DOPT ORDERS - 10-10-08


A.Maternity Leave increased from 135 to 180 Days.

B.Child Care Leave for 730 Days in the entire service period is introduced for Women Employees with full pay.

C.Children Education Allowance on double the rate viz., Rs. 2000/= per month for disabled children.

D.Disabled Women Employees will get Rs.1000/= per month as Special Allowance for Child Care.

E.2009 Year Holidays Announced by Government.

The Salient features of the above orders are as follows:

1. Special Allowance for Child Care: The Women employees of Central Government with 40% disabilities are granted a Special Allowance for Child Care @ 1000/= per month. This Allowance can be claimed for a maximum of 2 Children. From Child birth to 2 years old for the child this allowance is payable. As like many other allowances this Allowance also is to be enhanced by 25% when the DA payable goes up by 50% on new pay.

2. Education Allowance: The Education Allowance payable is doubled for the children with disability. Therefore a maximum of 24,000/= per child can be reimbursed per year. This also is eligible for a maximum of 2 Children. All other conditions as applicable to the earlier order of grant of Education Allowance on 2.9.2008 to other Government Employees will automatically apply.

3. Maternity Leave: The total number of days of maternity leave is enhanced from 135 to 180 days. Two years of leave in continuity of maternity leave can be availed. Employees already on maternity leave for 135 days on 1.9.2008 also can avail leave up to 180 days.

4. Child Care Leave: A new kind of leave called as "Child Care Leave" is introduced by the Government. Accordingly in the entire service period, a woman Government Employee can avail 730 days [2 years] of Child Care Leave with leave salary equal to total pay and allowances immediately before proceeding on leave. This leave will not be debited against regular leave account. Even one more year of leave for the third year can be granted as LND without production of medical certificate.

5. Holidays for 2009: Holidays to be observed during the year 2009 are also announced.

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