All-India Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers’ plea for salary arrears

Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers are on the warpath against what they describe as the discriminatory treatment being meted out to them.
N. Sadanandan, regional secretary of the All India Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers Association, said on Friday that the 45,000 teaching and non-teaching staff of around 1,000 Kendriya Vidyalayas under the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan were yet to get salary arrears.
He said that the Central government employees had received 40 per cent of salary arrears in cash as per the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission and were about to receive the remaining 60 per cent.
The delay in giving 40 per cent of the salary arrears to teachers was a violation of the Centre’s decision to disburse it this financial year itself.

Source: The Hindu


sathish said…
It is surprising to note that K.V. teachers have not been paid their 40% of arrears. It is high time for these teachers under the leadership of their secretary, to get into streets and stop functioning. They should declare flash strike and get their job done. Look my friends, if banking employees are betgter placed than we c.g. emlployees it is because they are united and strike when required. So also the case with the insurance emlployees. When a subji wala can strike the market against the action of the local admn. or against the price rice, why should not we educated.
S R Jayapal said…
Pitiable condition of teachers:
(1)Who is a workman ?
"The industrial Disputes Act defines a workman as one employed in any industry to do any manual,unskilled,skilled,technical,operational,clerical or supervisory work for hire or reward".Teachers
fully satisfy these conditions but even courts do not consider them as Workmen!
(2)Please check this:Supreme Court
Employees,High Court Employees,Lower Court Employees etc
are VACATION EMPLOYEES.etc All these enjoy Earned Leave,Medical
Leave in addition to all other types of leave.But teachers are denied Usual Earned Leave and
VACATION STAFF!Is it Justified?
S R Jayapal said…
Many teachers are happy to enjoy long vacations.Gone are those days!
Nowadays many KVS teachers are forced to teach during Second Saturdays,Sundays,Autumn Break,Winter Break,and Summer Vacation.They are temporarily sanctioned some "compensation' and
entries are made in the S R .
But during the auditing it is "canceled".This is common cheating!

Many "greedy"teachers work as in-charges to earn leave.All these
are canceled at the time of retirement!
You are denied E L because you
enjoy vacation.In a service period of 30 years non teaching staff store 900 days of earned leave
but encash 360 days or eligible days.It is MONEY!
But teachers cannot store 30 summer vacation or 1500 days!
They are compelled lose them!
They are losing MONEY equal to
360 days E L! This continues!
S R Jayapal said…
It will be better if you start a small news paper having only 8,A4,printed pages.Get it registered.Around 1977 All India Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers Association Started" KEVILINK"and it became very powerful.Do not use your school addresses for printing and communication.All letters /official
news papers/your AINVSA papers must be posted and received outside. Use somebody's address.Otherwise your news paper will not survive.Mr Mallik,P E T (Late),K V Delhi Cantt (1977)initially financed KEVILINK
and later on A I K V T A took control of it.Dont depend "fully" upon Internet!By click of a button your communication can be hidden
S R Jayapal said…
Shocking News For Teachers!
(Times of India,Bangalore 17/07/2010)
Leave can cause transfer!Teachers undergo
forced vacation by law and they lose huge
money at the end of their service "indirectly".See the medical literature.
Many teachers suffer from Ear,Nose,Throat
problems due to too much talking as part of their duty.some of them develop vericose problems in their legs due to long hours of standing in classes.In addition to these they invite allergic
problems due to chalk piece dust in
the class and sand dust in play ground.
But they are supposed fall sick,construct houses attend social functions only during BREAKS and VACATIONS!Reason their earned leave of
ten days are not enough.Moral:Teachers
must be healthy to avoid transfers.

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