Clarification regarding reimbursement of fare in respect of air travel by non-entitled officers


G.I., Dept. of Per.& Trg., O.M. No.31011/2/2006-Estt.(A) dated 3rd December, 2007

Central Civil Services (LTC) Rules, 1988 — clarification regarding reimbursement of fare in respect of air travel by non-entitled officers.

After issue of DOP&T O.M. No. 3101 l/212006-Estt.(A) dated 24th April. 2006 and dated 2nd May. 2007 regarding regulation of journeys by private airlines while availing Leave Travel Concession. Certain clarifications have been sought by Government servants/various Ministries/Departments from time to time. The doubts raised by various authorities are clarified as under:-

Points raised :
1. As per DOP&T O.M.No. 31011/2/2006- Estt.(A) dated 24th April, 2006 journey by private airlines is permissible to non-entitled officers for LTC subject to condition that re-imbursement of fare would be restricted to the entitled class by rail. Whether train fare upto Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express is reimbursable?

Clarification :
Yes. As per DOP&T - 31011/2/2007-Estt.(A) dt. 21 May, 2007 re-imbursement at the rates applicable for Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains is
permissible provided the Government servant is entitled to travel by such trains in such class and the places visited or the portion travelled by air is directly connected by Rajdhani / Shatabdi. Thus, the DOP&T O.M.No. 31011/8/1998- Estt.(A) dated 31.3.1999 stands modified to this extent in respect of item 5 therein.

Points raised :
2. If the Home Town /place of visit under All-India LTC of an employee is connected by Train/Road but is not directly connected by Air Rajdhani / Shatabdi Express Trains. In such a case can the employee be entitled to re-imbursement of fare by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express Trains and pary by raiI/road.

Clarification :
All the other clarifications regarding reimbursement of fare by Rajdhani / Shatabdi trains contained in this Department’s O.M. No. 3101 l/8/1998-Estt(A) dated 31.3.1999 will continue to apply while regulating the admissible fare in the case of such air journeys on LTC.

Points raised :
3. if a Government employee / his family member is entitled to concessional train fare such as Senior citizen, Student concession, children etc. whether in case of air travel, the re-imbursement would be restricted to such concessional fare by train in entitled class.

Clarification :
If full air fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant the re-imbursement would be restricted to the full train fare in entitled class including Rajdhani / Shatabdi.


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