the area by using quantitative criteria, thus reducing complex information into a smaller, more easily retained, amount of information. EPI also helps in determining the effectiveness and comparing alternative plans and policies and assists environmental decision-makers in initiating appropriate measures in ranking the critically polluted areas. Subsequently, the decision makers can devise an effective and efficient management plans to improve the environmental quality of the identified critically polluted areas.

The new EPI will help to yield information about linkages between causes and effects and cross-link them. It will be possible to analyze adequately complex, multidisciplinary, large-scale, global phenomena.

Objectives of the workshop are to identify the adequacy of the available data and monitoring protocols in terms of air, water and soil quality parameters which could be used for representing the environmental health of the area, to get feedback on the proposed EPI which is based on the concept, Source -> Pathways -> Receptor, which is simple to use, transparent, and expandable across other issues, apply the proposed EPI to selected polluted area and relatively rank them in terms of their environmental health and propose a guideline for preparing action plan (industry specific as well as infrastructure specific) as corrective and preventive measures for the critically polluted areas.


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