Appointment of meritorious sportsmen - Rules

DP & AR O.M. NO.14015/1/76-Estt (D)
Dated the 4th August, 1980

Appointment of meritorious sportsmen to Group C and D posts in relaxation of the procedure.

General Scheme :-
Under this Department 's O.M. No. 14/1/72-Estt. (D) dated 28.12.72 orders were issued that the Secretary of the Ministry/Department or the Head of Department under it may recruit a meritorious sportsmen to a class III or class IV service/post (now Group C & D) in the Ministry/Department/Establishment, as the case may be, direct recruitment to which is made otherwise than through a competitive examination held by the Union Public Service Commission, subject to the provisions contained in that O.M. with the coming into being on the Staff Selection Commission, recruitment to group C posts have generally to be made through the Staff Selection Commission. The entire policy of recruitment of sportsmen in various Departments/Offices has since been examined and the following orders are issued for providing for relaxation of recruitment rules to the extent mentioned below:-

Appointments under these orders can be made of a sportsman considered meritorious with reference to the following criteria :-
Sportsmen who have represented a State or the country in the National or International competition in any of the games/sports mentioned in the list at Annexure (A).
(ii) Sportsmen who have represented their University in the Inter-University Tournaments conducted by the Inter-University Sports Board in any of the sports/games show in the list at Annexure 'A'
(iii) Sportsmen who have represented the State Schools Teams in the National Sports/Games for Schools conducted by the All India School Games Federation in any of the games/sports shown in the list of Annexure 'A'.
(iv) Sportsmen who have been awarded National Awards in Physical Efficiency under the National Physical Efficiency Drive.
No such appointments can be made unless, the candidate is, in all respects, eligible for appointment to the post applied for, and in particular in regard to age, educational or experience, qualification prescribed under the Recruitment Rules applicable to the post, except to the extent to which relaxations thereof have been permitted in respect of class, category of persons to which the applicant belongs.

Posts to which applicable
Appointment of meritorious sportsmen can be made to any post in Group C or Group D which under the Recruitment Ruler applicable thereto, is required or permitted to be filled by direct recruitment, otherwise than through the Union Public Service Commission.
No such appointment shall be made to any post in Group A or Group B by direct recruitment. A meritorious sportsmen can be considered for appointment under sub para(a) above notwithstanding the fact that he is already in the service of the Government.
In making appointments to any post under the Government by promotion, no preference shall be given to meritorious sportsman though that fact may be taken into account in assessing the overall merit.

3. Extent of such recruitment
Ministries/Departments of Government of India can recruit meritorious sportsmen in any year in relaxation of the recruitment procedure, to the extent that these including all other reservations under existing orders do not exceed 50% of the total number of vacancies proposed to be filled by direct recruitment.
For the purpose of making appointment of meritorious sportsmen, the appointing authorities may at their discretion notify to the Staff Selection Commission, in all case where the recruitment to the posts have been entrusted to that Commission, vacancies reduced by upto 5% thereof and may fill such vacancies so held back by appointing meritorious sportsmen subject to the overall limitations mentioned in sub-para (a) above.

4. Seniority
Where sportsmen are recruited through the Employment Exchange or by direct advertisement and are considered along with other general category candidates, they may be assigned seniority in the order in which they are placed in the panel for selection.
Where recruitment to a post is through a selection made by the S.S.C., whether by a competitive examination or otherwise, the sportsmen recruited by the departments themselves should be placed enable junior to those who have already been recommended by the S.S.C. The Inter-se-seniority of sportsmen will be in the order of selection.

5. Procedure
An application received by the appointing authority or a higher authority from a sportsmen belonging to any of the categories mentioned above, may be considered by the Ministries/Department or the Head of the Department, as the case may be, in light of the evidence which the applicant may furnish of his having represented in any of the competitions mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and subject also to the applicant fulfilling the requisite qualifications relating to education, age etc. as may be laid down in the rules for the post/service for which he is a candidate. Normally certificates awarded by the authorities mentioned in Annexure ‘B’ should alone be taken into account while considering the eligibility of an applicant in terms of above paragraphs. Appointments may be made of such a candidate after the Ministries/Department or Head of the Department, as the case may be, is satisfied about the eligibility of the candidate under these orders as well as his suitability for the post in all respects. Where the appointing authority is subordinate to a Head of Department, such authority may make a recommendation in this regard to the Head of the Department, along with the necessary details, for obtaining his concurrence in the proposed appointment of the candidate. The orders contained in these O.M. will not affect the orders relating to reservations for SC/ST and Ex-servicemen which may be inforce from time to time. In other words, the vacancies filled in accordance with these orders in a year shall be taken into account in calculating the total number of vacancies in the service/post during that year for purpose of applying the reservation orders.
6. These orders apply to all Ministries and Departments of Government of India including the Ministry of Railways and Communications (P&T) and any existing scheme if any of the Ministries/Departments shall, from the date of issue of these orders, be subject to the conditions and restrictions herein specified, except to the extent of such modifications as may be accepted by Government in view of special circumstances prevailing therein.
7. A consolidated annual statement showing the number of sportsmen of the eligible categories appointed to Group C and Group D posts/service in a calendar year may be sent to the Welfare Division of the Department of Personnel by each Ministry/Department in the proforma given in Annexure 'C' by the 31st March, of the following year.
8. Provisions contained in this O.M. supersade all instructions issued from time to time in the past, on the subject.

List of Games/Sports referred to in para 2 of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms O.M. No.14015/1/78-Estt.(D) dated 4th August, 1980.

Athletics (including Track and Field events)
Foot ball
Table Tennis
Weight Lifting
Gymnastics (including Body-Building)
Rifles Shooting
Ball -Badminton

More details:-


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