CCS (CCA) RULES - Suspension – Reduction of time limit fixed for serving charge-sheet


CCS (CCA) RULES - Suspension – Reduction of time limit fixed for serving charge-sheet

(6) Suspension – Reduction of time limit fixed for serving charge-sheet :-

In the Ministry of Home Affairs OM No. 221/18/65-AVD, dated the 7th September, 1965, the attention of all disciplinary authorities was drawn to the need for quick disposal of cases of Government servants under suspension and it was desired, in particular, that the investigation in such cases should be completed and a charge-sheet filed in court, in cases of prosecution, or served on the Government servant, in cases of departmental proceedings, within six months. The matter was considered further at a meeting of the National Council held on the 27th January, 1971 and in partial modification of the earlier orders it has been decided that every effort should be made to file the charge-sheet in court or serve the charge-sheet on the Government servant, as the case may be within three months of the date of suspension, and in cases in which it may not be possible to do so, the disciplinary authority should report the matter to the next higher authority explaining the reasons for the delay.

[Cabinet Sectt. (Department of Personnel) Memo. No. 39/39/70-Ests.(A) dated the 4th February, 1971].

Government have already reduced the period of suspension during investigation, barring exceptional cases which are to be reported to the higher authority, from six months to three months. It has been decided that while the orders contained in the Office Memorandum of 4th February, 1971 would continue to be operative in regard to cases pending in courts in respect of the period of suspension pending investigation before the filing of a charge-sheet in the Court as also in respect of serving of the charge sheet on the Government servant in cases of departmental proceedings, in cases other than those pending in courts, the total period of suspension viz., both in respect of investigation and disciplinary proceedings should not ordinarily exceed six months. In exceptional cases where it is not possible to adhere to this time limit, the disciplinary authority should report the matter to the next higher authority, explaining the reasons for the delay.

[Cabinet Sectt. (Department of Personnel) OM No. 39/33/72-Estt. (A) dated the 16th December, 1972].

In spite of the instructions referred to above, instances have come to notice in which Government servants continued to be under suspension for unduly long periods. Such unduly long suspension while putting the employee concerned to undue hardship, involves payment of subsistence allowance without the employee performing any useful service to the Government. It is, therefore impressed on all the authorities concerned that they should scrupulously observe the time limits laid down in the Office Memoranda referred to in the preceding paragraph and review the cases of suspension to see whether continued suspension in all cases is really necessary. The authorities superior to the disciplinary authorities should also exercise a strict check on cases in which delay has occurred and give appropriate directions to the disciplinary authorities keeping in view the provisions contained in the aforesaid Office Memoranda.

[Department of Personnel & AR OM No. 11012/7/78-Ests.(A) dated the 14th September, 1978].

The attention of the Ministry of Finance etc. is invited to this Department’s OM No. 11012/7/78-Estt. (A) dated 14th September, 1978, in which the existing instructions relating to suspension of Government employees have been consolidated. In spite of these instructions it has been brought to the notice of this Department that Government servants are some times kept under suspension for unduly long periods. It is, therefore, once again reiterated that the provisions of the aforesaid instructions in the matter of suspension of Government employees and the action to be taken thereafter should be followed strictly. Ministry of Finance etc. may, therefore, take appropriate action to bring the contents of the OM of 14.09.1978, to the notice of all the authorities concerned under their control, directing them to follow those instructions strictly.

2. So far as payment of subsistence allowance is concerned, Ministry of Finance etc. are also requested to bring the contents of FR 53 to the specific notice of all authorities under their control, with particular reference to the provisions in the aforesaid rule regarding the need for review of the rate of subsistence allowance after a continued suspension of more than 90 days, for strict compliance.


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