Car through CSD - New system raises officers’ hackles

Over 30 serving and retired officers of the Army showed resentment against the recently introduced system for purchasing car through CSD at the CSD depot in Ambala Cantt here.

Earlier, the Army officers had to deposit the amount of the vehicle to be purchased with the CSD depot in Ambala Cantt and the depot issued them the release order. After submitting the release order with the car dealer, the officers got the delivery of the vehicle.

As per the new system, after getting the delivery of the vehicle, the army officers will have to report to the depot manger along with the vehicle and a representative of the dealer.

After checking the documents, engine number and chassis number of the vehicle, the depot will issue them a sale deed document and then only the officers will be allowed to drive their car. The Army officers have to face a lot of harassment while completing the formalities of the newly introduced system.

Most of the Army officers, even from Haryana, prefer to purchase vehicles from Chandigarh as the rate of sales tax is 2 per cent less there than in Haryana.

Chandigarh does not have any CSD depot that is why the Army officers belonging to Chandigarh generally come to the Ambala CSD depot for purchasing vehicle through the CSD.

Around 35 retired and serving Army officers, including a serving Major from Kargil, went to Chandigarh yesterday to purchase vehicles after getting the release order from the CSD depot, Ambala.

The depot issued them a “Rahdari” slip, which they have to get stamped from the sales tax barriers at Dappar (Punjab) and Dhulkot (Haryana).

Col Jaswant Singh (retd), a resident of Chandigarh, said the officials of sales tax barriers detained them for two hours and refused to put stamp on “Rahdari” paper. They had to further stay in the CSD depot for hours to complete the formalities. He said the situation was very humiliating for an Army officer. Other Army officers also expressed annoyance over the new system.

Meanwhile, regional manager of the depot Lakhwinder Singh refused to comment on the matter. According to information, the depot has been facing an acute shortage of officials, which led to delay in the completion of formalities.
Source: The Tribune


will any one clarify me, what is the new grade pay, eligible to purchase car from CSD.
Unknown said…
Br please go to DGQA Canteen inside you factory ask for the details. I hope they are having the details. Who are eligible for car purchase. If I am not wrong JCO and above of the Army/Air force/Navy are eligible for car from CSD.You may contact Manager of DGQA Canteen inside your factory. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
can exserviceman perchase the 10 lakhs rs vehical from canteen
sl said…
Two important issues are immediately evident. Firstly, how personnel who are eligible for canteen facilities but are not bona fide residents of or posted to Units located within the Union Territory of Chandigarh, be eligible for the lower VAT rates applicable in the U.T.? For a long time, personnel availed the lower tax rates to the detriment of the states they were domiciled or posted in.

Secondly, how can personnel permanently resident or posted at Chandigarh be denied the basic canteen facilities to which they are duly entitled?

There appears to be no logical reason or basis for denying CSD customers at Chandigarh the right to purchase vehicles at tax rates applicable at Chandigarh. The matter needs a resolution on an urgent basis.
Meena said…
I am Supervisor Accounts under CDA Army Meerut with Basic Pay 20960 and Grade Pay 5400. (Working Women)
can i purchase car through CSD..
Are there any separe quota for working women also?
please clarify

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