Production Linked Bonus in Ordnance factories

PLB scheme in Ordnance factories

Concluding The Commission would like to observe that the extant remarks formulae of paying PLB in none of the 3 major ministries/departments are geared towards rewarding an actual increase in productivity/efficiency.

The introduction of PRIS will ensure that actual performance of each employee or group of employees is measured using objective criteria and incentive given based on performance rather than uniformly across the organisation.

The concerned Ministries should, therefore, seriously consider devising an appropriate PRIS. The Government, as a policy, should also consider replacing all form of bonus schemes by that of PRIS.

It is also clarified that in the revised scheme of emoluments being recommended by the Commission, all increase in productivity/profitability should reflect in form of PRIS.

The ad-hoc bonus schemes should cease immediately and be replaced with PRIS.

Payment of Bonus with the modified formula in PLB schemes shall be continued only till the time a scheme for implementing PRIS is formulated.

This should be done within the time period of three years, after which all incentives presently being paid in form of bonus, etc. shall be allowed only in form of PRIS.

The Government may also implement the scheme of variable increments for all groups of employees to reward individual performances.


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