FRESH OPTION - FR22(I)(a)1 as per 6th Central Pay Commission


In Central Government employees, who have been Promoted / granted upgration under ACP scheme during the period from 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008,already they submitted an option form according to the rule of FR22(I)(a)1 (as per V CPC) to selected either Promotion Date or Increment Date.

At the time of promotion every individuals selected the option their own convenience of the next increment date.

On implementation of VI CPC recommendations, the FR22(I)(a)1 rule has been modified and published from DOP&T a clarification on 13.10.2008. Owing to this modification, individuals who had opted earlier for Promotion Date only are at loss.

A fresh FR22(I)(a)1 option form has now been served to, who have been promoted the particular period between 1.1.06 to 31.8.08. Once again opt for either promotion date or increment date to fixation of their pay on promoion / ACP.

Opt for Increment Date especially to the affected individuals who had already opted for Promotion Date. On doing this, the above said individuals stands to gain, i.e.

Seniority discrepancy will be removed,

proper pay fixation will be executed,

stepping up problem will be solved.

The dublicate option form as follows…



1……………………………………… hereby elect for fixation of initial pa under the authority of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) O.M. No. 1/2/87-Estt (Pay-I) dated 09-11-87, on promotion to the higher post of …………………………………….

(A) With effect from…………………………… on the basisi of FR22 (I) (a) 1 Corresponding to Art 156-A CSR Vol-I, straightaway without any further review on accrual of increment in the pay of the lower post.


(B) With effect from ………………………….. in the manner as provided under FR22 (a) (I) which may be refixed on the basis of the provision of FR22 (I) (a) 1 corresponding to Art 156-A CSR Vol-I on the date of accrual of next increment in the scale of pay on the lower post on ……………………….

Singnature :……………………….

Name :……………………………..

Designation : ………………………


The DOPT circular is not clear whether the option exercised under FR(I)a(1) between 1-1-06 and the date of 6CPC implementation would be allowed to be revised. That is, will the employee be allowed to revise his earlier option, made before 6CPC?
Anonymous said…
Dear Nandhi,

Thanks a lot for your post informing about revised option and the form. However, I could not find the related OM from DOPT or Ministry of Finance, as this would be required to convince my administration to allow me to revise option.


sanga said…
I join railway in running staff with grade pay Rs.1900/- as per
6th pay commission. As per our promotion I got two promotion from 1900/- to 2400/- and from 2400/- to 4200/- G.P.. I havea completed 10 year in g.p.4200/- so I am elligible for 3rd financial rise to Rs.4600/- g.p. but not giving asking for clarification.
But clerck who join with me with g.p. Rs.1900/- is given Rs.4600/- g.p. let me know detail about this?
sanjay pune
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,

I have been given promotion from GP of Rs.4200/- to Rs.4600/- (Rs.6500-10500) to Rs.7450-11500). Due to the DOPT Circular on merging Rs.6500-10500/- scale with Rs.7450-11500/-, there was no promotional benefit given to me. I am in the opinion that I may atleast be given notional increment of 3% but nothing has been given to me. can anybody provide further details.

Anonymous said…
Sir, I got increment on 1-7-2006 under CCS(RP)Rules, 2008. My date of retirement was 30-6-2007. I had retired on 30-6-2007 without any increment. even though I had rendered the requisite period of qualifying services of 12 months from 1-7-2006 to 30-6-2007. FR 26(a) says increment is eligible on completion of 12 months serVice. Can anyone Clarify whether I am eligible to get increment on on 30-6-2007 and with that increment my pensionary benefits finalised?
neha said…
Dear Sir,
I Joined CPWD in the year 22.03.1995 as a D/Man Gr.III and previous my date of annual increment was 1st March every year. As per 6th CPC as on 01.01.2006 my pay fixed in the revised pay Scale of PB-I(Rs.9300-34800/ + Rs.2400/). My pay fixed in the revised Pay Band -1 on 01.01.2006 (Rs. 9490+2400)=Rs. 11890.00
And my Pay on the new increment date was fixed as on 01.07.2006 was (Rs. Rs.9490+Rs.360+Rs.2400)= Rs. 12250.00
My pay again refixed due to 1st ACP promotion w.i.e.f. 23.03.2007 in the scale of Rs. 9300-34800/- +G.P Rs. 4200/- PB-2 including one Notional increment was (Rs. Rs.9850+Rs.370+Rs.4200)= Rs. 14420.00 . My Office doesn’t told me any  option in ACP case and it was fixed on from 23.03.2007. 
The detailed are as follows:
Increment Pay in Pay Band  Grade Pay  Total Pay  
a)3% Increment as on 01-07-2006 :  
360.00      9850.00        2400.00   12250.00

Pay re-fixed due to ACP w.e.f. 23.03.2007 in the scale of 
Rs. 9,300-34,800+ G.P Rs.4200/- PB-2including one Notional  
                                370.00      10220.00    4200.00   14420.00
b)3% Increment as on 01-07-2008 : 440.00     10660.00     4200.00   14860.00
c)3% Increment as on 01-07-2009 : 450.00     11110.00      4200.00   15310.00
d)3% Increment as on 01-07-2010 : 460.00     11570.00      4200.00   15770.00
e)3% Increment as on 01-07-2011 : 480.00     12050.00      4200.00   16250.00

Please advice me the above refer calculation is correct or not. The ACP case was not mentioned in the O.M. No. 10/02/2011-E-III/A dated 19.03.2012 of G.I.O, Min. of Finance, Deptt of Expenditure. 
Anonymous said…
I am an affected person due to issue of the revised option circular. But could not exercise revised option, since it came to my notice very late. Can I exercise the revised option now.... Please clarify or else is there any other way to get my pay hiked.... as my juniors who had opted revised option are getting higher pay than me.

Anonymous said…
I get promotion from grade pay 4600to4800 on28/6/2914 I given my option under FR22(1)a(1) on sept
29 2014 it was rejected by my office saying option should be exercise with in 1 month of promotion. Is there any provision for exercise belated option
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
An individual expired on 10/1/2014 and he was granted 2nd MACP wef 27/6/2010 ie after his death.Please therefore advise whether in absence of option of the individual his fixation could be approved from the next date of increment as per rule FR-22(I) (a) (2) which would be otherwise beneficiary to the individual.Also kindly quote Order on the subject matter
Thak you.
Unknown said…
I am working in department of revenue as a post of assistant section officer ( date of joining 25-7-2015) pay band II(9300-34800)+4600 GP, now I give technical resignation in this department and join to CBEC department as a post of inspector pay band II(9300-34800)+4600gp (date of joining 25-5-2016).
My question is I am admissible for increment July 2016 or not if yes which rules
Thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
I was working in Indian Railway. I have given pramotion in Rs. 6500 -10500 in Jul'96 .Next pramotion in scale Rs. 7400 -11500 was due in year 2007 or 2008 , but same pramotional benfit was given to me due to merger of above both scales in VI CPC. I am in the openion that , I may at least be given one notional increment . but nothing has been given It is my major loss that after completing 11 yrs from previous pramotion I.e. 1996 to 2007 , I got nothing. Pleas tell me , can I get one increment & by which rule. Regards V.C.Shukla email -
VIVEK said…
Is bunching of pay applicable in 6cpc

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