Order amalgamation of IP & TAFS Group 'B' cadre consisting of Assistant Accounts Officer, Accounts Officers and Sr.Accounts Officers of both the Department of Posts and Department of Telecommunication of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology with effect from Ist September, 2009.

2. The salient features of amalgamation of IP&TAFS Group 'B' Accounts cadre are as follows:-

(i) The existing R/Rs, existing R/Rs would be followed.

(ii) Till notification of new R/Rs, existing R/Rs would be followed,

(iii) The detailed instructions regarding modalities pertaining to service conditions such as training needs,transfer policy, etc, would be issued subsequently.

(iv) The codified powers of the appointing authority and cadre controlling authority of amalgamated IP&TAFS Gr.'B' Accounts personnel at Apex level would be exercised by the member (Finance), Telecom Commission.

(iv) Head of POstal Accounts Organisation (at present DDG PAF), Department of Posts would be the nodal authorityfor day to day adminstrative matters relating to maintaining seniority of the merged cadre, conducting DPC for promotion and implementation of policy decisions of the cadre controlling authority mentioned in (iii) above.
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