Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations:

Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel Training
JCA Section


Subject:- Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations

In accordance with the instructions contained in this Department's OM of even number dated 12th January 2009, it has been decided to set up, as indicated below, the Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) consisting of representatives of the Official Side and the Staff Side to settle any anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations:-
1. Secretary, Chairman Deptt. of Pers. & Trg.
2. Member (Staff) Rly. Board.
3. Secretary, Deptt. of Telecommunication.
4. Secretary, Deptt. of Posts.
5. Financial Adviser (Defence) Ministry of Defence.
6. Joint Secretary, (Pers) Ministry of Finance.
7. Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Personnel & Trg.
8. Deputy Secretary (JCA), Deptt. of Personnel & Trg.
1. Shri. U.M. Pruohit
2. Shri. M.Raghavaiah
3. Shri. Rakhal Das Gupta
4. Shri. R.P.Bhatnagar
5. Shri. Guman Singh
6. Shri. C.Srikumar
7. Shri. S.K.Vyas 
8. Shri. Ch.Sankara Rao
9. Shri. K.S.Murty
10. Shri. R.Srinivasan
11. Shri. K.K.N.Kutty
12. Shri. S.G.Mishra
The working of the Committee would be in terms of the conditions laid down in this Department's OM dated 12th January 2009 mentioned above.
(Dinesh Kapil)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India


rajivpathak278 said…
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VISAKHAPATNAM 530004 MOBILE: 09290016534
E-MAIL ID: murali_viswanadh




Respected Her Excellency of I ST citizen of INDIA:


Sub: Preferred re-appeal of self counting of service in the postal department and requested for protection of self from VICITMAZATION regarding

1) My e mail to the president of India dated 27.5.2008 AND 14.11.2008
2) President Bhavan under secretary (P) acknowledgement SL NO 1,703 7 P1 –C 4834/28.11.08 to me Dated 28.5.2008. Received on 16.6.2008,18.11.2008
3) NO ST/6-1/misc VM 2007-2008 CPMG Hyderabad dated 17.12.2008
With humble respects and faith towards the honors’ of HER Excellency:

Swearing on BHAGVADGETHA, and to saluting to the great INDIAN FLAG, I am uttering the following genuine facts for humble consideration of my service from the date of entry in the department ie 15.5.1981.
Sir/Madam : I have been informed by ref 3 that the RTP services rendered by me can not be counted for regularization according departmental rules, but earlier to 1974 pre training as also counted all purposes in the postal department.
1) Facts; On seeing the local paper advertisetisement for filling regular sorting assistant in RMS V-division I have applied and recruited along with some other 15 persons and all we have imparted practical training locally at Visakhapatnam RMS office. I have applied and recruited for 1981 I st half year vacancy not for any, for regular vacancy as per paper notification dated 13.1.1981. In the paper notification it was not indicated staff are required for short duty or hourly payment wages of to clear the peak hour traffic.
2) Later on completion of practical training except few all other s sent for theoretical training at PTC Mysore and confirmed them in the regular vacancies of pay RS 260-12 400 and now they reached two promotion after completing 26 years of service.
3) There is no ban in the Department of Posts for recruiting sorting assistants up second half year as per my knowledge concern. On making applications to the President of India, and to prim minister of India, ministry of communications Govt of India and to DGP&T Newdelhi (telegrams also sent) the left over my batch mates of four members are sent to PTC Mysore for imparting theoretical training from aug 1982 to oct 1982 and on completion of training again I have placed on hourly basis worker not as regular employment, but except my four batch mates , the compassionate vacancy candidate or departmental promote from class IV to class has placed to hourly basis worker during 1982.
4) There are recruitments took twice in every year from 1981 I st half to 1984 I st half year and some direct recruitment quota also took place during the years , leaving me as Casual hourly basis worker .
5) I have asked to work as sorting assistant in the resultant vacancy vide SRM V DN memo no 01.2.1983 and I have as regular sorting assistant from 03.2.1983 to 19.6.1983 and from 20.6.1983 on wards again I have reverted to Reserved trained pool cadre that is wages are hourly basis. But no other direct recruited has faced this problem since 1981. There approximately 50 fifty staff of all sections (departmental promotes, direct recruiters. And compassionated vacancy candidates are absorbed on regular employee basis. Is it not un-justice to some sector of employees? When some body selected during 1981 half year direct quota leaving them with out absorbing again paper advertise-ment took place during the second half year 1981 to second half year 1983. NO DOUBT AT ALL IT IS GRAVE IN JUSTICE TO ME WHEN I HAVE APPLIED FOR REGULAR VACCANY I HAVE PLACED TO PART TIME HOURLY WORKER FOR ALONG PERIOD and again I have given regular absorption from 27.01.1989 as sorting assistant in the pay scale 975-25-30-1180-1400 and now I am working as postal assistant at Visakhapatnam city postal division but my previous service from the date has not been considered for any purpose, but at the same time I have been paid bonus for every year from 1981 to 1989 as part-time-cum- casual worker on approaching local High court Hyderabad and the Several CAT benches and Principal CAT Newdelhi has also ordered the department for all who approached for getting all the service benefits from the date entry in the department but not done so far taking as lien-ant view stating that no such provision in the department rules . Due to severe unemployment problem and lack of knowledge I have not noticed immediately the issue. But several departmental employees are applied Voluntary service on medical and sympatric grounds and their knees are provided regular jobs since then leaving the direct selected official, there are 40 forty members are seeking this type natural justice in RMS V division still including the official who has gone army postal service .But in Kerala postal circle some staff of this type victimized are got all the benefits. According to reliable information from circle office Hyderabad the highest level decision is to be required at postal directorate level in this. And some cases in Tamilnadu and some in Anantapur postal division are also considered on basis of CAT decisions. EVERYBODY CAN NOT APPROACH THE COURTS DUE TO POOVERTY, like me as due to STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE AND TO SAFE GUARD FAMILY MEMBERS FROM VICITIMASATION IN ALL RESPECTS, AS no body has take up the issue for since long time I have taken to the notice to foot of president of India by saluting the India flag after taking oath on BHAGVADGEETHA.
6) In all the central Government establishments Reserve staff are authorized, like Central Reserve Police, BSF , India Railways and telegraphs department, the Reserve staff are with salaries and increment benefits for every year ,but not like this. The same is not took place in the Indian postal department for some cases. No one can be eliminated from main stream for the purposes of others in this view I am entitled for natural on equality basis.
7) It is unable to known me when I have recruited for 1 st year 1981 against paper advertisement given by Director of postal service Vijayawada on 10.1.1981 in all leading newspaper for filling sorting assistant posts in RMS V Division, keeping some staff all ready selected again called for sorting assistant from second half year 1981 to second half year 1983, NO BAN RECRUITMENT FOR THIS PERIOD. I have PEENALISED ABRUPTLY AND VICITMISED FOR A LONGER PERIOD.
8) I have well experienced the tasted good, much, more Victimization since 2002 year ,due to mental in-balance stage ,and I heavy /a high Diabetic position , high BP I was rushed to coma and my SPINAL CARD HAS OPRATED as L4 and L6 nerves of lower limbs collapsed with much high tension placed, at one stage I have experienced the feeling racism and un touch ability in the society for a long time, as the very much taught of TO Punish, but every innocent is to punish for simple and clerical lapsed , this is way How I was victimized both mentally and financially for long period. With a simple view my medical re-imbursement was reject for my spinal card operation During 2006 July, that I had not taken the permission, but after referring my illness to KGH Govt. hospital Visakhapatnam I rushed, due non availability MRI SCAN at KGH , I was asked obtain out side which is for RS 7000/SEVEN HOUSABD- for twice mean while I had gone to coma and secure my life family members joined at near by private charity hospital, all my claim papers got counter signed by the doctor KGH who attended and done operation with office and designation stamp. Even then not .I kept quite as I am poor since then.and two pieces of spices removed from my spinal card which are badly damaged due to severe back pain for a long period. Now I am at this my stage of position, DUE to severe SIATICA PROBLEM AND heavy back pain taken to the operation for my spinal card on 11.7.2006 in a private charity hospital. When coming to present crises I have been intimated by President S Bhavan Under secretary (P) that my petition for said has acknowledged and forwarded to Ministry of communications & IT DAK Bhavan, to the Secretary and Director General of postal department for further as it is belongs Ministry of communications and my petition has given serial NO 1,703/PC by dated 28.5.2008 and asked me touch with Ministry concern Directly. Ref (2).
9) Very recently I have been communicated SR Supdt of post offices Visakhapatnam that my case was got examined by the competent authority and informed that according to instructions of circle/directorate of postal department my request can not be acceded vide reference NO 3. The main issue side tracked like this with out providing service benefits tome since date of joining.
10) I have not received any communication or reply originally signed the appellate authority concerned as the case referred to Ministry of communication &IT neither Government of India nor any information from the postal directorate which is highest authority as per my less knowledge, and hence the same has been again preferred. The appeals or petition if any addressed should got signed and communication, must receive them from proper channel duly endorsing a copy of such, but in my case for this no such took place. At least I have to be supplied a copy information submitted to president of India why my appeal for natural justice can not be considered on sympatric grounds and as per decision, final verdict of several court judgments including supreme court of India, it seems that my natural claim for equal justice on equal basis under Article 14 Indian constitution has fore-feted and thrown to deep and depth water of Bay of Bengal coast,, as innocent and poor Indians can not get justice and equal status –I felt much un-happy and in a stage disaster again I am placing all these to the notice of The ONLY HIGIEST AND SUPREME OF GOVERNEMNT and humbly praying and begging for natural justice in my case( poverty is not crime in the society of Indian democracy) that my service should count from date of appointment from 15.5.1983,by providing all the service benefits like all other not like ORPHANS UNDER SEVERE STARVATION financially, if necessary my pay fixed with finance benefits from September 1981. But I want to serve the department till my last blood thick or up to superannuation. As I am and my family members are always having/getting food and welfare from Government of India: salary from department of posts I am in a such view and working for 12 per a day including on holidays even now. This is my commitment oriented nature since joining in the dept.
11) conclusion and deserving for equal justice even after 2 and half decades
a) I was paid bonus for every year from date joining in department.
b) Several staff members(departmental promotes, compassionate candidates and the direct recruit staff who joined from second half year 1981 to 1984 were absorbed and their service counted for all purposes from the date entry, my case also to be considered even on humanitarians merit grounds on equal natural justice basis. With out working the departmental can not paid any bonus or wages with low package, I have paid bonus for all theses years means have worked in the department for struggle for existence or whatever other merit for un-employeement of poor public member, there fore I am firmly eligible for count service from the date appointment as two regular appointment with a huge break not acceptable for natural justice on equality basis as every Indian member is right live to get rid of starvation and financial disasters in the middle and mixed economic society of Indian content.
c) Simply putting an end for long pending item is not correct , Finally I pray the highest honor of the Greatest Indian democracy that my case may please be considered as special with sympathy and humanitarian ground to provide lost justice by giving directing postal department to provide all service benefits for me form the date of entry in the department like all others who attained / reached BIO ANNUAL CADER (BCR PROMOTION) as providing clerical staff after completing 26 years service with financial up-gradation in the scale of pay.
(d) The following are staff appointed during I st half year to 1983 second half know to my knowledge
1. sri S Sudhakar and CH Visweswara rao , SM malaki 1981 direct rececrtees through paper advertisement and and selected along with for the first half year 1981 and sri M Seshagri rao ,N Somasekra rao MSNRAO , SS Prakasarao ,R Lalithakumari after my self, for 1982 first batch sri KVS Subramanyam, R satsih kumar S Venkateswararo,1982 SECOND YEAR A Kondandapani , K arjyya, K Apprao,1983 R Venkateswara rao, K Ramesh babu and other 50 departmental promotes and compassionate vacancy candidates are regularized from the date of their entry in the depart and NO BODY HAS REVERTED either as part time worker or for the category of Reserve trained pool sorting assistant cadre for hourly wages and they have completed more than 27 years service in the department and from the beginning with all increment benefits for each year to now .
RESERE TRAINEED POOL: This is not a correct only some staff are to be for years together on part time basis. Even out sider appointed Extra departmental asst on complete ion of 3 years he become regular and most staff completed 26 years regular service with year vise increment benefit since date joining. This is indicates how I have Victimized. On looking it is very evident that I have selected for recruitment for 1981 half year but provided regular posting from 1989 what a justice . I am also eligible for equality with equal justice from date of my joining like all other.
As the case is becomes as UN-SOLVED for a longer time the issue is brought to the notice of president of India for Immediate redress even now after prolonged victimization since my entry in the department for me .

PRAYER: Finally I submit the her /his excellencies to kindly consider my case with a good sympathy on humatarain grounds and humbly requesting once again to provide me all service benefits from the date joining in the postal department i.e., from15.05.1981 and directing postal directorate Government of India under Ministry of communications for implementing the same at the earliest date.Thankig you/r
Good-self for in anticipation of common natural justice .There are no tears in eyes even to cry and weep such I am by salting The Great Indian flag again and again I may please be provided service regularization since my date of entry in the postal department like all other who have already provide.
Thanking you Madam with utmost faith and trust towards you good self. For EQUALITY WITH EQUALL JUSTICE LIKE ALL OTHER PROVIDED.A clear direction are requested for common natural justice in this case a special issue on humanitarian grounds.

Yours faithfully.

DATE: 26.JAN 2009 (A. MURALI)
Anonymous said…

I humbly request you to provide me the information cited below:
According to 6pc after completion of 4 years in the existing scale of 7500-12000(Sr.Private Secretary) with grade pay of rs. 4800 become eligible to be placed in the scale of Rs. 8000-13500 corresponding to the revised pay band PB 2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with grade pay of Rs. 5400. I am going to complete 4 years in September 2009. Is there any pay fixation to be placed in the scale of Rs.8000-13500 or only will give grade pay 5400 and if so when i will get this benefit ? from September 2009 or from increment date i.e. July 2009. Please clarify.

Unknown said…
i wanted to know the any member of the commitee email adress.
to convey a pecular problem of the employees " a persons gets will be fixed in less basic after promotion than a new person joined in the same scale " how far it is justifable.
dharmendra kumar said…
sir govt should finish grd pay of rs 4600/- which among 4200 and 4800. after so long period of 10 years one's grd pay would be increased only rs 200/- that is negelectable due to dearness after 10 years from today. More over, sir i would never got promoted in my cadre during my entire service life due to very cone shape and least widen structure of my cadre. so after awaiting for 10 yrs my salary hike would be much petty i.e. only rs 200/- so i request please give me grd pay rs 4800 after my first acp which is due in june 2008. thanks.

dharmendra kumar
verma bhagywati said…
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Ramadurai.B said…
In the 5th pay commission, the Director’s scales are S-24 (14300-400-18300) and the Joint Director/Deputy secretary/Scientist ‘D’(DRDO)/Scientific Officer-E(DAE) and a Director equivalent scale was S-21 (1200-375-16500), S-22 (12750-375-16500) and S-23 (12000-375-18000). The difference between a Joint Director/Deputy Secretary/Scientist ‘D’(DRDO)/Scientific Officer-E(DAE) and a Director was Rs. 2300/-. or Rs. 1550/- only. The nature & responsibility of duties of above two category officers is almost similar with an exception in few areas.
In the 6th pay commission, the Director’s scale is Pay Band 4 (i.e. 37400-67000) with grade pay Rs. 8700. The Joint Director/Deputy Secretary/Scientist ‘D’(DRDO)/Scientific Officer-E(DAE) in 6th pay commission is pay Band 3 (i.e. 15600-39100) with grade pay Rs.7600. The difference between The difference between a Joint Director/Deputy Secretary/Scientist ‘D’ and a Director is Rs. 21,800/= Whereas the nature & responsibility of duties of above two category officers is almost similar with an exception in few areas even after implementing the 6th pay Commission. Why this huge difference between these two categories NOW. Therefore, the authorities concerned are requested to look into this anomaly
Anonymous said…
Even after 50 years of independence, the vestiges of British rule cannot be erased from the civilian bureaucracy. It is with great anguish we pour our feelings out, and hope that the highest level of the political leadership considers it sympathetically and avoid any inaction by vested bureacratic interests.
The non-class 1 i.e the Group B,C are an aggrieved lot.
The classification of the services under Gazetted-non-Gazetted , Group A, B and C has created a virtual Aparthied like situation wherein we come across cases of Group A officers having a disdainful and supercilious attitude towards their non UPSC, Non Class 1 subordinates bordering on hubris.Also it generates an ivory tower approach.What is so sacrosanct about this classification that it is leads to vested interests protecting their turfs and how can you have social justice in society when the civil service itself has such an inegalitarian hierarchal structure that it it in danger of falling apart if any other formation based on social justice platform like Mayawati comes to power at the centre. Before we go public on this issue, I suggest that the Govt.
act on it and take some remedial measure before any social upheavel shakes up the very citadels of our bureaucracy.
This has assumed such an Institutionalized setup that it almost mirrors the varna system in Hinduism.
Everything is based strictly on hierarchy and not on value.The hiatus is too wide to bridge, given the sacrosanct nature of Group A.
How sacrosanct the Class 1 scales in the sixth Pay Commission are, can be gauged by the substantial jump in some allowances and perks in the Grade Pay of Rs 5400/ and PB-3 and the virtual red letter highlights in PB-3
as 'Group A induction'.
Lack of any lateral upward moves on the part of the lesser
mortals to move up the Varna system, which euphemistically is
referred to as Induction in group A, and which is tantamount to a lower varna person being baptised into a higher one, has created a deep resentment in many talented employees who by virtue of bad luck could not make through UPSC and had to opt for SSC instead.This system,like the caste system, is designed in such a way that it precludes any latent talent in the lower rungs.
Probably no other Instituition has this kind of divergence
wherein a certain class of people are condemneded to stagnation for the rest of their lives ,however talented they may be.
As a first step towards alleviating this historical wrongs,
the Govt can make towards abolishing this classification into A,B,C,D and gazetted.Also any graduate in Govt. service in whatever grade pay should be made to appear for an exam and given an opportunity to get the Grade pay of Rs 5400/ after he clears certains minimum criteria in a transparent manner.
It is never too late in History to correct a wrong.
Some of the privileges enjoyed by the higher echelons like
unquestioned study leave, can also be extended to all sections
as everyone can justify value addition after taking a
sabbatical off for education. I dont see any reasons why
a non -gazetted employee who has put in 20 years service
should be denied permission for a 2 year study leave, on loss of pay. Why cant you frame rules on this.
Secondly as the recommendations of the Chairman of the Commission do carry some weight, I suggest that keeping the egalitarian nature of our Constitution in mind kindly keep the ratio of the Highest vs the lowest pay at the ratio of the fourth pay Commission.
Thirdly , there should be scope for lateral or upwardly induction of exceptionally talented staff from non group A ,who by virtue of mischance might not have fared well in the UPSC civil services examination and who are condemned to stagnation for the rest of their lives.This will address to a great extent the frustration and resentment in them.
Start the process right away, or else the fight on this logic will be conducted in the next Administration and already some important social justice politicians are being sounded on it. Please do not take it lightly.
Anonymous said…
Honourable members,
I want to draw your attaintion how pay commission restricted our future by not merging pat scales 7450 & 7500 when so many pay scales were merged why these two pay scales were not merged with only 50 rupee difference.This is only to restrict employees with GP4200 to attain GP 5400 before 30 rears of service.After 30 years of service nothing is left.GP 4200is a very importatant grade and government cannot ignore them.They should abolish GP that we can attained GP 5400 after 20 years of service.So,please take necessary steps inthis regard.
Anonymous said…
The Vth cpc gave more importance to class I posts.This VI cpc only add to it by creating more differance between lower and upper class employees.At one end it gave 80% hike to some classI employees & only gave 20% to 30% to classII,III & IV employees.It seems that pay commissions are made for the directors,secretaries & executives and not for common employees who constitutes 80% of the total strength.We should not accept such type of injustice.
Anonymous said…
In NSSO,some 5 to 6 years back,the regional offices wre headed by the assistant directors zonal offices were headed by a joint director & the head of NSSO was a director now the regional offices are headed by directos, in place of 1 director now some 100 of directors are in this organisation.Two times cader review is done for ISS officers.Why such review is not done for other caders.
amit said…
मै आप का ध्यान भारतीय रेलवे के चिकित्सा विभाग के पद ई .सी .जी टेक्नी. में व्याप्त अनियमिताओ की तरफ आकर्षित करना चाहूँगा ।
१) भारतीय रेलवे के विभिन्य अस्पतालों में ई सी जी टेक्नी कई वर्षो से ई सी जी के अतिरिक्त टी ऍम टी , होल्टर , ईकोकार्दिओग्राफी इत्यादि हार्ट की अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण जांचो में भी महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाते आ रहे है परन्तु पद नाम ई सी जी टेकनीसीयन होने के कारण व्यापक पैमाने पर उनके द्वारा किये जाने वाले कार्यो को अत्यंत कम आँका जाता है ।
अस्तु विनम्र निवेदन है की ई सी जी तकनी .पद नाम परिवर्तित कर ने नया नाम कार्डियोलोजी तकनी किया जाये।
२) ई सी जी तकनी का भारतीय रेलवे में कोई भी पदोनती का मार्ग नहीं है केवल ऐ सी पी ही एक मार्ग है जिसके यह पद अन्य समकक्ष पदों की तुलना में तीव्र गति से पीछे होता जा रहा है । अत: इस पद के लिए संगठित पदोनती मार्ग आपेक्षित है ।

३) इस पद की उपयोगिता हर अस्पताल में दिन प्रतिदिन बढती जा रही है क्योकि आज हार्ट के मरीजो की संख्या काफी बढ़ चुकी है परन्तु रेलवे के अधिकतर अस्पतालों में या तो ऐसा कोई पद है ही नहीं और अगर है भी तो पदों की संख्या १-२ ही है जो की मरीजो की संख्या और उपलब्ध बिस्तरों की संख्या की तुलना में अत्यंत ही कम है ।

४) ई एस आयी अस्पताल मॉडल अस्पताल अँधेरी मुंबई ( मिनिस्टरी ऑफ़ लेबर भारत सरकार ) के द्वारा प्रकाशित विज्ञापन दिनांक ०८/०८ /२००९ ,में ई सी जी तकनी पद हेतु ग्रेड पे - २८०० दर्शायी गयी है परन्तु रेलवे विभाग में इस पद हेतु ग्रेड पे २४०० प्रदान की जा रही है । दोनों ही संस्थानों में नियुक्ति हेतु पात्रता सामान है परन्तु ग्रेड पे अलग अलग है जो की न्याय संगत नहीं है ।
महोदय आप से , भारतीय रेलवे की यूनियन से एवं अन्य सक्षम अधिकारियो से विनम्र निवेदन है की रेलवे में चिकित्सा विभाग में कार्यरत , ई सी जी तकनी जो की अति कम कम संख्या में है के भविष्य को ध्यान में रखते हुए ऐसा निर्णय ले की कार्यरत कर्मचारियों का भविष्य उज्जवल हो सके और उन्हें भी अन्य पदों के सामान सम्मान मिल सके ।

अमित श्रीवास्तव
ई सी जी तकनी /प म रे /जबलपुर
Anonymous said…
I want to know from answerable and highly skilled hag(pb-4) chairperson about meaning of murger & up gradation & difference between up gradation & degradation for pay scale 5000,5500&6500
Kizhursatish said…
I am an UDC working DGQA whose grade pay is Rs.2400/-. I am a graduate and I have acquired typewriting higher qualification with 90% marks and also desirable computer knowledge. In my same office our Industrial employees whose qualification is only 7th std are drawing Rs.4200/- in the name of MCM. We are only six clerks in our office all UDCs and without an superviosry category we are running the show very well. All 6th CPC works had been completed in time. But no body is bothered to look into our prospects. Our LDCs had become UDC only after completion of 24 years. We are a very much neglected category of Central Government. Clerical jobs were mentioned as a White color job earlier but now we are in a bottom position at par with a Labourer or safaiwala. I request your kindness to please open your eyes towards the deprived category atleast once in a life time and help us if you can.
Anonymous said…

National Council (JCM)
New Delhi.

Sub : Anomaly in MACP.

It was very hopeful for us when a seperate committee to settle the anomalies of MACP was formed by the NAC. But till date nothing is heard about any discussion/solution. Most probably, the committee is waiting for next pay commission.
I would like to request the concern to held regular meetings for settling the anomalies of MACP as we are the loser govt. servant after getting 1st MACP.
Kamal Kumar said…
Respected Sir(s),

As we all know, Govt. of India has placed the employees of subordinate offices, who were earlier in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500/-, in the grade pay of Rs. 4600/-. Those who are working in the Ministries have been placed in the grade pay of Rs. 4800/- and after completion of 4 years of service, they would be given the grade pay of Rs. 5400/-.

The employees of subordinate offices have been downgraded and put them behind 10 years (keeping in view the MACP to be given after 10 years). There should also be a provision to give them the grade pay of Rs. 5400/- at least after 6 years of continuous service (not after 4 years). Therefore, I humbly request the concerned authorities to kindly consider providing grade pay of Rs. 5400/- after at least 6 years of service to those who are working in the grade pay of Rs. 4600/- in subordinate/autonomous bodies as Private Secretaries/Section Officers and place the agenda in the ensuing meeting of the Anomaly Committee so that they may come out of the depression.

With kind regards,

Kamal Kumar
Private Secretary
NIPGR, New Delhi
Ratan Das said…

National Council (JCM)
New Delhi.

Sub : Anomaly in MACP.

As per Section II of PART – A (FIRST SCHEDULE) circulated vide Railway Board’s no:- RBE NO.103/2008 dtd. 04/09/2008 If a man ‘A’ appointed on or after 01.01.2006 in PB-2 Rs. (9300-34800) with G.P Rs. 4800/-. His Pay in the Pay Band is Rs. 13350.00-+ 4800(G.P) = 18150.00 .

I have promoted to S.O(A) on 01.06.2006 in basic pay Rs. 6500/- of scale Rs. 6500-10500/- (Pre-revised). My fixation as per 6th CPC is 6500 X 1.86 = Rs. 12090.00 + 4800 (G.P.) Hence, there is a difference of Rs. 1260/-in pay from the new appointee who appointed on 01.06.2006.This differnce cannot be overcome untill this anomallies scrutinised properly.
murali said…
Sir, I am Murali, working in Central Govt, autonomous organisation. My pay in the Month of May 2011, was 16190 +Grade Pay 4600= 20790 (in the pay band of 9300-34500)

During June 2011, I was appointed (through advt. and selection committee) in same organisation in the pay of 15600-39100 with Grade Pay of 5400/-. I opted that that my Pay is fixed in the month of July, because I will get increment in the month of July 2011 by protecting my pay. Can any body clarify what is my pay in the month of July 2011?

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