Combination of holidays with leave - Holidays are prefixed to leave…

Combination of holidays with leave

When the day, immediately preceding the day on which a Government servant’s leave (other than leave on medical certificate) begins or immediately following the day on which his leave expires, is a holiday or one of series of holidays, the Government servant shall be deemed to have been permitted (except in cases where for administrative reasons permission for prefixing/suffixing holidays to leave specifically withheld) to leave his station at the close of the day before, or return to it on the day following such holiday or series of holidays, provided that–

   (a) his transfer or assumption of charge does not involve the handling or taking over of securities or moneys other than a permanent advance;

   (b) his early departure does not entail a correspondingly early transfer from another station  of a Government servant to perform his duties; and 

   (d) the delay in his return does not involve a corresponding delay in the transfer to another station of the Government servant who was performing his duties during his absence or in the discharge from Government service of a person temporarily appointed to it.

(ii) In the case of leave on medical certificate-

    (a) When a Government servant is certified medically unwell to attend office, holiday(s), if any, immediately preceding the day he is so certified shall be allowed automatically to be prefixed to leave and the holiday(s) if any, immediately succeeding the day he is so certified (including that day) shall automatically be allowed to be suffixed to the leave, and holiday(s), if any, preceding the day he is so certified shall be treated as part of the leave.
(2)   On condition that the departing Government servant remains responsible for the moneys in this charge, the Head of Department may, in any particular case, waive the application of Clause (a) of the proviso to sub-rule (1).
(3)   Unless the authority competent to grant leave in any case otherwise directs -

   (a) if holidays are prefixed to leave, the leave and any consequent rearrangement of pay and allowances take effect from the day after the holidays; and     

   (b) if holidays are suffixed to leave, the leave is treated as having terminated and any consequent rearrangement of pay and allowances takes effect from the day on which the leave would have ended if holidays had not been suffixed.
   NOTE.- A compensatory leave granted in lieu of duty performed by a Government servant on Sunday or a holiday for a full day may be treated as a holiday for the above purpose.


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