CCS (LTC) Rules - Husband and Wife both are working...

CCS(LTC)Rules - Husband and Wife both are working...

Husband and Wife…
When both the husband and wife are Central Government servants:
1. They can declare separate Home Town independently.
2. They can claim LTC for their respective families, viz,. While the husband can claim for his parents / minor brothers / sisters, the wife can avail for her parents / minor brother / sisters.
3. Either of the parents can claim the concession for the children in a particular block;
4. The husband / wife who avails LTC as a member of the family of the spouse, cannot claim independently for SELF.
(4) Condition of "residing with" waived in respect of spouse and children.

It has been decided that in cases where the Government servant has left his/her spouse and the dependent children at place other than his/her Headquarters, he may be allowed LTC in respect of them from the place of their residence to hometown in a block of 2 years or any place in India in a block of 4 years, as the case may be, but the reimbursement should in no case exceed the actual distance traveled by the family or the distance between the headquarters/place of posting of Govt. servant and the place visited/hometown, whichever is less. In the case of other members falling within the definition of "family" the existing conditions and restrictions will continue to be in force.

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