clarification reg. - Air Travel while availing LTC



Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

Norht Block,New Delhi,
the 9th September, 2009


Subject:- Regulation of Journey by air while availing Leave Travel Concession - clarification regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. of even No. dated 27.7.2009 on the above subject and to say that consequent to issue of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M.No. 7(1) E.Coord/2009 dated 7/9/2009 on expenditure management the reimbursement of the expenses on air travel while availing of the Leave Travel Concession by Government servants will be restricted to the cost of travel by the economy class, irrespective of entitlement, with immediate effect.


CKA said…
I have got the tickets by LTC Executive class booked during the last week of August. Will I have to get the tickets cancelled? At the time of booking, economy class was totally full and the flight was locked.
s k sharma said…
Mr CKA if you have to compulsorily travel, how u will get your ticket cancelled. your tickets may be of any class under any circumstances, but your claim would be restricted only to the Economy class as per Govt. of India OM No.31011/12/2006-Estt.(A) dated 09-09-09. means triple 9 ka chakkoo aap par chal jayega. A Villager's saying : JABAR MARE AUR RONE BHI NA DE"
I am Assistant Director (Central Govt Employee) in PB-III scale. I have booked my tickets on 14th Aug 2009 to Trivandrum by Kingfisher Airlines and back by Jet Lite. Will there be any problem in getting LTC facility in this. PL. tell ASAP.
Rudra said…
Does this Office Memorandom of 9th september '09 allows to travel by full fare Economy Class while availing LTC. As there is no comment on the type of fare in this OM. Please clarify as I am planning to avail LTC.
Rudra said…
I am in PB-IV with Grade pay of Rs. 10500/=. For going to Sikkim the nearest airport is Bagdogra. From Bagdogra to Gahntok and back can I charge AC taxi for LTC travel?
Unknown said…
I am a central govt Employee. I have availed home town for block year 2006-2007 to my home town mumbai. Now, can i change my secound home town to North-East LTC ?
Kumar Rajesh said…
Within a block of four years there are two blocks of two-two years. During each block of two years,an employee can avail home-town or can avail home-town in one block of two years and all-india in another block of two years in lieu of home-town. Thus, when you have availed home town during the first block of two years i.e.2006-2007 of the four year block of 2006-2009, you can avail another home-town during the second two year block of 2008-2009 and can convert the same into LTC NER in terms of the extant directions issued by the DOPT. The option can be exercised during the grace period i.e. year2010.
Dear sir,
I have booked my air ticket from delhi to Guwahati in LTCQ and it costs more than LTC80. I am in PB-2+4200 GP. Will I get whole reimbursement?
Anonymous said…
sir im converting my Hometown LTC into North East LTC. My grade pay is Rs.4800. I have booked by Spice jet from chennai to bagdogra and back.i would like to know whether i can travel by a private airline caus eim not eligible to travel by air as im in GP-Rs.4800.Thank you

sandipan said…
Sir, I am a central govt employee in the grade pay of Rs.4600/- I have the following clarification regarding LTC :-
(i) Within a block of four yrs there are two blocks of two-two yrs. Can an employee can avail a home town and one All India in another block year.
(ii) Kindly tell me now what is the block year going on.
(iii) Sir, Can I avail All India LTC for NER by Private Air Line or I have to go through Air India. I want to also know I am residing in Delhi, Can I go from Delhi to NER by Flight or not.
rajiv arora said…
Clarification on travel by Air on LTC to NER states have been given in the order but clarification on air travel by non entitled employees to Andaman & nikobar irelands is also required which may also be eloborated please for the convenience of employees
Unknown said…
I have travelled to ner in November 2013 from pune - delhi - Bagdogra by private airline as Air India fare was 3 times more than private airline. Please confirm me whether i am liable for it as Bagdogra is the nearest place to visit for sikkim.

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