The regular promotions of the employees are decided on the basis of recommendations made by the D P C

Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC)
The regular promotions of the government employees are generally decided on the basis of recommendations made by the Departmental Promotion Committees. The Departmental Promotion Committees are constituted to judge the suitability of officers for -

(a) promotions to “Selection” as well as "Non-selection" posts

(b) assessment of the work and conduct of probationers for the purpose of determining their suitability for retention in service or their discharge from it or extending their probation and subsequent confirmation if found suitable for retention in service.

The UPSC should be associated with DPCs in respect of all Central Civil Services/posts belonging to Group 'A' where promotion is based on the principles of “Selection cum Seniority” unless it has been decided by the Government not to associate the UPSC with a Group 'A' DPC. The UPSC need not be associated in respect of the posts belonging to Group 'A', if the promotion is based not on the principles of "Selection" but on “seniority-cum-fitness” only.

Whenever the UPSC is associated with a DPC, the Chairman or a Member of the Commission will preside over the meeting of the DPC.

Where the Recruitment/Service Rules lay down promotion as one of the methods of recruitment, some period of service in the feeder grade is generally prescribed as one of the conditions of eligibility for the purpose of promotion.

The eligibility dates for determining the eligibility of officers for promotion would be the first day of the crucial year, i.e. January, 1 irrespective of whether ACRs are written financial year-wise or calendar year-wise.
Guidelines for DPCs
The following guidelines are laid down to regulate the assessment of suitability of candidates by DPCs:

While merit has to be recognised and rewarded, advancement in an officer's career should not be regarded as a matter of course, but should be earned by dint of hard work, good conduct and result-oriented performance as reflected in the annual confidential reports and based on strict and rigorous selection process.

Confidential Reports are the basic inputs on the basis of which assessment is to be made by each DPC. The evaluation of CRs should be fair, just and non-discriminatory. Hence, the DPC should assess the suitability of the employees for promotion on the basis of their Service Records and with particular reference to the CRs for five preceding years irrespective of the qualifying service prescribed in the Service/Recruitment Rules. (If more than one CR has been written for a particular year, all the CRs for the relevant years shall be considered together as the CR for one year).

Where one or more CRs have not been written for any reason during the relevant period, the DPC should consider the CRs of the years preceding the period in question and if in any case even these are not available, the DPC should take the CRs of the lower grade into account to complete the number of CRs required to be considered as per above para. If this is also not possible, all the available CRs should be taken into account.

Principles to be observed for preparation of panel
In case of ‘selection’ (merit) promotion, the hitherto existing distinction in the nomenclature (‘selected by merit’ and ‘selection-cum-seniority) is dispensed with and the mode of promotion in all such cases is rechristened as ‘selection’ only. The element of selectivity (higher or lower) shall be determined with reference to the relevant benchmark (“Very Good” or “Good”) prescribed for promotion.

The DPC shall determine the merit of those being assessed for promotion with reference to the prescribed benchmark and accordingly grade the officers as ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ only. Only those who are graded ‘fit’ (i.e. who meet the prescribed benchmark) by the DPC shall be included and arranged in the select panel in order of their inter-se seniority in the feeder grade.

Those officers who are graded ‘unfit’ (in terms of the prescribed benchmark) by the DPC shall not be included in the select panel. Thus, there shall be no supersession in promotion among those who are graded ‘fit’ (in terms of the prescribed benchmark) by the DPC.

Procedure to be followed by DPC in respect of government servants under cloud
At the time of consideration of the cases of government servants for promotion, details of government servants in the consideration zone for promotion falling under the following categories should be specifically brought to the notice of the Departmental Promotion Committee:

i. Government servants under suspension;

ii. Government servants in respect of whom a charge-sheet has been issued and the disciplinary proceedings are pending; and

iii. Government servants in respect of whom prosecution for a criminal charge is pending.

The DPC shall assess the suitability of the government servants coming within the purview of the circumstances mentioned above along with other eligible candidates without taking into consideration the disciplinary case/criminal prosecution pending. The assessment of the DPC, including “Unfit for Promotion”, will be kept in a sealed cover.

The same procedure outlined in the above para will be followed by the subsequent Departmental Promotion Committees convened till the disciplinary case/criminal prosecution against the government servant concerned is concluded.

It has been decided that the “Sealed Cover Procedure” prescribed in the Department of Personnel and Training, OM No. 22011/4/91-Estt.(A) dated  14.9.1992 referred to above may be followed at the time of consideration for ad hoc promotion also in the case of government servants -

(i) who are under suspension;

(ii) in respect of whom a charge-sheet has been issued and the disciplinary proceedings are pending; and

(iii) in respect of whom prosecution for a criminal charge is pending.

Processing of recommendations of DPC
The recommendations of the DPC are advisory in nature and should be duly approved by the appointing authority. A clearance from the Vigilance Section of the Office/Department should also be obtained before making actual promotion or confirmation of officer approved by DPC to ensure that no disciplinary proceedings are pending against the officer concerned. Promotion should be made strictly in the order in which the names of the officers appear in the panel.

Refusal of promotion
When a government employee does not want to accept an offer of promotion, he may make a written request to that effect and the same will be considered by the appointing authority. If the reasons adduced for refusal of promotion are acceptable to the appointing authority, the next person in the select list may be promoted.

However, since it may not be administratively possible or desirable to offer appointment to the persons who initially refused promotion, on every occasion on which a vacancy arises, during the period of validity of the panel, no fresh offer of appointment on promotion shall be made in such cases for a period of one year from the date of refusal of first promotion or till a next vacancy arises, whichever is later.

On the eventual promotion to the higher grade, such government servant will lose seniority vis-a-vis his juniors promoted to the higher grade earlier irrespective of the fact whether the posts in question are filled by selection or otherwise. The above mentioned policy will not apply where ad hoc promotions against short-term vacancies are refused.

In cases where the reasons adduced by the officer for his refusal for promotion are not acceptable, the appointing authority should enforce the promotion of the officer and in case the officer still refuses to be promoted, then even disciplinary action can be taken against him for refusing to obey the orders of the appointing authority.
Validity of a panel
The panel for promotion drawn up by DPC for 'selection' posts would normally be valid for one year. It should cease to be in force on the expiry of a period of one year or when a fresh panel is prepared, whichever is earlier.

The date of commencement of the validity of panel will be the date on which the DPC meets. In case the DPC meets on more than one day, the last date of the meeting would be the date of commencement of the validity of the panel. In case the panel requires, partially or wholly, the approval of the Commission, the date of validity of panel would be the date (of Commission's letter) communicating their approval to the panel.

It is important to ensure that the Commission's approval to the panel is obtained, where necessary, with the least possible delay.

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Anonymous said…
Please give the OM number of DoPT under which these revised instructions have been issued and also the date of effect of these guidelines.
Anonymous said…
The procedure of DPC is appears to be correct.
Kindly confirm whether this procedure of DPC is applicable to CSIR, new Delhi which is an autonomous body of Govt of India for its administrative staff of group B and A'.
Anonymous said…
I am working as Senior Tax Asst. in CBEC, was promoted from the feeder cadre i.e.Tax Asst.,i belogs SC. In my dept, they have not considered my seniors(SC's) who hve been promoted on their own senerioty cum fitness and on par with General Candidates, within normal zone. If they would hve considered as under unreserved seats, i would have been considered against reserved seats int he same promotion. Due to this i have lost 1year seniority, which would have been helpful for future promotion eligibility.
Unknown said…
pls inform that if an official is empanelled as per roster system in UR point expires before promotion order issued, whether that point is to be filled up only by next official who is also UR. And the UR official also empanelled and who moves up, his vacancy is to be filled only by UR or else fresh panel to be drawn up. support with OM No. & date
ajay said…
the zone of considearation was 25 . panel was formed of only14. promoted 14. later on 1 more was promoted through review DPC although there were two retirements in that FY. is another one can be promoted from that date
Anonymous said…
I have been promoted from steno gr.D to steno gr. C (PA) and transferred to Ministry of Commerce, New Delhi from Ministry of Law and Justice, Dept. of Legal Affairs, Mumbai on adhoc basis. If I forego the adhoc promotion what will be the consequences regarding my ACP which I got in 2005 and my seniority status.
ajayukarande said…
I am working in a National Test House Min of Consumer affairs food &public distribution, The min has going to decide the National Test House as a socity(Autonomous Body)
from a pure Central Govt organisation.The staff side is against of it they wants to stay in as a cEntral Govt Organisation.if any body help me on what grounds the Min is taking such decision,is any way to fight against in court .pl reply
Anonymous said…
how the dpc rates an ACR? will it be 9 for os, 7 for vg, 5 for g and 0 for below g? then avg for 5 years is taken out by dividing by 5. if result is 6 and above it vg. if result is 4 and above it is g. pl clarify
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,
I am working under MSME autonomous body as a technician grade-I my DPC is due in 2007 but i am not getting it, when i ask for DPC organization said it is under approval and it is not automatic so when i will got it will effect from due date?
misra said…
Dear Sir,
If someone has completed three years only , and CR of a person of the same cadre,was nt written or misplaced by the head of the department,in these circumstances,,whether he would be considered for next grade promotion(bcoz qualifying service requiremnt for next grade promotion is 3 years service,which he has already completed)or his promotion wud be delayed bcoz CR of all persons are nt available
keyboard said…
If the name is missed due to the negligence of department personnel for the dpc, in what way we would claim the promotion and seniority?
Anonymous said…
how many occasions central govt. employee can refuse to accept the promotion.
Anonymous said…
I would like to know that the period of six year for promotion from grade pay 2800 to 4200 as per the recommendations of VIth CPC can be implemented in promotion process or it is only a recommendation.
steffi said…
Our dept has not had a dpc for the last 10 years and hence no promotions & Confirmations are done.My study leave was not granted even after completing 7 years of service since my probation has not been lifted.The departemnt RR's are not proper.

Is there any solution to this
Kovuri said…
I am working in Central govt organisation under MOD(R&D)(My present Grade pay is Rs 4600/-). This year DPC was not conducted till to date even though sufficient no of vacancies available at the starting of the year. Now management is planing to conduct DPC Nov/Dec this year. Is any provision/ DOPT letter for back date seniority/ protection of my seniority avoid financial loss.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Sir, my name was there in the promotion panel and called for ACR. During the DPC process and before releasing promotion order I have retired. But my name was not there in the list, because Iwas retired. But I heard that I might be considered for promotion for the future benefit if any. Sir is there any related rulings. If yes please give details. This is from C.Chinnasami
K.Manju said…
Sir, I have been appointed as Driver on 15.4.1996 in IV CPC having pay scale 950-1500 as on 15.4.1996. After 1year, I was promoted as Asst. Mechanic having pay scale 1150-1500 and reported on 6.6.1997. in the V CPC, the above pay scales have been merged with 3050-4590, due to merger, promotion earned has nullified and only designation has maintained. As I am eligible for ACP after completion of 12 years as on 15.4.2008, I was awarded MACP (though MACP has been effected from 1.9.2008). In the pre-revised pay scale, the next line of promotion to the Asst. Mechanic pay scale is 5000-8000. At present my grade pay has been fixed at Rs.2000-00 from 15.4.2008. Please clarify the position

H.Manju. 9449413450
warsi said…
One of my friends was promoted in higher cadre through DOC mode in the month of December. He requested for refusal of promotion in the month of March and it was accepted in the same month. Now he has transferred in the month of July in same cadre as routine transfer. Is there any rule so that he can withdraw his request of refusal and join in the promoted cadre?
If yes please refer the order.
Anonymous said…
What is the procedure to extend the validity of dpc panel

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