No change in retirement age

Government Clarifies:
No change in retirement age
The Cabinet Secretary K. M. Chandrasekhar today informed that there is no plans to revise the retirement age for Central Government employees. After the sixth pay commission implementation, employees were hoping for the rise in pension age, as doing so can reduce the burden of the additional payment to some extend. However the government decided other stopping all the rumours associated. Shri. K. M. Chandrasekhar clarified that the government has no intentions in changing the retirement age and the current system will be followed. “I tried to find out. But there is no file in (Department of) Expenditure, no file in DOPT (Department of Personnel and Training). There is nothing. It is more of a wishful thinking,” he said in an interview. At present the retirement age for the Central Government employees is 60. He also added that there is no plans to unify the retirement age of the state government staff across the states. “The states will decide their own retirement age,” he said. All states have their own retirement age - starting from 55 years (Kerala) to 60 years (Uttar Pradesh, Assam etc). The Madhya Pradesh government teachers retire at the age of 62 years.
source: Economic Times


ramani said…
We at the age of 60 still healthy and more experienced in handling works relating to important tasks and the one newly recruited has to go a long to run and chase the methodical and speed response the age limit of retirement at the level starting from Assistants and Section Officers of CSS should be increased from 60 to 62 to cope up with the momentum. Fresh recruits will sump to other "better" jobs when opportunity comes and the work of the govt. will be jeoparadise.
Anonymous said…
Retirement at 60 years is good. We have to give opportunity to youngsters. Majority of the employees take full paid retirement at 55 itself. Only few honest officers and few corrupt officials are very active for their benefit. But majority areinactive after 55 itself.
If one is very capable he/she can get job anywhere.

It is better to retire after 30 years of service irrespective of age. If one can contribute definitely he/she can contribut in 30 years.
Unknown said…

I have four children. Their date of birth is as under:

1st Son - 16.10.1989
2nd Daughter - 22.10.1992
3rd son & dauther (both twins) born on 09.04.1994

I have claimed CEA since last four/five years of both elder children upto 2006-07. Now my both elder children (son & daughter) have passed 12th class in academic session-2007-08 and doing their gratuation.

Kindly clarify whether I can claim CEA in respect of my only both twin children who are styding in class 9th. My office has raised the observation with regard to CEA in r/o of my twin children that "You have already claim CEA for both elder children for 4/5 years. Thus you are not eligible for claiming CEA in r/o both twins children.

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