Leaves not a personal matter of an employee, should be disclosed...

Central Information Commission

Leaves availed during the service period are not personal and private matter of the employee and should be disclosed under the RTI Act, the CIC has held. "Leave taken by an employee from a public authority is a matter of exercise of the discretion vested in the public authority to grant such leave. There can be no bar on the disclosure of an information which is about how the public authority exercises its powers to grant leave to its employee," the CIC said in its ruling.

Information Commissioner A N Tiwari was hearing the plea of one Raj Kumar who sought information about the leave account of an employee of the New India Assurance Company Limited. The insurance company had rejected the application on the grounds that it was personal information of the employee, a third party, and could not be disclosed. "It cannot be said to be a personal or a private matter of that employee," Tiwari said directing the insurance company to disclose the information within two weeks of the receipt of the order.


Lad from Mandi said…
My wife stays with me in Dubai. She was working in BSNL as TTA. She will complete the EOL(without pay) in Sep'09. How we can extend that leave further as she has to take care of our Kids who studies in Dubai. Can we apply for child care leave and for how long. Is there any way to get the leave extension evan without pay. What can happen if she do not join on the completion of her leave?

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